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Free read É Other People Begins a journey towards improving her distraught life In her uest to fit in among other people Ginny studies the behaviors of her picture perfect new neighbors Jim and Nina and tries her best to mimic. Let me begin by saying that Other People is a well developed story regarding a young women with Borderline Personality Disorder Rating this bo

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Free read É Other People Painfully shy and socially awkward Ginny avoids engaging in a world filled with other people as best as she can After a failed suicide attempt Ginny is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and. Free on todayUK

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Free read É Other People Their life skills But will Ginny's attempts to be one of the other people help her fit into their world or send her crashing back deeper into the dark isolated world she is desperately trying to escape. BPD stereotypes are rampant As someone with BPD I found this book difficult It wasn t terrible but seeing a lot of the typical stereotypes s

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  • 12 September 2019
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