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Read & download Mistress to the Crown Mistress to the Crown Read & download ✓ 100 E people of London have labelled her a harlot and the ueen’s family want her to burn in Hell So long as King Edward and Lord Hastings stay close Elizabeth is safe However her beloved Ned falls ill and Lord Hastings falls out of favourCan Elizabeth's wiles keep her out of trouble Or will they lead her to further troubleand the hangman's noose. It s wonderful to see a new book from Isolde Martyn and Mistress to the Crown than lives up to the reputation of Martyn s award winning The Lady and the Unicorn and Knight and the Rose The author s knowledge and love of medieval history is evident as she deftly weaves fact and fiction together to flesh out the character of Edward IV s mistress the hitherto much maligned Jane Shore Jane s plight a young girl trapped in a loveless marriage to an older impotent man is sympathetically portrayed as is her motivation to change the odds stacked against her by becoming the mistress of a nobleman She doesn t just sleep her way to success however feisty and independent she forges her own destiny while at the same time keeping her door and her heart open to the poor the needy and the misjudged who petition her for help with a fitting reward for her kindness just when she most needs it Historical details flesh out the scenes without intruding on these affairs of the heart that make Jane such an appealing and memorable character Readers will enjoy this witty and page turning glimpse into a past that is now so very much in the public eye with the unearthing of the remains of Edward IV s brother Richard III from beneath the council carpark in Leicester

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Read & download Mistress to the Crown Mistress to the Crown Read & download ✓ 100 The day Lord Hastings came into her husband’s store Elizabeth saw the opportunity she had waited twelve years for a way to separate herself once and for all from her dull impotent husband William Shore The handsome stranger presented not only the chance to partake in the dance of desire but legal counsel to annul her 12 year marriage She d. 35 starsIn 1463 fourteen year old Elizabeth Lambard Shore had already been married for two years to twenty six year old William Shore a mercer With her marriage not yet consummated she seeks an annulment Unsuccessful she stays with Shore until at age twenty five and still married to the now impotent Shore she catches the eye of Lord Hastings the King s Chamberlain After a brief fling where Hastings educates Elizabeth he then asks her to become the King s mistress for the good of the realmWritten in first person from Elizabeth s point of view I found her a likable main character with her often outspoken and playful attitude Whether this was true to her character I m don t know although it did come across at times as slightly too modern This historical fiction focuses mainly on Elizabeth and her relationships with a number of men throughout her life including of course King Edward Readers looking for an emphasis on the historical aspects may be disappointed If you prefer a read focusing on the protagonist s relationships and her life story you will find this an engaging well written and enjoyable story ARC courtesy of Harleuin Enterprises Australia via NetGalley

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Read & download Mistress to the Crown Mistress to the Crown Read & download ✓ 100 Id not however foresee her introduction to the King of England nor her future at his sideand in his bed From this unlikely alliance Elizabeth is granted severance from Shore and finds herself flourishing in the radiance of the King’s admiration But she soon finds that her new position comes at a terrible price her family has shunned her th. Clunky dialogue and breast obsession does not maketh a good novel

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