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Summary Best Erotic Romance ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Kristina Wright ☆ 5 Summary Ales contains the essence of true romance a central love story and an emotionally satisfying optimistic ending What sets Best Erotic Romance apart is the scorching hot sex and the happily ever after or happy for no. Reviewed BYDesereReview Copy Provided ByPublisherThis book was a scorcher Each and every one of the stories contained a little something for everyone In What Happened in Vegas we meet a man whose life has fallen apart after the death of his son and the woman who turns it all around for him The erotic heat between Robin and Paul is enough to heat up any room But that is just one of the stories In First Night we see that marriage can make sex so much better and take the love two people have for each other to a completely different level The book combined some great erotic romps written by some of the best authors out there What I enjoyed about the book was that it did not focus on just your normal average erotic kinky toys and mind blowing sex kind of reading it also told the stories outside the bedroom and the trials and tribulations that the characters faced Yes in some there are the wild really kinky kind of stories that some people are uncomfortable reading Again you need to be able to look past this and see the plot for what it is the tale of two people able to find love and learn to live with the ups and downs of sex either wild different kinky or just plain ordinary and sometimes boring The book has so many various settings that there is not once that you expect which setting you will end up with or what type of characters to expect which I totally loved about the book It was like opening a surprise with each new story Another nice part of this one was that the stories contained loads of references to the technology of today things I can relate to such as Facebook Blackberries etc which I sometimes find in erotic books and even others the authors tend not to mention anything like that and the book almost feels old like I am reading a historical with characters in the wrong time setting But in this one I could relate to most which was fun I could actually see the characters in my minds eye going about their everyday life The book really was a lot of fun to read It was upbeat fun spicy sexy as hell and without giving away too much here I ll say this one is for reading when you re alone as some scenes will definitely make you blush

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Best Erotic Romance

Summary Best Erotic Romance ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Kristina Wright ☆ 5 Summary W ending Award winning romance writer and editor Kristina Wright and her cast of terrific romance writers have crafted stories that touch the hearts and minds of readers and linger in the memory for a long long tim. This is the first book in a new series edited by Kristina Wright Best Erotic Romance has some top names nestling between its covers Shayla Black supplies a foreword and the stories themselves are penned by Sylvia Day Donna George Storey Heidi Champa Delilah Devlin Saskia Walker Justine Elyot Angela Caperton Andrea Dale Kate Dominic Craig J Sorensen Shanna Germain Emerald Kate Pearce Rachel Kramer Bussel Erobintica Kristina Wright and Nikki MagennisThese happily ever after or happy for now stories are varied from brand new couples to those that have been together for years readers are bound to identify with at least one tale My particular favourites were Blame it on Facebook by Kate Dominic and The Draft by Craig J Sorensen Both were very different stories but both were seriously sexy and left me grinningSome of the stories in Best Erotic Romance are romantic than others but they re all extremely erotic and will have you fanning yourself in no time at all So if you re looking for an erotic read where there are interesting storylines and the characters mean to one another than just sex then you should definitely add this book to your to be read list

Kristina Wright ☆ 5 Summary

Summary Best Erotic Romance ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Kristina Wright ☆ 5 Summary This inaugural collection of erotic romance features the very best of the genre In erotic romance the sexual component is critical to the development of the romantic relationship Each of these masterfully written t. What happened in Vegas by Sylvia DayPaul Laurens knew he blew it the last time he saw Robin Turner She was ready for the next step in their relationship while he was happy what they got Now after four months apart they meet again and Paul will do anything to get her back in his life and his bedFirst night by Donna George StoreySophie has some doubts about her upcoming marriage day with Justin She believes their amazing sex life will be over soon from the moment they sign the papers But Justin proofs her wrong when their wedding night turns out to be their best night everAnother trick up my sleeve by Heidi ChampaFrom the moment Blake tells Daisy their sex life is boring she s determined to spice is up again But game after game roll playing and costumes it appears that the simple love making was just what they craved all alongDrive me crazy by Delilah DevlinAngela s last day at work turns around when her fantasy about handsome driver Danny and his amazing body comes true It seems their flirtations got them both where they want to behaving a fabulous night in his truck cabOnce upon a dinner date by Saskia WalkerSamuel has been attracted to his new neighbour Cassie since she moved in the apartment complex six months ago Finally he got the nerve to ask her for dinner and it turns out to be one amazing night full of passion and good foodThe tends to me by Justine ElyotWhen she comes home from work with a fever and a heavy cold her boyfriend Matthew isn t happy He doesn t like disturbs in his life and this will mess things up But after three days he takes the doctor s role he is playing one step furtherGuest services by Angela CapertonJoanna Danvers has just accepted a new job in Atlanta She always felt attracted to Thomas Walburn since she first laid eyes on him Now he is back in her hotel and it s time to seduce him and give him a night he won t forgetMemories for sale by Andrea DaleThe relationship between Bella and Ethan has come to an end and they are settling their divorce Now Bella goes to their vacation cabin for the last time before the sale never imagine seeing Ethan againBlame it on Facebook by Kate DominicIt has been 20 years since she saw Eric but through facebook she connected with a lot of friends from her time on her husband military base Now she s a widow and has a reunion date with Eric it appears they have some attraction they cannot ignoreThe draft by Craig J SorensenWhen Sarah s old MG TG strands along the road she accept a ride from Dave in his truck When they reach the drop off destination they enjoy the sun rise and each other But when it is time to say goodbye Sarah realize she isn t uite ready to leaveTo be in Clover by Shanna GermainDustan couldn t believe it when Madeline O Hara chooses him a simple man He always thought that she was way out of his league but Maddy proved him wrong So when he is working in the clover she pays him a visit and convinces him to make love to her in the fieldsHoney changes everything by EmeraldKim s husband Terry lost his job and has been in a desperate mood every since Kim wants her husband back and comes up with a plan to seduce him with his favourite breakfast and the main ingredient appears to be honeyCheating time by Kate PearceJodi and her husband have been married for fifteen years and have three children Now with the kids around there isn t time to be alone any so once a year they re going out to spice up their sex lifeOur own private champagne room by Rachel Kramer BusselWhen Sarah s husband Derek admits that he has visit strip clubs often before he married her she is a little jealous but also turned on Now he has left for a bachelor s weekend of his best friend but the moment he is back she s planning to give him one striptease he won t forgetTill the storm breaks by ErobinticaA couple and her best friend are in the family cabin during New Years Eve when a storm breaks out When the champagne is flowing richly they cannot ignore the attraction to Teresa So when she offers a threesome the couple cannot say noThe curve of her belly by Kristina WrightBrynn is seven months pregnant and is feeling sorry for herself She believes she isn t beautiful any so Paul has to show her that she is wrong During her bath he shows her exactly how he sees her even with her swollen bellyDawn chorus by Nikki MagennisNight after night John is hearing the same music from his downstairs neighbour Jane That won t be a problem when this happens during the day but not at 300am when he s trying to get some sleep So he goes downstairs and demands that the music stop not knowing this could be the best night he ever hasBest Erotic Romance Anthology is a great novel full with great short erotica stories they all have been well written They all are hot and steamy just the way I like it when I read erotica I have to say those authors done an amazing job with these very short stories some of them had me right from the first paragraph I cannot tell you that I like one story better than the other because they all had their own charmsNow I know why I enjoy reading anthologies those short stories are easy to read and very entertaining So if you are looking for some small hot sexual stories then this is definitely the book for you

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  • 08 October 2017
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