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Elliott Kay ↠ 5 Free download Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Elliott Kay Free download Personal Demons 105 Esy paganism sorcery portrayals of matters divine and demonic bearing little or no resemblance to established religious canon prejudice murder mass murder singular murder alley murder conspiracy to commit murder regicide treason dismemberments impalement arson defenestration racially charged ‘Nam flashbacks trash talking smuggling mansplaining spoiled Christmas surprises numerous state and Federal firearms violations organized crime transnational crime avian conscription disturbances of the peace paranoia Doomsday preppers illegal immigration party fouls public endangerment underage drinking human sacrifice destruction of cell phones false identification consumption of alcohol mayhem attempted kidnapping mass vehicular collisions reincarnation conspiracy to commit sexual promiscuity threesomes assault and battery banditry reverse banditry eye gouging cultural mi. Alex and company try to move on with their lives after the events of the previous books but are uickly drawn back into the supernatural meat grinderWhat I like about this book is the highlighting of cause and effect The actions of the previous books have caused a power vacuum and we all know that nature abhors a vacuum I especially like the scene of Alex and Rachel in Syria to use the titles of the previous books good intentions have natural conseuencesWhat I didn t like was all the call outs to ridiculous terms used by Social Justice Warriors The patriarchy and the wage gap don t exist they re boogiemen terms invented by feminists Tumblr is garbage If it weren t for the various call outs to SJW nonsense I would have given this 5 stars

Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Elliott KayPersonal Demons

Elliott Kay ↠ 5 Free download Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Elliott Kay Free download Personal Demons 105 Sappropriation trespassing lies innuendo intrigue foreplay under false pretenses bribery political corruption spiritual corruption misuse of military facilities a blanket fort of ill repute home invasion warfare espionage mercenary activity consumption of sentient beings panhandling lingerie cohabitation outside of marriage missed homework assignments too much pizza toxic masculinity abbreviated sex scenes fully descriptive sex scenes romantic sex casual sex mild domsub play mystic servitude stalking knife throwing weaponized alcohol weaponized furniture weaponized human remains drone strikes slavery eternal damnation mind control carjacking spitting biting vandalism gossip sexual objectification immolations feminist solidarity zombie terrorists pissy ex boyfriends too much information from Grandpa and a flagrant narrative disregard for common standards of decency. The third book in the Good Intentions series maintains the high standards of the first two The sorcerers of Seattle return to center stage and we learn that the magical practitioners have than their fair share of dangerous kooks The major villains in uestion are survivalists who have long predicted the end of the world so much so that they re taking actions to bring it about Add in Lorelei s ex boyfriend a psychologically abusive demon prince who styles himself the Angel of Death and you have than enough trouble brewing to satisfy even the most ravenous appetite The book depends on separating Alex and Rachel from the rest of the cast Alex thanks to the combat experience he gained in his many violent past lives is a pretty heavy hitter and Rachel the angel is like a heavenly tank so removing them from the central action gives Lorelei and the supporting cast some very welcome time in the combat spotlight Kay doesn t miss the opportunity showing off the courage and talents of the supporting characters as they go head to head with demons and sorcerers in a battle for Seattle Lorelei s commitment to walking her own path separate from the demons of hell is put to the test in a very clever fashion I don t want to give any spoilers but again Kay impresses me with his ability to show this character grow He also nicely foreshadows the problems of the next book through Alex s extended misadventure Overall Personal Demons is another superior effort

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Elliott Kay ↠ 5 Free download Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Elliott Kay Free download Personal Demons 105 Alex always knew romance would be complicated When love came into his life with wings and horns he knew those complications would be a little unusual Four months after meeting Rachel and Lorelei Alex finally has a handle on divine visitations supernatural enemies and the echoes of reincarnation He might even survive bringing an angel and a demon home for Christmas with the family He might not survive what comes next A favor for friends brings Alex into a heated feud among Seattle’s sorcerers The lords of Hell aren’t pleased with the chaos wrought by Lorelei’s escape and they’re looking for payback Worst of all her angry ex boyfriend has blown into townand he just happens to be the Angel of Death Warning Personal Demons contains explicit sex explicit violence explicit language explicit use of implications open relationships polyamory blasphemy sacrilege her. If you can stomach all of the creamy sex stuff this is a fantastic book like the rest of the series The characters plot and setting are all way above what one might expect from an erotica seriesI truely love the portrayal of the angels heaven hell and the demons Despite the books refusal to explain any details which is justified within the narrative you can get a pretty good idea of whats what reading between the lines Why angels let bad stuff happen and why the demons are pissed at the angels because of this are interesting ideas The book always kinda adresses one of my only complaints of the last book with the strange action that Lorelei did and Rachel allowed which might have hurt their lover Alex It was an issue of a lack of respect and Lorelei spends time thinking about that could have affected Alex While not stated directly I get the impression that the author on 2nd thought regretted that turn of events But that might be just meStrangely as others have noted the book have these odd instances of SJW language which seems rather out of place However unlike most times this type of language are used elsewhere it never seems mean spirited and mostly are just kinda baffling here A few times it s used to point out double standards which are all true and worth pointing out Other times they are just weirdA bad guy is told no mansplaining in an instance where he isn t really explaining anything One character grumbles about how the patriarchy doesn t help for much in a household dominated by women who just gave him a shit task because of his gender One character talks about how girls often suffer and later claims another bad guy needs a fedora in an instance were he was after a character but it had nothing to do with gender at allThe girls suffer statement is very baffling in the context of this series Where we have seen a lot of suffering through Alex s past lives Who suffers most The prostitute who is forced to sell herself to survive or the man that loves her who cannot protect her and has to wait while she is with other men Who can say It doesn t matter it s not a competition Compassion and empathy should be gender neutral Thankfully it doesn t ruin the book since the inclusion is just mostly strange and out of place