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characters Diegeses D. Harlan Wilson ✓ 3 characters read & download ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ D. Harlan Wilson Ird aggression he sinks deeper and deeper into alcoholism The Bureau of Me suspects he is a becoming god but deification has its price Inevitably he finds himself alone in a postapocalyptic wasteland the last man zombified physically and mentally The Idaho Reality sees Curd rebooted from end of the world subhuman to futuristic soap opera star In a series of schizophrenic vignettes that mirror the condition of his psyche he is turned inside out No longer the weak insecure drunk he was. This is the second piece of work I have read by D Harlan Wilson with the first being his short collection They Had Goat Heads which was fantastic Wilson is an exceptional author He is the thinking man s bizarro writer So when the opportunity to read his newest book Diegeses came about I jumped at the chance and sure enough I was not disappointed The book is split into two halves The first half is The Bureau of Me Here we have Curd a business man of some sort who is being pursued by agents of the Bureau Basically Curd is an asshole a drunk and he may be delusional The second half of this book is The Idaho Realty Again Curd stars in this portion but as a soap opera star He s still an asshole shown best by his lack of desire to dress according to wardrobe or even to learn his lines Showing up to film scenes in a long sleeve shirt slacks and flip flops he wears a sign around his neck explaining to the audience what he is supposed to be wearing The lines start to blur between what is the TV show and what he believes is realityI m not going to pretend that I can fully wrap my head around what Wilson is saying with this book His writing is surreal and abstract His imagery is amazing and his stories will grab hold of you and refuse to let go until you reach that last page And even then they still have their claws imbedded in your brain His work isn t easy to just finish and walk away from I thought about re reading Diegeses after I was finished I guarantee I missed some things on my first read So far I haven t read anything like D Harlan Wilson but I have thoroughly enjoyed my two ventures into his books I believe anyone who is a fan of his work will not be disappointed by his latest effort And to anyone looking to try Wilson s brand of bizarre writing this would be a fine book to start with

read & download ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ D. Harlan WilsonDiegeses

characters Diegeses D. Harlan Wilson ✓ 3 characters read & download ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ D. Harlan Wilson In The Bureau of Me now he is an omnipotent television icon although his penchant for hypermasculine assholery has shifted into high gear rendering him clown than becoming god degraded by the spectacle of simulation Literary and grotesue humorous and dismal theoretical and streetwise Diegeses is and avant pop masterpiece that entertains as much as it enlightens unstringing the complexities of the mind while tying them into new and undiscovered knotsMadcap macabre black comedy Bookli. D Harlan Wilson s DIEGESES destroyed my Saturday evening in the best possible way I wrote a review about it but how can one write a review of a book that baffles all of one s mental models I suffered I clawed my teeth out to bring you some words to somehow measure up to Wilson s brilliance but I have been known to fall flat and my face is now officially a smear campaign for mothmen With this in mind from my small part of the world I thank you for taking the time to read my review DIEGESES by D HARLAN WILSON REVIEW

D. Harlan Wilson ✓ 3 characters

characters Diegeses D. Harlan Wilson ✓ 3 characters read & download ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ D. Harlan Wilson In Diegeses acclaimed novelist and critic D Harlan Wilson channels the schiz flows of Ballard Kierkegaard Kafka Burroughs and Deleuze and Guattari in two interconnected novelettes The Bureau of Me and The Idaho Reality follow a man who goes only by the name of Curd into the nightmarish prism of his own ego In an ominous darkly surreal near future Curd is visited by a group of mysterious strangers who claim to be representatives of the Bureau of Me As he struggles to negotiate their we. Wilson s latest is comprised of two novellas each a bizarre trip through the eyes of a curious gent named CurdIn The Bureau of Me a mysterious group attempt to get Curd to join their organization through the author s always mind warping narrative We re in some kind of futuristic society where cannibalism may or may not be symbolic and our anti hero likes to drink profusely to try and figure things out Curd eventually discovers the Bureau may be run by mothmen and deals with his constant dream like state with booze and having sex with his assistant known as Mz HenningtonCurd returns in The Idaho Reality as a soap opera star who goes by the name Seneca Beaulac He attempts to deal with the unusual circumstances and technology he finds himself around Told in short vignettes this tale is like reading several mini bizarro stories one stranger and entertaining than the next We re constantly told Curd is a shining example of unbridled assholery and his assholism increases as the novella unfolds The world here seems chaotic than in the first novella and Wilson dares the reader to even try to attempt to figure out his often sarcastic and humorous messages on society fame and accepting one s fateDIEGESES should delight fans of the author or anyone with a thirst for bizarro with a literary twist This is a uick read but one that s better off being read slow you ll want to go back a few times in several sections just to make sure what you just read meant what you thought it meant This is as challenging as it is entertainingand not for a single second dull

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