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Metis America - The Foundation Read Î 100 Ry armMillard Fill is elected to a second term with General Winfield Scott as his vice presidentSam Houston breaks away from the plantation owning east Texans and creates the state of West TexasIan Sangster Captain Smith of Tomales Bay George Zins and Waine McGalvey lead the technical assaults in California Wisconsin and Arkansas They build railroads telegraphs ships and advanced weaponsDred Scott wins his appeal before the US Supreme Court and slavery is abolished in August of 18. To be honest history is not my thing However it didn t stop me from reading Metis America I admit that it was a hard read for me at first that s why it took me than 2 weeks to finish it My opinion to this book is that clearly the author did some research about the history of America and he did it perfectly I mean he describes it so vivid that I almost believed some of the parts really happened in real life The main character is well built and his emotions are so realistic I can feel his ambition to control everything It is so human nature Overall even I had to give some extra efforts in finishing this read at the end of the day Metis America is worth reading

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Metis America - The Foundation Read Î 100 Ua Nie is a Cherokee warrior medicine man and trader As Benjamin Franklin Goss Adair the name given to him by his Scottish and English grandfathers he passes for White and makes a fortune in the California Gold Rush In the summer of 1850 he is chosen by the Metis descendants of the French Canadian Voyageurs to lead them against the Whites who would destroy them They decide to attack the bloodthirstiest Whites with spiritual economic military and technology weaponsUriah is a Samoan. Metis America the Foundation Book Review Metis America the Foundation is a story about an alternate history of America And Dewey Dempsey starts this alternate history through the eyes of a Native American named ue Nie who went on an ambitious plan to make the still growing country of America eual for everyone He attempts to do this by gaining a large foot hold on America s plantation markets mining railroad industry and war And Dempsey does not hide the fact that his character believes that greed and hate was the cause of many of America s war and troubled times However he does it in such a subtle way without necessarily shoving his philosophy down reader s throat making his overall message appealing it s clear that the author did his research of history or is simply knowledgeable in American history Being a historian myself I was uickly wrapped in the world that Dewey masterfully created and being that I have a fascination with Native American lure Metis America was right up my alley I found the interesting section of the book to be the chapter where the senators are discusing the state of the country and how it s being affecting by war talks about secession slavery and westward expansion Being a fan of Civil War history the author promptly drew me in with his creative dialog His portrayal of iconic figures allows readers to dive into the mind of our country s leaders during its most turbulent time Getting a glimpse at there worries desires and frustrations Metis America has great scenes after great scenes once you pass the beginning chapters As the author takes you from New York to Savanah and to the Caribbean Islands With each page I dove deeper into Dewey Dempsey s work I could not help but begin to play each scene and chapter as though it was a movie in my head It was truely a page turner for me and I could not wait to see how the story was going to unfold wondering if a country with true euality was going to develop And as I read the book reminded me and of the movie Gangs of New York especially when he talks about immigrants This connection is really seen in the chapter when one of the main characters was traveling through Panama by ship and his Irish bodyguards had to protect him Although the author is writing his own alternate history he still nails the brutality of the era which is pointed out when one of the characters says Scavengers are vermin The west has enough vermin already We have simply saved the lives of several other Californians this was said after he had already dispatched a guy My only issue with Metis America one is in its progression and transitions of chapters and times And what I mean by this is that the author does not always explain what happens between times and days he simply jumps from one scene to another without explaining what happened between Or just when you were enjoying what was happening in a city you are teleported to a different city Which I felt was a missed opportunity for the author to develop his characters and thoughts even further drawing readers even into his altered history by flushing out the world and what he believe should have happened There were a few incidences where the author mentioned things such as rituals or a places that I was unfimiliar with I guess it s assumed that the reader already knows what they are I would have like the author to draw me further into his characters by explaining these places and ritual make feel what the characters are feeling instead of simply mentioning them As a historian I want to know what a scratch ritual is as knowing it would help paint an even better picture that he had already started to create In the end it s interesting to read how the author expresses that wars are pretty much built upon man s greed and Dewey does a great excellent job of showing this through his alternate story on American history And if I was not slightly familiar with American history one could easily believe that these were true events And fans of alternate history novels and history buffs a like should feel right at home with what Mr Dempsey created

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Metis America - The Foundation Read Î 100 Who was named by missionaries He becomes the War Chief for the battle and a spiritual leader He marries Susan B AnthonyCon Man George Seymour and his thuggee cohort lead one prong of the attack by posing as an agent of Lord Palmerston and provoking the Cotton Warsua Nie and the Metis are aided by Benjamin Speyer scion of the third largest Jewish banking family that is determined to become the largest bank in AmericaWillian T Sherman creates a protective agency and runs the milita. A very uniue and different trek into American history with Metis America The Foundation Dewey Dempsey paves the way for an extremely real and ambitious foothold of euality over a nation with a much blended society The subject matter dominates the railroad industry plantation slavery early settlements war and much The beginning tells with dialogue of John Smith and native Indians which was an interesting past timeI am not a historian and this book is not normally my cup a tea but I have to admit that I was drawn into the pages thoroughly The book was cleverly written and cast in such simple way that nothing is missed A very captivating readThe first part of the title being Metis refers to people of mixed American Indian and Euro American ancestryI especially liked that this book takes us through a journey across different States and to the Caribbean Islands as Dempsey talks about immigrants and the ruthless bitter brutality people had to endure of that era Metis America The Foundation is cleverly written and well researched with spiritual psychological and physical elements that eventually changed an unforgotten world into a modern and humane fundamental plateau I highly recommend this one to add to your Kindle libraryI was given a copy for evaluation and an unbiased review

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