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  • Paperback
  • 221
  • Embracing the Call
  • Lester Sumrall
  • English
  • 11 February 2019
  • 9781577942962

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Read Embracing the Call Lester Sumrall ✓ 6 Read Characters ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Lester Sumrall A forefather in the faith has shined his sword of leadership and is ready to knight the next generation A boy who once stole from the pockets of visiting pastors now mentors the same kind in this book perso. He has a plan for you and it s not for you to sit around content that you are the son or daughter of somebody who was a good Christian or that you are a successful pastor with a very content flock a balanced budget and a master s degree diploma hanging on your wallNo God has for you He has a mighty purpose for you He wants you to get out there and change lives to make your world a better place because you want to serve Him Lester Sumrall Embracing the CallThe Author Lester Sumrall begins this book telling of his own beginnings in ministry How a death sentence was upon his life at the age of seventeen years old He had been coughing up blood for weeks hemorrhaging inside his diseased lungs and the doctor gave these solemn words to his father The boy is as good as dead now Call anyone you want to see him In two hours there will be no life left I ll fill out the death certificate tonight and you come by the office to pick it up in the morning Then you can go down to the cemetery and choose a burial plot That night the Author had a vision of a large Bible on the right side of his bed and coffin made just for him on the other He says God spoke to him giving him the choice of death or a life of serving Him Fortunately he choose the latter He says his choice was either to be a preacher or spend an eternity in hell He says The commitment to preach was also my commitment to give my heart to Jesus Christ I accepted both His calling and His full salvation It was settledThe Author wrote this book as a tool to pass on the sword ministry to the younger generation of ministers coming on the scene It is filled with his own story of meeting his mentors Howard Carter and Smith Wigglesworth How both of these men mentored and trained him in ministry He relates a story of Smith Wigglesworth laying his hand on him and giving him his spiritOn my final visit before returning to America he said I am going to bless you with my spirit We knelt down and he placed his hands on my shoulders and prayed God let the faith that is in my heart be poured into the heart of this young man And let the works that I have seen You do be done in his life and ministry Let the blessing that You have given to me be his Let the holy anointing that has rested upon my life rest upon hisIn the last chapters of this book he then passes his sword to the next generation of ministers relating how Moses passed his sword to Joshua Samuel to King Saul Elijah to Elisha and Jesus to His disciples The Author was I believe in his sixties at the time of writing of this book and uses this book to pass his mantle onto others to fulfill the great commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel to all nations Matthew 2819 20

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Read Embracing the Call Lester Sumrall ✓ 6 Read Characters ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Lester Sumrall Iraculously restored him the skinny seventeen year old left home to obey the call Readers aspiring to enter the army of God's service will be inspired and energized by this remarkable man's story and wisdom. A very old style book by a BaptistPentecostal type Christian this book basically runs over some of the real life lessons the author learned as he became active in being a formal human ordained minister He does have some great insights and wisdom to share but those who are looking for something outside of the cultural lifestyle that many conservative even rural Christians insist is the only real Christianity will be bored and disappointed Maybe find this book at a garage sale or for a few pennies at a used book store

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Read Embracing the Call Lester Sumrall ✓ 6 Read Characters ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Lester Sumrall Nalized with stories and potent with lessons learnedStruck by tuberculosis Lester Sumrall made a deal with the Lord to preach all the days of his life if only he could be healed Three weeks after the Lord m. I have embraced His callThis book has blessed me This is one of the books the Holy Spirit gave to prepare for my assignment here on earth I have embraced the call