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Hobgoblin Read & download ☆ 100 Ers by an established writer which treats the playing of roleplaying games as indicative of deep neurotic needs In both books the protagonist is or at least appears to be suffering from schizophrenia or some analogous condition; in both books the attainment of mature adulthood is accompanied by the abandonment of rol. What happens when fantasy role playing tabletop games become real Hobgoblin That s what Written at the height of the role playing 80 s scare which had just as much talking head commentary as rap music in the 90 s for it s influence supposedly to corrupt young and impressionable minds Hobgoblin takes the fantasy element and infuses it with horror to form a nicely written c grade novel which blurs the lines between reality and fiction at least in the minds of the charactersScotty Gardiner is a preppy kid from a well off family who has recently moved to a lower class suburb following the untimely death of his father His mother the attractive Barbara Gardiner is chronicling the torrid history of a local castle which also happens to be the centerpiece of the story s place setting It s here that Scotty looses sight of reality and slowly drifts into the fantastical fictional world of Hobgoblin the role playing game which consumes his every thoughtComprising elements of high school bullying violence murder and otherworldly fantasy Hobgoblin stays true to both the horror genre and the finer details of tabletop gaming which has been made all the popular thanks in part to the Dungeons and Dragons elements of Netflix s Stranger Things I give Hobgoblin a solid 3 out of 5 stars Reader beware Scotty is a complete pain in the a character

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Hobgoblin Read & download ☆ 100 Eplaying games Like the Jaffe book this was published at the height of Dungeons Dragons' popularity soon after the intense media coverage of the Egbert steam tunnel incident urban myths wherein roleplaying gamers enacting live action role playing games perish often in the utility tunnels below their university campus. I want to preface this review by saying I knew exactly what to expect when I saw this book at a book sale for my local library a completely overblown cautionary tale about how evil role playing games are corrupting our nation s youth while completely ignoring the other unrelated factors that might be screwing up these kids lives So a ripoff print version of the old Tom Hanks movie Mazes Monsters in other words And that s what we getfor the most part There s also a heaping helping of unlikable characters inconsistent characterization unexplained plot developments and incoherence in the structure of the RPG that Coyne dreamt up for this bookLet s start with the characters When our protagonist Scott s father dies in the opening chapter of the book it s early enough that I can t consider it a spoiler and he s forced to go to a new school in a new state you d think that Coyne was setting him up to be a sympathetic character Then we get a scene of him in the woods by his new home a guest house by a castle naturally but I ll get to that trying to shoot suirrels with a slingshot because he thinks they re evil forest spirits I should mention that Scott is in his late teens I ve lost a parent myself and I know how traumatic it is but for crying out loud kid those suirrels never did anything to youAnd Scott only continues to be an asshole throughout the rest of the book He goes on paragraphs long rants about Hobgoblin the fantasy RPG in uestion in excruciating technical detail to people who have no exposure to it and gets mad when they get disinterested I personally enjoy RPGs but at one point in the job where I used to work I had a guy just decide one day to regale me with unsolicited stories from his campaign for over an hour Even I got sick of that crap and I can only imagine the reaction from someone with no pre existing interest in such things He also runs the wrong way in a football game to get revenge on some jocks who were bullying him somehow scoring a touchdown for the other team despite the fact that s not how football works unless he fumbled the ball and the other team retrieved it in the end zone the worst that his team could have suffered was a safety hits a teacher at one point and assaults the girl who s interested in him for some unfathomable reason not once but multiple times A real sympathetic chap this ScottLet s talk about her for a bit shall we Valerie is interested in Scott becausehe s tall And openly hostile to everyone around him And his locker is right next to hers It s got to be one of those things because those are his only defining characteristics based on her interactions with him But for whatever reason Val thinks she can fix Scott so she keeps dogging along after him even after he threatens her in his car I m going to beat the shit out of you physically assaults her with a sword and at one point clumsily tries to rape her Sure Valerie acts affronted immediately afterwards but within a couple of pages she s always back to trailing after him like a homesick puppy And really most of the male characters in this book are uncomfortably rapey from Scott to the aforementioned jocks to Derek the boss and way too forward love interest for Scott s mom I guess sexual harassment in the workplace was a foreign concept in the 80s to things we learn about some of the other side characters It srather disturbing actuallyI could be here all day if I were to talk about all the side characters so I ll move on to the inconsistent characterization Take Scott himself Besides going back and forth from seeming to understand Hobgoblin is just a game to literally seeing the world through the eyes of his character he s downright schizophrenic in his dealings with people He goes from seeing his mother as some kind of monster that he d be better off without to trying to commit suicide because he doesn t want to be a burden to her Plus he ll be almost pleasant at times then fly off the handle at the slightest provocation and there never seems to be any rationale as to what will set him off We ve already covered Val and her complete lack of a sense of self preservation but in the interests of space believe me when I say most of the other characters are no betterThe plot itself is one of the biggest problems with Hobgoblin however So an eccentric turn of the century millionaire imported an entire castle from Ireland stocked it with all sorts of European armor and weaponry and somehow survived the Great Depression with all his fortune intact view spoilerHe also apparently lived in hiding for 50 years following his supposed death and gained super strength with no explanation whatsoever for either of these things hide spoiler

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Hobgoblin Read & download ☆ 100 Hobgoblin by John Coyne is a 1981 book about Scott Gardiner a teenaged boy who becomes obsessed with Hobgoblin a fantasy roleplaying game based on Irish mythology as his life in the game in reality slowly blend Like the contemporary Mazes Monsters this is a species of problem novel altho not aimed at young adult read. Meet Scott Gardiner exactly the kind of kid everyone warns us is vulnerable to the lurid lure of RPGs brilliant creative socially awkward and WITH A DEAD FATHER OMG NO THIS KID IS DOOMED Scott is obsessed OBSESSED I TELL YOU with a truly terrible RPG called Hobgoblin One part RPG one part Magic The Gathering it s based on Celtic mythology so it s full of unfortunate character names like Boobach and uestionable spells like fairy vision Players speak in fraught reverent tones The dice Oh God Gardiner no It s too risky and in a deeply unrealistic touch Scott is wildly popular after introducing this role playing monstrosity to Spencertown his fancy boarding school But he s not attending some fancy boarding school any After his dad died while Scott was playing Hobgoblin he got sent to public school where his skill as the 25th level paladin Brian Boru doesn t make him an object of admiration it makes him a creepRead the rest of this review