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La Rabouilleuse Review è 0 Review La Rabouilleuse Formerly an aide de camp to Napoleon but now without prospects Phillippe Bridau and. The novel begins in 1792 with a long and rather dull preamble givinge history to the Rouget family and as it happens this is vital to understanding the last part of the tale Agathe Rouget is the daughter of a rather nasty doctor that seems to be putting it mildly and Balzac laces the tale of Doctor Rouget and his unfortunate wife with innuendos While Rouget a petty domestic tyrant dotes on his son and encourages Jean Jacues very worst behaviour he loathes Agathe as he suspects that she was fathered by another man So when an opportunity arises to get rid of Agathe the vindictive Rouget carts off his young daughter to Paris and the home of her maternal uncle a grocer named Desgoings Unfortunately the grocer falls foul of the guillotine within a week of Agathe s arrival but then Bridau a minor official falls in love with Agathe and they marry The Bridaus have two boys Philippe and JosephThrough the passing years Bridau a hard working civil servant seems to be working himself into a early grave serving under Napoleon Bridau leaves his widow and two sons in modest circumstances but with a pension to keep them in simple but genteel style At this point in the story the widow Desgoings makes the practical decision to move in with Agathe her niece by marriage so that they can pool their resourcesDespite the fact that Agathe has been effectively disinherited from her family life should not be too unpleasant for Madame Bridau and her two sons but human vices get in the way Madame Desgoings turns out to have a gambling problem and then the Bridau boys grow upAll these family happenings are compressed into the early pages the rest of the story is devoted to the Bridau brothers Philippe and Joseph Philippe grows up to become an appalling human being and at first he seems to hit his stride as a rapidly advancing officer in Napoleon s army After the Battle of Waterloo Philippe now a colonel becomes just another of Napoleon s bitter ex officers drinking in the local taverns sporting with prostitutes gambling money he borrows or steals from his family and living beyond his means In the meantime Joseph the less favoured but good son becomes an artist Going by The Black sheep I am sure there are better Balzac novels there are some pretty nasty individuals here that I couldn t wait to see the back of Balzac uses the whole money is power theme well and here we see the depths to which some people are prepared to sink in order to gain a fortune While he is spot on target when it comes to the predictability of human nature he shows a lack of respect for the reader in places after being distracted by endless details that kept recurring without adding anything that wasn t already there I will read Balzac hopefully something where I don t spend half the time despising those within 355

Review La Rabouilleuse

La Rabouilleuse

La Rabouilleuse Review è 0 Review La Rabouilleuse His younger brother Joseph a shiftless artist become entangled in a struggle to reco. Justice is served in the end What a great book

Review Õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Honoré de Balzac

La Rabouilleuse Review è 0 Review La Rabouilleuse Ver the family inheritance in a world where to be without money is to be without pow. Philippe Bridau turns out to be nearly as diabolic as Vautrin I d guess this excellent example of what makes Balzac so addicting is overlooked even by Balzac enthusiasts It deserves to rank beside some of his best work such as The Vicar of Tours Colonel Chabert and Les Employees masterpieces that are only a hair s breadth beneath his absolute best Eugenie Grandet and Lost Illusions

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