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  • A Marriage of Inconvenience
  • Janet Louise Roberts
  • English
  • 10 September 2019
  • 9780440154266

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A Marriage of Inconvenience Characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read A Marriage of Inconvenience Lovely Sophia Forest was a very intellectual young lady for the year 1816 in Regency England uite different from her beautiful and flighty sister Daphne All London was agog when Sophia rather than Daphne wed. I read this book when I was a teenager so even though it seems a bit dated now it hold a special place in my heart I remember the love scene seemed really hot when I was 14 but nothing happened really nothing It was sweet and romantic and when I think about the graphic things I read now I can t help but love how innocent I was Loved it then and always will

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A Marriage of Inconvenience

A Marriage of Inconvenience Characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read A Marriage of Inconvenience The dashing Earl of Gresham whose scorn for bookish females was well knownThe marriage was intended as a business arrangement only to preserve the Earl's fortune and give Sophia financial independence But w. Bought a used copy of this on couldn t find it anywhere else and read it because my mom died just a few weeks ago and we loved this book I think we read it in the early 1980s Sweet little regency romance Well written not over written Total nostalgia read It s held up pretty well I must say

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A Marriage of Inconvenience Characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read A Marriage of Inconvenience Hat was Sophia to do when she found herself enamoured of her husband though too proud to admit it Sophia needed all her wit and womanly wiles in a game of pretense and passion to make the man she loved love he. I got my second hand copy today There was no pic of the cover when I ordered but it s the same horrible pink version exactly like the one I sneaked out of my mom s bookshelf when I was twelve For a moment I was back in time and that certainly has helped endear this to meThis novel was published 1972 and it shows The language is roundabout and florid and reads riddiculous to my ears but I got used to it after a few pages and only sniggered when a particularly strange phrase appeared Which was at least every half page or thereabout Not only speech patterns overall turn of phrase It most likely doesn t help that I was reading it in German the original version was not available If you ve ever read Cora novellas Julia Romana and the like when they still had flowers painted into the first letter from that time you ll know what I m talking about It s very similar here just longer and not contemporary with a little sex added Oh the throbbing the strong arms the overwhelming kisses the uotetranslated to the best of my knowledge taking her again and again until they sank into exhausted sleep as the next step after kissing Very hot and daring for the early 70ies painfully florid but kind of hillariously endearing for 2019A warning there is a non consensual aspect The hero after a few weeks of marriage insists on his marital rights and seduces his wife It was pretty clear for me that Sophia wasn t against it just thought that it was not in her nature to be so passionate and her feelings and body reactions disturbed her Alex was too emotionally constipated to use words instead of his rake skills Communication wasn t their strong suit but that seems to be staple for all HR no matter when they were writtenConstipated is still too weak a word to describe him Alex is a pretty domineering man and arrogant Personally I had problems with Sophia bending to his will so much and developing from a naive bluestocking into a fashionable wife but at least Alex grew and not only showed some appreciation for her intelligence he later asked her for her preferences and changed his own life to fit her better It was the underlying male being needed to show a female fullfillment in all life aspects that made me gnash my teethAnd the endless descriptions of color schemes oh my I didn t need those pictures in my headNeither the plot nor the characterisation is spectacular but it is a nostalgic read I don t recommend it for someone who primarily seeks some light HR but it is entertaining Somehow Hm maybe it s best to take this as a research option into the early days of HR if you stumble across this book somewhere