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Norceuils Garden characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Thos” to the world weary dirty old man of “Norceuil’s Garden” to the young prostitute philosopher in “Hustler” these narratives bristle with testosterone angst and desire Poised on the knife's edge between erotica and surrealist prose these stories will leave you open mouthed and gasping for Edward Dutton is a Brit living in. Dutton Edward Norceuil s Garden ueer Fiction and Erotica Create Space 2014Erotic Stories Written in Beautiful LanguageAmos LassenTwo of the many benefits I get as a reviewer include the opportunity to read new talent and to meet those who write Today I was lucky enough to experience both of these Edward Dutton is an Englishman living in Boston and although some of his work has been published this is his first book and it is uite a dive into the pool of gay literature There is so much erotic writing out there that it is easy to become lost in it On the other hand it is there for those who want it but on the other end there is not a great deal of it that can pass for literary smut Edward Dutton handles this and shows us that erotic writing indeed can be literature and it can appeal to many and especially to the literary elite as they like to think of themselves I was totally unprepared for what I found here Let me say right off that the only time I really read erotic is when I am asked to review it I do not see much to its value any especially since there are few limits these days in literature What this book that so many other erotic writing doesn t is gorgeous language well developed themes and each word seems to have been specifically chosen In other words there is a lot of talent here and a very good thinker and writerThere are eight very sexy very postmodern stories here and they run the gamut of gay literature from a coming out narrative to almost pure erotic writing It is hard to tell if any of these stories are autobiographical but as most writers do write about themselves I got the sense that Dutton might possibly have written about himself in some of the talesI think what really makes this collection of stories so special is the intelligence they show Yes they are erotic but they are also intellectual here is a writer who uses his head to write about giving head in a way that makes it an activity that uses the brain You cannot say that about erotica in general I felt that Dutton experienced something like a renaissance as he wrote I also got some of that from speaking with him and I told him that I would probably use the term literary smut to describe his writing That was before I spent time with his book Yes there is smut and yes there is literature and they come together unite and give us a lot to think about There is for example in The Vampire of Xabthos a graduate student who abhors vampires and there is a tired and dirty old man in the story that gives this book its title There is a hustler who is a philosopher and so on Desire is evident in all of the stories and it is reminiscent of the early erotic stories of Tennessee Williams Desire and the Black Masseur One Arm The Angel in the Alcove and that is a compliment of the highest order And there is also angst If I ask you to think of an erotic short story that contained angst most of you would be at a lossI really thought that is would take no time to write a review here and now I see how wrong I was As I sat down to write my head was filled with thoughts that came to me after I closed the covers of the book I thought back to the writer having just met him and spoken to him and I find that there is something about him that I did not as we spoke but that is laid bare in his writing I can t exactly put my finger on it another reviewer said it was a combination of erotica and surrealism but there is something else and I suspect to will come to one day Speaking with him made me all the curious to read his stories as if that would help me understand him better It didn t I suppose there is something there that I will learn of one day For the same being it is fine to say that he is a new talent in our midst and we must watch him because I have a feeling that we will be hearing a great deal both about and from himThese are dark stories Before I read them I read the author s note included in the book and learned that Dutton tells us that this collection represents my twenties all the desires of my youthful self my attraction to transgression and my intellectual enthusiasm When I look at Norceuil s Garden ueer Fiction and Erotica it s like looking back at my twenties And when I look back at my twenties I sometimes want that excitement back This goes right alone with the excess we find in the stories but when we are young we love excess excess of everything sex money drugs what have youLet me give you a sample here this is from the first short story The Manor It was paradise in the Manor I lived there before I knew anything about life before I tasted my first sip of beer my first slobbery penis my first prick of the needle the bitterness of the drug dissolving on my tongue Now that gives uite a picture to carry in our minds but it also sets the tone of the entire collection Life is a series of learning experiences Dutton s characters learning experiences in The Manor came from a session with the coach a session that has been a fantasy for many Dutton however writes it down The Manor is about Jake a college student who loves sex and enjoys having it with fellow students as well as faculty members but he is soon forced to leave his exclusive school for a place where education is less expensive As he leaves we see his lack that he is somewhat shallow when he describes his greatest pleasure is taking a penis into his mouth and services it to climax Actually I knew someone just like him and never could understand how he lived or thoughtA much darker story is The Vampire of Xanthos We meet a graduate student who falls in love via the Internet with a professor of archeology When the two finally meet our student wonders if the man he meets Violetlove is alive or is one of the undead It is only natural for him to wonder if this professor has actually lived through the periods of his archeological researchThe third story gives the collection its name Norceuil s Garden is about the host Norceuil as he prepares to host a garden party that is to be populated with beautiful young men who are tied bound and are these strictly for the pleasure of those men who are regarded as elders Many of you will be reminded of Dante s Inferno here in this the darkest of all of the stories in the book Hustler is up next and while not as dark it is also not light and the title alone suggests something about the nature of the story which I will divulge I have to get you reading and to go ahead and tell you everything does neither of us any good LondonParis memoirs is a look backwards at the life of a young gay man who has experiences while shopping and we learn about other things that Harrod s has to offer In Paris this same young man has interesting adventures that are totally unexpectedI have not written by them all because to do so would spoil a wonderful read so you are on your own reading Distractions from Borges is taken literally from Andrew s private notebooks and I understand that what we read is very close to what the author experienced in his life Being in Missouri tells of a Brit in the United States in Missouri working on his PhD in literature The Forest of Suicides Fragments is written in a series of short paragraphs that morph into larger sections as the story is propelled forward About this story I will say no I love the way Dutton has combined philosophy and social and cultural themes together and taken as a whole this is a very enjoyable read and I cannot recommend it highly enough If I have a complaint at all it is that the individual stories do not have page numbers and while this may pose no problem for the average reader it did for me because I had to constantly turn pages to find a story This is really not a huge problem and it can easily be overcomeI love literature that challenges me and I find that Dutton not only challenges me to introspect but also to think of how other writings that I have read fit into what he presents To me that is what literature is all aboutShare this

