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review Athena The Brain 103 read ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Î Joan Holub Me ways school on Mount Olympus is not that different from down on Earth and Athena is going to have to deal with the baddest mean girl in history Medusa. Start of a new series aimed at the younger crowd great introduction to greek mythology in a Percy Jackson meets How I survived Middle School way Fun reads that took me a lunch hour to get through

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review Athena The Brain 103 read ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Î Joan Holub Zeus's daughter to be exactWhen she's summoned to Mount Olympus Academy Athena thinks she might actually fit in for the first time in her life But in so. This is so far the best way to learn about Greek Mythology and their Gods and Goddesses for me Meet Athena and her friends Aphrodite Artemis Persephone Poseidon Pandora and the mean girl Medusa at MOA Mount Olympus Academy These God Boys and Girls and few selected mortals at the age 9 will bring laughter and tears to you while they are learning to be heroes and heroines in Mythology or to be wise Gods and Goddesses After all life at Mount Olympus Academy is not that much different from down on Earth The Drama Jealousy Academics Cheating The Mean Girls Flirt and ComraderyThere are so many Greek Gods and Goddesses and it was always confusing to me to remember who s who But not any Under the wise leadership of principal Zeus I met many young Greek Gods and Goddesses at MOA as if they are my best friends By the way I am 8 Just like in my school there are good kids and mean kids at MOA The classes that they offer at MOA such as Hero ology Beast ology Spell ology and Beauty ology are all so fascinating and out of this worldRead along as if you are one of the students at MOA You will get to meet Yambrosia Mr Cyclop Helen of Sparta Odysseus and The Trojan Horse through the story Fun and giggly reading for the girls from age 8 to 12 But there is plenty for the boys who are interested in Classics also This book earned my Five StarReview by Young Mensan Isabella S age 8 San Francisco Regional Mensa

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review Athena The Brain 103 read ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB Î Joan Holub Athena has always been above average She has never uite fit in at Triton Junior High but who would've guessed that Athena is actually a goddess Principal. What a fun cute idea for a middle grade seriesTotally down to check out the rest of the books