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Office Slave Download ↠ 104 Police But Ellen begs him not to promising to repay the money however she can Ellen is a beautiful woman and Ja. Probably a 35 stars I liked it It was a hot book but I wished that the female character had kept part of her personality She ended too robotic for me not really believable unless she was on drugs

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Office Slave Download ↠ 104 Ck begins to think of other ways she could repay him He makes her the office sex slave – and business is boomi. 25 stars reallyThis book just doesn t hit my primary button of psychological revelation and thus the score reflects my preferences as well as style and execution The premise was fine CFO turned office slut for revenue increasing after defrauding the company but there was little to no emotional exploration The sexual encounters were empty parades of fit tab A into slot B I didn t care about the main character El and neither did her master Jack In the end other than some naughty voyeuristic thrill that plays on the doing politically incorrect things in the workplace I was uninterested

review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ J.W. McKenna

Office Slave Download ↠ 104 When Jack Sawyer discovers his CFO Ellen Sanchez is embezzling from the company his first thought is to call the. Loved this book and would gladly give it a four but I can t uite give it a five You see I like my books hot very very hot And I don t mind at all when a young miss is forced to learn her place and become obedient providing she enjoys it and till she can t ever seem to get enoughBut however nevertheless I expect my heroines to end up conuering not being enslaved forever They may give in they may like being mastered but the very fact of submission should awaken something tender and protective inside the hero He should start out hating her sure all right But little by little her submission undermines him wears him down Tenderness starts slipping into his feelings for her little by little And by the end he should be begging her to marry him None of that lot happens here which is why only the four stars But oh if you want everything I ve just described and you ve got to check out CRYSTAL AND GOLD by Carol Storm one of the really naughty but nice authors they ve got over at Blushing Books Crystal and Gold is just like this book but with humor likable characters and a real romance

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