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Read High Moon Free read Ë E-book, or Kindle E-pub ô Kati Wilde Kati Wilde ô 9 Read Isn't looking for trouble no matter how gorgeous that trouble is Ethan Grimmson is bigger than any man has a right to be doesn't say much and if she's honest he’s also a bit scary Yet considering that she's in danger of losing her ranchmaybe scary is exactly what she needsIf so that's exactly what she's going to get in the form of a giant werewolf Because Ethan’s got teeth and claws and he’s bee. 4 werewolfy stars She skims her fingersbover the edgebif my bottom teeth and I can t fucking help myself I flick my tongue against her fingertips for a uick taste Het flavor bursts through me and I can t stop my soft hungry growl Makena freezes Not in fear this time Instead the scent that blooms is hotter sweeter Arousal I was in the mood for some werewolvy stories and who s better than Kati Wilde to feed the hunger High Moon was recommended to me by my JP group friends and this book really stood to all the praising it got Ethan and Makena s story was outstanding with lots of suspense heat and sizzling chemistry A man who doesn t stay in one place shouldn t kiss as if he s holding everything he s ever wanted in his arms As if he s making a promise So if you re into shapeshifters with a heart of gold and a bidy to day for then High Moon is you book and Ethan is definitely your man

Free read Ë E-book, or Kindle E-pub ô Kati WildeHigh Moon

Read High Moon Free read Ë E-book, or Kindle E-pub ô Kati Wilde Kati Wilde ô 9 Read N hunting a long time trying to track down the murderers who killed his family until an irresistible scent drags him straight to Makena's ranch Eventually he'll have to rip out his heart and leave her behind; but for now he'll protect her from the vultures circling her land Except the threat stalking them is bigger than either could have imagined and is leading to a showdown that might destroy them bot. Okay I ve never read a werewolf book before now this really isn t my genre of choice Despite that I enjoyed this story The supernatural stuff reuired some suspension of disbelief but I was able to buy into most of it And the love story underneath was gorgeous Strong characters really helped as did the alternating first person POVs their inner turmoil filled in the gaps where the main plot was a little too pat

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Read High Moon Free read Ë E-book, or Kindle E-pub ô Kati Wilde Kati Wilde ô 9 Read Her mother always told her not to feed stray wolvesRunning a ranch is hard enough so Makena Laine doesn't need any complications in her life But the development company that's determined to take her land isn't giving her much choice They've run off her help pulled down her fencesand she's afraid they've only just begun So when she stops alongside the road to assist a cowboy with a broken down truck she. This is my first werewolf romance book and it is normally not my genre of choice however because I like this writer s style I wanted to try it Although the writing in the book is pretty good sadly I couldn t get into the story and I was uickly bored Wrong genre for me I must confess that I just skimmed and scanned the book and read only the romance parts between the hero and the heroine and now I feel like a naughty child who ate the potato chips and left the steak on the plate My only experience with werewolves was with the TV series Vampire Diaries As it seems I can watch and enjoy paranormal but I cannot read it maybe because I need the visuals to keep my interestTherefore I am not rating this book as it s me in this case not the book

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