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  • Hardcover
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  • Dominion How Kingdom Action Can Change the World
  • C. Peter Wagner
  • English
  • 20 August 2018
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C. Peter Wagner ☆ 8 review

Summary ð eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ C. Peter Wagner C. Peter Wagner ☆ 8 review Free read Dominion How Kingdom Action Can Change the World Nion theology the views of great Christian thinkers through the ages the ways Christians are working it out in their lives and on the job and what each part can do when brought together through the operational power of the Holy Spir. The idea of dominion believers using their God given authority on the earth in order to expand the kingdom of God to the ends of the earth is one of the theological themes that has so gripped my heart in the past few years The I study the Bible the I see it all over the message of God s Word Obviously when I saw the title and subtitle of this book I was uite excited However I was thoroughly disappointed with Wagner s theological conclusions In the book he calls open theism the idea that God does not have complete sovereignty on the earth and that if mankind does not advance the kingdom of God it will not be done a revelation that is almost euivalent to the Protestant reformation He also severely limits the role of the local church in advancing the kingdom of God and substitutes the need for apostles whether workplace apostles or nuclear church apostles He says that God s kingdom being advanced by the local church is an old wine strategy and will soon be largely replaced by the work of apostles The one redeeming factor of this book is his section on prayer While his theology is off in other sections his description and testimony of how prayer advances the kingdom was both helpful and encouraging Wagner is the editor of a series of books on prayer with special topics such as spiritual warfare and prayer mapping in order to break strongholds in your city I am interested in of this to see how we can press into God through prayer and advance the Kingdom in this way In conclusion I would not recommend this book by any means but I do recommend the topic of dominion and I hope that there will be other books on the subject that are theologically sound than this one

Summary ð eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ C. Peter WagnerDominion How Kingdom Action Can Change the World

Summary ð eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ C. Peter Wagner C. Peter Wagner ☆ 8 review Free read Dominion How Kingdom Action Can Change the World Jesus has mandated his church to actively engage in transforming society on earth Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven But when societal issues and problems loom large it can seem an impossible task Offering solid teachings. No doubt Dominion How Kingdom Action Can Change the World is a controversial book Here s a lengthy snippet that explains muchThe whole thesis of this book is that our ultimate goal should be the fulfillment of God s mandate for His people to retake the dominion over creation that Adam forfeited to Satan in the Garden of Eden This means our marker must be nothing short of social transformationOur long range vision is to see all human life on planet Earth enjoying the values and the blessings of the Kingdom of God But this of course will not happen all at once Conseuently we need to start with smaller manageable social units We could think of our neighborhood our town our city our region our state or our nation We could think of what it would be like to transform business or education or the media or government We could think of transforming our own corporation or the construction industry or health careThis is just a matter of opinion but I believe that the most viable geographical social unit across the board toward which we should initially direct our strategies is the citySince Wagner points to Girolamo Savanarola organizer of bonfires of the vanities as a chief role model in city transformation the acceptable methods of establishing dominion become clear Wagner ever the self avowed pragmatist is a true believer in ends justifying means In other words if Wagner s prophetic vision for world transformation is correct things are going to get ugly folksOne popular prophecy among Wagner s colleagues in the New Apostolic Reformation is a coming Great Transfer of Wealth from evil to godly doers Wagner provides theological and Biblical warrant for a pro prosperity mindset among God s peopleIf you check back through human history you will find that three things than any others have produced social transformation violence knowledge and wealth and the greatest of these is wealth Perhaps that is what Solomon had in mind when he wrote Money answers everything Ecclesiastes 1019 Wagner wants greater money and power for his New Apostolic Reformation NAR movement and such influence can come through non or marginal Christians through a Cyrus anointing named after the Persian king and savior of the exiled Hebrew people and Jerusalem With the NAR s admitted desire for wealth and the power it brings is there any wonder that here in 2016 NARians like Wagner Lance Wallnau and others have thrown their support behind Donald Trump s candidacy for the presidency Interesting times my friendsOn the good side of the ledger Wagner s teachings on the Holy Spirit and the power of prayer make me happy He s a smart guy who loves Jesus and wants with all his heart to see God s Kingdom Now I respect him At the same time I believe his teachings on wealth transfer and neo bonfires to be desperate thought acts by an aging and ailing evangelical leader Grace and Peace to you Mr Wagner

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Summary ð eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ C. Peter Wagner C. Peter Wagner ☆ 8 review Free read Dominion How Kingdom Action Can Change the World On apostles and prophets spiritual warfare the church in the workplace and much C Peter Wagner shows readers just how kingdom action can change the world With a sense of mission and urgency Wagner explores the biblical roots of domi. This is an interesting book that challenge readers to take up the active role in transforming the society As the author writes taking dominion is not just praying and passively expecting God to do it for us That s not God s design Taking dominion is actively confronting the strong men or the principalities which gives the reader Something to think about