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Rocket Boys

Rocket Boys Characters º 9 Until I began to build and launch rockets I didn't know my home town was at war with itself over its children and that my parents were locked in a kind of bloodless combat over how my brother and I would live our lives I didn't know that if a girl broke your heart another girl virtuous at least in spirit could mend it on the same night And I didn't know that the enthalpy decrease in a converging passage could be transformed into jet kinetic energy if a divergent passage was added The other boys discovered their own truths when we built our rockets but those were mineSo begins Homer Sonny Hickam Jr's extraordinary memoir of life in Coalwood West Virginia a hard scrabble little mining company town where the only things that mattered were coal mining and high school football and where the future was regarded with fear than hope Looking back after a distinguished NASA career Hickam shares the story of his youth taking read. If there is one just ONE thing that was monumentally historic in this book a revealing glimpse into our culture s rich history and sociological mindset it had nothing to do with rocketsDID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT FIFTY YEARS AGO PEOPLE WERE HOOKING UP IN BAND BUSESHoly mother of french horns it s ingrained in our history I m not talking to you ex cheerleaders belonging to the Twilight fanclubs you emo english lit majors arguing over poe You couldn t understand Only a certain type of person a special combination of musicianship athleticism and geekiness if you will will truly comprehend the depth of connection I felt after reading Homer s elation at having Dorothy Plunk drift off to sleep on his shoulder while the bus plowed through West Virginia backcountry That beautiful contentedness with the world that feeling of satisfaction at the day s performance the wind whipping through your hair cuddled up for warmth with half the trumpet section as your dirty poorly maintained and diesel belching bus careens through the night at the hands of some ill trained and half asleep band boostersighI mean serious relationships all over this country have been SOLD on late night band bus trips Marriages made Babies born after the marriages i mean we re not cheerleaders afterall I m willing to bet that thousand of American teenagers would never have logged thousands of solid make out practice hours without this type of magical transportationI just never guessed it had been around for so long It s like discovering your great ancestors also signed in at the gym just to get a smoothie so their account would show they came than three times a week and were actually using their membership anyway i digresssolid book can t beat the style of writing it may be slow but it matches his personality so completely you know it must be genuine and somehow for it the pay off in the end is greater i was heartbroken to read the epilogue about dorothy that she was even the first part of it at allhomer i really liked you man you should have known the woodwinds can be a bitch because i feel like we re friends and it s never too late for a rocket scientist you charmer you can NEVER go wrong with a percussionist

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Rocket Boys Characters º 9 Ers into the life of the little mining town of Coalwood and the boys who would come to embody its dreams In 1957 a young man watched the Soviet satellite Sputnik shoot across the Appalachian sky and soon found his future in the stars 'Sonny' and a handful of his friends Roy Lee Cook Sherman O'Dell and uentin Wilson were inspired to start designing and launching the home made rockets that would change their lives foreverStep by step with the help and occasional hindrance of a collection of unforgettable characters the boys learn not only how to turn scrap into sophisticated rockets that fly miles into the sky but how to sustain their dreams as they dared to imagine a life beyond its borders in a town that the postwar boom was passing byA powerful story of growing up and of getting out of a mother's love and a father's fears Homer Hickam's memoir Rocket Boys proves like Angela's Ashes and Russell Baker's Growing Up befor. Coalwood held uite a childhood The town the neighborhood The strong connections of shared culture and identity of work The gossip the dust the pattern of days this book takes you thereAnd it also took me back to my own A mere three years younger than Sonny here I was doing uite the same but in other dirty and dusty air More limestone than coal but ever presentThis is the second reading for about 12 of this book Years ago I read the first half and never finished it And no longer remember the reason Reading time was so much rarer then But this book about goals aspirations dreams of what could be is honestly true As it was and feltAs are the dangers and excursions and wild freedom of childhood and adolescent roaming Within entirely different connotations for purposes too from our present 2016 Culture was treacherous but it hadn t lost its anchors

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Rocket Boys Characters º 9 E it that the right storyteller and the right story can touch readers' hearts and enchant their soulsA uniuely endearing book with universal themes of class family coming of age and the thrill of discovery Homer Hickam's Rocket Boys is evocative vivid storytelling at its most magicalIn 1999 Rocket Boys was made into a Hollywood movie named October Sky starring Chris Cooper Jake Gyllenhaal and Laura Dern October Sky is an anagram of Rocket Boys It is also used in a period radio broadcast describing Sputnik 1 as it crossed the 'October sky' Homer Hickam stated that Universal Studios marketing people got involved and they just had to change the title because according to their research women over thirty would never see a movie titled Rocket Boys so Universal Pictures changed the title to be inviting to a wider audience The book was later re released with the name October Sky in order to capitalize on interest in the movie. Interesting that October Sky the name of the movie is an anagram of Rocket Boys the name of the book the original name anywayAlthough I was a teenager than a decade later than Hickam was some of the things he wrote about hit close to home I too grew up in a rural area on a dirt road in the woods of NH I remember what it s like to lie in the dark in the middle of nowhere and watch for satellites I and my circle of friends experimented pretty freely on our own with things like chemistry and electricity and did things like making powder propelled projectiles We did not achieve Hickam s level or come anywhere near his scientific approach but nevertheless remembering these things made me feel a connection to his tale Whether that s important I can t say but I doubt it I think everyone can empathize with a uest for intellectual independenceOne thing that struck me was how well Hickam constructed or perhaps experienced parallels to what the boys are doing with their rockets This is a story of bonds that can be loosened but only to varying degrees It s told in terms of the rockets that fight against gravity only to return of young people stretching their roots only to retain them of a mining town that has to give up its hold on its people or vice versa Very telling is Hickam finding a favorite poem of his father about sending out dreams in cars that come back emptyWay too long a note I know

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