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Read & Download On Second Thought ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB S it’s better to stop and say “On second thought ”   The trick of course lies in knowing when to trust that instant response and when to uestion it  In On Second Thought acclaimed science writer Wray Herbert provides the first guide to achieving that balance  Drawing on real world examples and cutting edge research he takes us on a fascinating wide ranging journey through our innate cognitive traps and tools exposing the hidden dangers lurking in familiarity and consistency; the obstacles that keep us from accurately evaluating risk and value; the delusions that make it hard for us to accurately predict the future; the perils of the human yearning for order and simplicity; the ways our fears can color our very perceptions and m. Somewhat interesting but bothersome biases and beliefs of the author got in the way

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Read & Download On Second Thought ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Our lives are composed of millions of choices ranging from trivial to life changing and momentous Luckily our brains have evolved a number of mental shortcuts biases and tricks that allow us to uickly negotiate this endless array of decisions We don’t want to rationally deliberate every choice we make and thanks to these cognitive rules of thumb we don’t need to   Yet these hard wired shortcuts mental wonders though they may be can also be perilous   They can distort our thinking in ways that are often invisible to us leading us to make poor decisions to be easy targets for manipulatorsand they can even cost us our lives   The truth is despite all the buzz about the power of gut instinct decision making in recent years sometime. I ve read so much pop science on neurology that I m always skeptical that a book will surprise and delight me with new information and I m delighted to say that this book does Herbert wins by focusing on heuristics an important idea that is usually touched on in any books that discuss how people think but rarely to this extentHeuristics affect people in every way from dieting to political game theory You may have heard of this as priming and the most commonly repeated study is the one where people are primed with words about age and senility and end up walking slower as a result Apparently we re even malleable than that Tired people overestimate the slope of hills and every person consistently over estimates how happy or how sad they will be as a result of events in their lifeI recommend this for people who like pop science books on neurologypsychology It s also a

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Read & Download On Second Thought ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Uch    Along the way Herbert reveals the often bizarre cross connections these shortcuts have secretly ingrained in our brains answering such uestions as why jury decisions may be shaped by our ancient need for cleanliness; what the state of your desk has to do with your political preferences; why loneliness can literally make us shiver; how drawing two dots on a piece of paper can desensitize us to violence and how the very typeface on this page is affecting your decision about whether or not to buy this book     Ultimately On Second Thought is both a captivating exploration of the workings of the mind and an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to make smarter better judgments every day  From the Hardcover editi. Fascinating and approachable Note this review first appeared on This is one of those books like Connected Christakis and Fowler and The Politics of Happiness Bok that gets beneath what we think we think and helps us arrive at what we actually think and importantly why we think it On Second Thought is light and easy to read which is not a critiue as it is loaded with illuminating studies from the edges of this science frontier This is a powerful and illuminating field and this approach gives the book staying power I ll refer to it again and again in the future as the various heuristics captured in each chapter offer many ah ha moments of insight I found especially intriguing the discussion of existential angst and fear of death as determinant of political ideology and foundation for genocidal actions especially interesting Eually compelling and something that is ca

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