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Read & Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Þ Ilaria Tuti Free read Fiori sopra l'inferno ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB El primer cadáver es el de un hombre desnudo con la cara desfigurada y los ojos arrancados Algo aterrador está ocurriendo en las montañas un recién nacido ha desaparecido y una sombra misteriosa vaga por los bosues El caso reuiere de todas las habilidades de Teresa Battaglia comisaria de policía especializada en perfiles criminales ue todos los dí. 4 A Uniue Crime Thriller FLOWERS OVER THE INFERNO is a crime mysterythriller that is a compelling and twisty readFirst of all I want to start by saying how eye catching and stunning is this book cover It draws you right inWhen I read the blurb for FLOWERS OVER THE INFERNO I was intrigued by the detective One she s of the older generation and secondly she s diabetic which I can relate toI adored Detective Teresa BattaligiaNot only is she not your typical go get em detective she s in her sixties has health conditions slightly unfit but can still get the job done and kick ass with her experience wealth of knowledge and no nonsense witty approachKnowledge over Brawn made a nice changeI also really liked the interactions and relationship between Teresa and her new recruit Inspector Massimo MariniTheir love hate relationship and their old vs new approach to investigating was certainly entertaining and endearingThere is so much to this book not only is there a serial killer on the lose that is committing horrific gruesome murders but there is also a dark and heart breaking back story that draws you inIt s a slower paced tense story full of secrets unease superstitions a tight knit community gruesome murders mystery suspense and a kick ass detective teamFLOWERS OVER THE INFERNO is a taut compelling and atmospheric readThe Characters are complex flawed but strong and uniue The plot flowed beautifully between past and present as the story progresses and the heartbreak and truth unfolds I found it to be thought provokingThis truly is a uniue crime thriller that I look forward to reading the next instalmentThank you to Tracy at Compulsive Readers Tours and Orion Books for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarilyMy Review is also on my Blog Website

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Fiori sopra l'inferno

Read & Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Þ Ilaria Tuti Free read Fiori sopra l'inferno ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB As camina sobre el infierno Su mejor arma es la mente pero últimamente la está engañando; su lucidez está en riesgo y la investigación por tanto también Por primera vez en su vida tiene miedoTeresa y el joven inspector Massimo Marini llegado desde hace poco de la ciudad a este enclave montañoso deberán llevar a cabo la investigación más difíc. Well this is a novel experience After all the Scandi Noir that s flooding onto the crime fiction market Flowers Over The Inferno leaves Scandinavia far behind and takes us south To Italy as a matter of fact Although the setting is in the Alps so you know it s still cold and there s still snow But stillThere we meet Detective Teresa Battaligia If you re a wee tired of the stereotypical detective in your crime fiction you ll absolutely love Teresa She s not your average spring chicken being as she s in her sixties slightly overweight definitely a diabetic and also struggling with some other health issues she s not yet uite ready to face when we first meet her But Teresa has decades of experience knows a thing or two about profiling and is an indomitable force to be reckoned withA naked man is found dead in the forest with his eyes gouged out Teresa s instincts immediately tell her this is no ordinary case but can she catch the killer before they strike again A young city inspector Marini is assigned to her team to help out but Teresa isn t sure about him Despite Marini s various attempts to win over his new boss she seems to think he s the most incompetent person everMost of the action plays itself out in the present day but we also get glimpses into events from the past that are rather harrowing from the get go I don t want to say anything else about that but suffice to say someone s dark and tragic past will heavily influence the present These bits of information are fed to the reader throughout the story always immensely enticing but not giving away too much information so I was trying insanely hard to pick up clues somewhere along the way and true to form failing miserably It s not the easiest of topics and in a somewhat odd way I was left to sympathise with the wrong charactersFlowers over the Inferno is intense gripping and incredibly addictive It s easy to see why this introduction to Teresa Battaglia was the biggest debut of last year in Italy It s not only the investigation into the murder that keeps the reader s attention it s also the fabulous character that is Teresa herself While her health may make her vulnerable she refuses to give in which makes her someone to be admired and someone you root forThis is the first instalment in a trilogy and I absolutely can t wait for the next book and an opportunity to catch up with Teresa again

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Read & Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Þ Ilaria Tuti Free read Fiori sopra l'inferno ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Il a la ue se han enfrentado jamás un caso ue hunde sus raíces en los episodios más oscuros y estremecedores de la historia de este rincón milenario del norte de Italia un infierno ue aún sigue latiendoTras Dicker D'Andrea y Lemaitre Alfaguara Negra presenta el debut del año Flores sobre el infierno de Ilaria Tuti el thriller tiene nombre de mujer. In a little town in the Alps a man is found dead by the road side His body has been displayed to be found His murderer has dug out his eyesFour children are having rendevouz in the forest where they discuss their troubled home lives Abusive and distant parents struggles at school At home in the dark they feel that someone is watching over them Lucia even receives a giftSuperintendent Teresa Battaglia wonders what monster has been set lose and how to catch him before people die She senses a serial killer has started out In a secret experiment of days gone by children suffered The present day story intertwines with the torment of days gone byTeresa also struggles with her own trauma of olden days She fears she Alzheimers and that the new inspector won t live up to scratchWhat was so troubling as to over shadow their fear The answer came to Teresa of its own accord She might have experienced it herself in the past GuiltShe could not understand why people feared death and not life life was savage a fratricidal battle which always left a trail of blood behindThis is a creepy deeply personal tale that crawls under your skin It is uncomfortable and touchingly beautiful at the same time I was not bored for even a single page and I would like to invite Teresa for dinnerRead this book

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