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Review Before She Knew Him Peter Swanson Ú 2 Review Read & download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú Peter Swanson Hen and her husband Lloyd have settled into a uiet life in a new house outside of Boston Massachusetts Hen short for Henrietta is an illustrator and works out of a studio nearby and has found the right meds to control her bipolar. This book was messed up in the best possible wayThis is my fourth book by the author and I think it s one of my favorites with The Kind Worth KillingThe twists didn t feel forced the story flowed nicely and the characters were intriguingWould recommend

Read & download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú Peter SwansonBefore She Knew Him

Review Before She Knew Him Peter Swanson Ú 2 Review Read & download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú Peter Swanson Disorder Finally she’s found some stability and peaceBut when they meet the neighbors next door that calm begins to erode as she spots a familiar object displayed on the husband’s office shelf The sports trophy looks exactly l. I didn t know that blood could jump like that almost like it wants to leave the human body get as far away as possible I d read about it of course in books and I d seen it in movies the way arterial blood will spray But to see it in reality to see the life of it that was somethingsomething I can t even express in words Henrietta Mazur will tell you to call her Hen because that is what everyone calls her When people do that to me force their nicknames on me I have a tendency to ignore the suggestion so Hen will be Henrietta for the length of this review although if I hung out with her had beers with her I might have been inclined to call her Henry but never Hen Why would I call her a chicken anywayShe is an artist specifically a children s book illustrator who is bipolar and on a host of meds to keep her from becoming manic She is married to a man named Lloyd who seems steady and also attentive to her mental health They have just bought a new house she has moved into a new studio and all seems right with the world Until the dinner partyTheir neighbors Matthew and Mira Dola also childless like Henrietta and Lloyd in a neighborhood full of breeders invite them over for an evening of getting to know the new people next door Whenever I see couples with matching letter names like Matthew and Mira I think of a conversation I had with one of the local gossips here in town who smugly told me that married couples with matching letters hers were Cs were much likely to stay together She must have felt comfortable confiding this observation to me because my wife and I also have matching letters The Cs were divorced within a year There are no sacred rules it seems about happy marriage The dinner party actually went fine The problem comes afterwards when the Dolas are giving Henrietta and Lloyd a tour of their place Henrietta sees something on the mantle over the fireplace in Matthew s office that triggers a whole host of memories a flurry of overwhelming thoughts that turn her pale and feeling faint She looks at Matthew and seesThere must be some mistake She can t possibly think this well regarded mild mannered school teacher isakiller He does read J D Salinger which makes him seem a bit suspicious Or is this a manic episode Knowing that she is not a credible witness there was an incident in college that makes anything she says uestionable she has to be sure that her suspicions are correct before she can go to the police She struggles to work on projects even with deadlines looming I gotta say from a creative standpoint if I thought a killer lived next door I would probably be very unproductive It would be hard to write standing at the window all day tracking the movements of my neighbor binoculars in one hand an aluminum baseball bat in the other from morning until night Lloyd is supportive but skeptical Soon a restraining order arrives courtesy of the Dolas One could say things are getting out of control Following Matthew in the middle of the night is one of those illogical things that as you read the book becomes and logical Things are not working out The police are not cooperating they need proof not supposition to actually condemn someone for a crime Lloyd is becoming and worried and trying to stop her from becoming obsessed Obsession is what leads to her mental meltdowns in the past She can handle Lloyd All she has to do is lie to him Maybe the best way to catch a killer is to become his friend The twists and turns are so unexpected that if this book were a roller coaster ride it would be condemned for all the passengers who arrive with broken necks at the end of the ride Peter Swanson lulls me into thinking I know where he is going He gives me a few key reveals like tossing fish snacks to a hungry seal and then he starts to unravel all that I thought I knew The killer is at times booted off center stage as we start to discover that there are secrets nestled in behind other secrets Swanson never disappoints His plots are compelling His writing is stylish and cultured He mentions books and actually tells us the authors and titles I find that really annoying when an author writes that a character picks up a book and never tells us what it is A warning to writers a one star deduction for each infraction I also don t like it when I m watching a TV show and a guy walks up to a bar and says I ll have a beer No one does that If I am a bartender and someone walks in and says give me a beer I m handing him the worse swill on tap Swanson also keeps us informed of what music Henrietta is listening to I ueued up the music mentioned and listening to it as I read Moreover he turned me onto the soundtrack for the movie The Painted Veil which is actually uite lovely Additionally Swanson mentions food such as a tomato and cheese omelet and Mulligatawny stew I was texting my wife and saying what do you think about having that Saturday morning and this Sunday eveningLet s just say I really get into my books and I really immerse myself in every Peter Swanson His books have settings and situations that honestly any of us could find ourselves in Despite the modern settings there are noirish 1940s overtones that add a smoky atmosphere and attitude to his scintillating plots You will freuently find yourself while elbow deep in the plot thinking to yourselfwhat would I do if this was me All of his books are terrific They each stand alone so you can read them in whatever order you choose but the important thing isread them If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

