TXT [The Wild Rose of Kilgannon yaoi] BY Kathleen Givens

  • Paperback
  • 400
  • The Wild Rose of Kilgannon
  • Kathleen Givens
  • English
  • 19 June 2019
  • 9780440235682

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The Wild Rose of Kilgannon Read & Download Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook She came to the Highlands an innocent bride but one man's love and two nations' enmity would make her a womanIn her unforgettable novel Kilgannon Kathleen Givens brought to vivid life the tempestuous romance of Mary Lowell an English aristocrat and the Scottish chieftain Alex MacGannon who claimed her as his bride Swept into a world of ancient customs fierce passions and political treachery she never expec. This second book the seuel to Kilgannon was much better than the first I have decided to view the first book as setting the scene and providing the background for the second book In actuality the two books should have been combined into one however most people will not read books that are 600 pages long I on the other hand do not mind at all if the story is riveting enough to hold my attentionWhile there still was not much history as far as battles the story line was much developed and not as trite as the first book Most of the book dealt with the aftermath of the failed 15 Jacobite uprising However the ending made it seem as though there should be another book a continuation of Mary and Alex s saga

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The Wild Rose of Kilgannon Read & Download Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ted her life to take root in the Highlands that she'd becomeThe Wild Rose of KilgannonNow Mary and Alex's love story continues As the fires of war engulf Castle Kilgannon beautiful Mary stands fast protecting her family and home But when news comes of the capture of her beloved Alex Mary vows to rescue her brave husband who offered his life to save his men As a defiant Alex is tried in London as a traitor. Seuel is much better than the first of this seriesI was not happy with the first novel Kilgannon and I was only reading this seuel to satisfy my curiosity about the rest of the story The writing style improves with this second book and the story along with it I m glad I persevered and read this There are still elements that I found implausible at times and I didn t really like the main character Mary but this second installment was a definite improvement on the first and I m happy to recommend it for anyone wanting a highland tale filled with history

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The Wild Rose of Kilgannon Read & Download Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Mary unleashes her own campaign on London society determined to win justice on the most dangerous battlefield of all Even as Alex remains imprisoned in the Tower she seeks his passionate embrace forbidden and unforgettable risking everything to free the rugged freedom fighter who has claimed her body and soul Don't miss the first novel in the breathtaking MacGannon Family Saga Kilgannon available from Dell. Another good story by Kathleen Givens This is a continuation of the book Kilgannon in which Mary and Alex meet and marry Drawn into a fight he would rather not be in Alex goes off to fight the British invasion of Scotland and saves his men by being captured Mary goes to London to save him from execution and finds that one of the judges is a reprobate lyar and sexual pervert he tries to bargain with Mary imprisones her to re capture Alex who has been freed bu his men and the suspense begins I loved this book and highly recommend it