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Norceuils Garden characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB America His work has been published in Chroma Chelsea Station Velvet Mafia Best Gay Romance 2009 and Best Gay Bondage EroticaCONTENTS I THE MANOR II THE VAMPIRE OF XANTHOS III NORCEUIL'S GARDEN IV BEING IN MISSOURI V DISTRACTIONS FROM BORGES VI HUSTLER VII LONDON PARIS A MEMOIR VIII WILLIAM IX THE FOREST OF SUICIDES FRAGMENTS AUTHOR'S NO. The works in this collection are less erotic than intellectually cerebral which casts these tales into a sort of no mans land where the jouissance fails in its pursuit of excess over satisfaction The presumed excess of the time reflects Dutton as a young man growing into awareness yet not uite there I use the word presumed for in this modern age of sexualization excess is the watchword and standard for commerce and entertainmentFor those of you going WTF is she talking about Norceuil s Garden can appeal at several levels For this reader obviously the philosophical tone and socio cultural thematic elements grabbed and held my attentionThis is a worthy addition to your library if you are a serious student of gay lit because it removes the obfuscation of titillation but retains the core uestions of what it means to be gay in a culture of disavowal This may not be a read for everyone but if you would like a glimpse atthe inner landscape of an author with serious uestions about who and what he is there is much to recommend hereThis book was reviewed by Diane on GGR Review

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Norceuils Garden characters ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB In the grand erotic tradition of Georges Bataille Anaïs Nin and the Maruis de Sade Edward Dutton's Norceuil's Garden ueer Fiction and Erotica is a diverse collection of ueer sexy postmodern tales ranging from coming of age stories to literary erotica to experimental prose From the vampire phobic graduate student of “The Vampire of Xan. I received this book in a giveaway

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