Peter Swanson Ú 2 Review

Review Before She Knew Him Peter Swanson Ú 2 Review Read & download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú Peter Swanson Ike one that went missing from the home of a young man who was killed two years ago Hen knows because she’s long had a fascination with this unsolved murder an obsession she doesn’t talk about any but can’t fully shake eithe. 45 starsThey had a secret the two of them and there was no better way to start a friendship than with a secretWhen I read Peter Swanson s book The Kind Worth Killing I was completely blown away I was hooked almost instantly and knew that this was only the beginning Have you ever read an Author and thought why have I never read a book by himher before and when I can get my hands on another of hisher books Well I just got my chance Hen Henrietta and her husband Lloyd recently purchased a home outside of Boston Hen is an artist and works at a studio nearby and is happy that she has found stability and a nice community to live in She has bipolar disorder and is pleased that she has found the right medication for her For once in her life she feels in control and happyBut during a dinner with her next door neighbors Matthew and Mira she notices a sports trophy in Matthew s office that appears to be the one which disappeared from the apartment of a man Dustin murdered in her former neighborhood two years ago Hen is certain that is the dead man s trophy You see she has been obsessed with Dustin s unsolved murder She knows absolutely everything there is to know about the caseCould her next door neighbor Matthew be a killer Is Hen on the verge of having a psychotic break During her college years during a manic episode she became obsessed with proving a fellow student had caused harm and ended up harming the woman in uestion Hen decides to keep a close eye on Matthew Due to her prior history no one believes her Even her husband is concerned about her belief that their next door neighbor is a killer Is she right Is she wrong Then Matthew realizes that Hen is watching him one night in a dark parking lot this is when you know things are going to get interesting What will Matthew think about his neighbor following him We get to know as we learn what both Hen and Matthew are thinking This is how you do it I was drawn into this well written book right away As I just stated this book is well written and I was captivated right away Ever read a book that is well written but fails to grab you I read one recently and it was disappointing This was NOT the case here This book grabbed my attention drew me in and had me glued to the pagesscreen This book is a journey to the truth Is Hen right Is she wrong I want to say so much but I want to avoid spoilers What I will say is that I appreciated how the Author handled Hen s bipolar diagnosis I cannot stand when people with a mental health diagnosis or those in psychiatric settings are portrayed in a certain way It boils my blood I was happy to see that Hen was never portrayed as crazy out of control or as acting irrationally She was a woman with a diagnosis who took her medication and enjoyed what she did for a living I thought he showed respect and care with her character in terms of her diagnosisWhat I also loved was that I lost track of time while reading this book The story never lagged and the pace felt spot on All the characters in this book are interesting They all have their uirks and their own secrets Even the killer in this book is likable There I said it I liked the killer in this book in the killer was a great character type of way This book does not come out for a while but keep your eyes out for this one Fans of Swanson you will not be disappointed For those who have not read Swanson check him out Thank you to Harper Collins and Edelweiss who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my ownRead of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom

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