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Student Serendipity Bible review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB A book of the Bible uestionnaires for all the New Testament books each start with a general interest uestion that stimulates ideas and discussion From there the group delves into the heart of a passage to understand and interpret the meaning of Scripture andemerges with ways for applying that passage to life Comprehensive book introductions and notes along the bottom of the page help the leader gain important background information that gives confidence as they lead the group Many thousands of people have experienced personal serendipities fortuitous discoveries with the adult edition This student edition combines the same powerful small group concept with relevant topics for today's students.

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Student Serendipity Bible review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ng a group leader's confidence to lead This Bible includes ready made lesson plans for 120 relevant topics conveniently organized into eight major categories Awareness Relationships Choices Stress Issues Crisis Beliefs and Discipleship Each category has an icon that helps the leader easily identify the topic The group leader simply chooses a topic determines whether he or she would prefer to base their discussion on a story passage or teaching passage from the Bible reviews the uestions finds the appropriate ice breaker exercise and the group is off toward another study full of shared uestions insights and growth The Serendipity Student Bible is also perfect for the leader who wants to study.

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Student Serendipity Bible review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Anyone who has ever worked in youth ministry knows how hard it is to get lessons ready Most youth pastors and volunteer youth workers just don't have time What with the challenges of building personal relationships with students interacting with their parents planning events and handling the myriad of other demands hours of preparation often aren't merely impractical they're impossible That's why the Serendipity Student Bible was created Now anyone can lead a life changing interactive student Bible study with only fifteen minutes of preparation Developed by the recognized experts in small group ministry Serendipity House this new resource is designed to minimize preparation time while inspiri.

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