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Wuthering High A Bard Academy Novel

Free read Wuthering High A Bard Academy Novel Cara Lockwood ↠ 0 Read characters Wuthering High A Bard Academy Novel º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook But all is not what it seems at BardFor starters Miranda's having horrific nightmares and the nearby woods are eerily impossible to navigate The students' lives also start to mirror the classics they're reading tragic novels like Dracula Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre So Miranda begins to suspect that Bard is haunted by famous writers who took their own lives and she senses that not all of them are happy Complicat. A lot of people seem to dislike this book I don t understand why though It was surprisingly a well written book I frankly L O V E D it Our main character Miranda started off as a spoiled little brat and I will admit that bugged me a little But lets face it they re 4 books in this series and I knew that Cara Lockwod would make her change into a young heroine that all main characters end up changing into I still felt bad for her though I felt strong hatred towards her family because they were so blind and unfair You see Miranda s little sister Lindsey is your stereotypical bratty little annoying nuisance She blames EVERYTHING on Miranda You would think a little sister would be sad to see her big sister shipped off to a school far away but Lindsey Nope All she can think of is stealing Miranda s shoes from her closet Thats just the sister though the mother yes she cares but not enough give her the 1 Mother of the Year award Lockwood makes the mother come out as some Botox addict Now for the father at first I hated him than anything He was so unfair and no words could express how badly I felt for Miranda He is the 100% reason she is being shipped off to Bard Academy Not her sister not her mother her FATHER and Miranda thinks it s just to get rid of her Now IN Bard Academy all the teachers go by the first initial of their last name to keep some privacy In this book we have the three teachers that will be important Headmaster B Ms W and Coach H Just like the summary says the teachers are dead writers who committed suicide or at least died before they were supposed to If you know books like Dracula Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre then you will most likely understand the book better than most If you don t Lockwood takes time to explain the book and its connection to the story so don t worry One thing in this book that I loved was the loyalty Miranda and her friends are so loyal to each other and stick together no matter what I will be honest with you guys there were some parts were I found it a little boring and slow but then the action picks up again so if you could handle one slow part then you re good This book was fantastic I loved it so much Definitely a must read

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Free read Wuthering High A Bard Academy Novel Cara Lockwood ↠ 0 Read characters Wuthering High A Bard Academy Novel º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ing things even is the fact that Ryan Kent a cute smart funny basketball player who went to Miranda's old high school landed himself in Bard too And the attention he's showing Miranda is making some of the other girls white as ghosts Something ghoulish is definitely brewing at Bard and Miranda seems to be at the center of ominous events but whether it's typical high school bs or otherworldly danger remains to be se. So I was a tad bit nervous about this book I wasn t sure what to expect Was it just going to be another one of those snobby preppy bad writing chick lits Not that ALL chick lits are bad I actually like uite a few of them Anyway so I was a little be apprehensive in reading this book Well turns out I liked it Like I really really did The plot was pretty good and unexpected It was different and refreshing Miranda was hilarious and so were her friends SAMIR And they were all really like ableI loved how books were the basis of the plot Anything to do with books will basically drag me in Heh InkheartAnyway it was just all veryuniue but in a good way It was interesting and kept me reading I don t think there was ever really a boring part of the story This book was just plain fun to readOne thing I will complain about though is it got sort of cheesy Especially at the endand with the plantsand DraculaOh you ll just have to read it to figure out what I m talking aboutAnyway besides that I still really enjoyed this novel and will read the rest of the series I can t wait to figure out about what happens with Miranda and her love triangle I recommend this book to anyone look for a fun light read

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Free read Wuthering High A Bard Academy Novel Cara Lockwood ↠ 0 Read characters Wuthering High A Bard Academy Novel º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Welcome to Bard Academy where a group of supposedly troubled teens are about to get scared straightWhen Miranda a slightly spoiled but spirited 15 year old from Chicago smashes up her father's car and goes to town with her stepmother's credit cards she's shipped off to Bard Academy a boarding school where she's supposed to learn to behave Gothic and boring and strict it's everything you'd expect of a reform school. Well the first thing I liked about this book is that it s dedicated to me OK so it doesn t mention me personally but the dedication page says and to all English teachers everywhere I m an English teacher somewhere I ll take itI picked this book up expecting it to be nothing but cute fluff and it fits that description Miranda s narrative voice is written in that Meg Cabot style of teen speak lots of observational humour and pop culture references Some of these references are already dated in 2011 Ashton Kutcher and Punk d Heath Ledger as a teen heartthrob instead of a Hollywood tragedy but the book does succeed in being funny and made me laugh uite a bit Most of the characters are pretty fun and I have to give Cara Lockwood credit for including some non white characters which unfortunately is not as common in YA as it should beThe premise is what attracted me to Wuthering High and I did get a kick out of all the literary references For an adult reader with a decent knowledge of literature working out who the teachers are is like completing a child s crossword puzzle too easy but sort of satisfying to get it right all the same And it s great that this book might make a teen reader seek out some of the classics However while the idea of having teachers be dead authors and fictional characters come to life makes for some nice in jokes and a few thrills it falls apart when an explanation is given for it it s just silly and I felt it was a misstep for the book to suggest a dire end of the world scenario because of the real worldfictional world colliding it s a light hearted book no need to tack on serious conseuencesI know some may feel that life s too short and there are too many important novels out there to bother reading a book like Wuthering High It s also true that it you want a fun light read there are fluff books with stronger positive messages like Elizabeth Eulberg s The Lonely Hearts Club or with cleverer world building and plotlines like Ally Carter s Gallagher Girls series But I m not gonna deny enjoying this one and the next time my brain feels over worked and fried I might just pick up another in the series

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