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Free read Î Twelve Gauge Guardian É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free The bad news is that journalist Raine Chandler is on the run from a killer but her luck is about to change as she catches the eye of hunky Cordell Winchester In town on family business the cowboy PI can't ignore a lady in. Winchester twins Cyrus and Cordell have different opinions about returning to the family ranch compound after being invited by grandmother Penny The same grandmother that chased the entire family away when her youngest son refused to come at her demand 27 years ago When Cordell arrives in town it s evident Cyrus has already arrived but he s nowhere to be found What Cordell does find is beautiful reporter Raine Chandler She s driving Cyrus truck and rummaging through Cyrus belongings Not only that Raine s in trouble herself and on a story about child abductions Luckily for her Cordell s a PI Rating 4stars

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Free read Î Twelve Gauge Guardian É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Cordell decide to bare all body and soul Moved by Cordell's confessions Raine makes her own shocking revelation Now with another girl gone missing Cordell has to trust and protect the woman who has already stolen his hear. Who better to have around than a Winchester when some one is running from a killer

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Free read Î Twelve Gauge Guardian É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Need or resist the urge to help her solve an abduction case long gone cold But the blue eyed woman is herself as much of a temptation as she is a mysteryBy the time a storm strands them at the Winchester ranch Raine and. PI Cordell Winchester was not inclined on a reunion with his estranged grandmother Pepper Winchester but agreed only for the sake of his brother Cyrus who wanted to see the Winchester Ranch if only for the last time But on arriving in Whitehorse he finds a mysterious woman breaking into his brother s hotel room According to Raine Chandler Cyrus has been a victim of a hit and run while trying to save her and is now in a hospital But Cordell has his doubts about her story Soon his fears become a reality when he finds his brother in a coma in the hospital Vowing to catch and bring the people responsible to justice he is forced to take Raine s help who has her own dangers to keep at bay and keeping her safe as well as catching the culprits is going to be a hell of a job for himBJ Daniels has succeeded in giving to the reader an engaging mystery with several sub plots and with each character having its own story to tell in Twelve Gauge Guardian The book has dark overtones and the atmosphere is that of nail biting bone chilling suspense and lurking danger at each turn with shocking and unexpected turn of events The author creates a sense of urgency in the reader to solve and save the innocent victims Even the surroundings have a character of their own and are effectively used as a tool to enhance the feeling of dread with the easy and admirable use of storms lightning filled sky secluded farm houses roads that become so risky that the characters are stranded a harsh and remote terrain from where you just wish you can leave alive uickly Do you believe in evilI don t know if it is this place or what this place does to people The only down point is that the story does nothing to progress the base mystery of finding the killer of Trace Winchester who was always thought to have run away but whose remains had been found after twenty seven years buried on a hill overlooking the Winchester Ranch Twenty seven years agoHer youngest son had disappeared believed to have run off The chemistry between Raine and Cordell is scorching and at the same time touching I don t like anything than a satisfying solution to a good mystery and the happily ever after of two love struck people and I am happy to say that I got both in this story Raine realized for the first time she wasn t worried about the future But as Cordell Winchester came towards her she realized she was Raine Chandler a woman who could finally dream of a happily ever after A 45 out of 5 for Twelve Gauge Guardian and a strong recommendation to read the book as well as the whole series which provides a strong family drama and some very expertly devised and executed mysteriesThis review is also available at

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