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  • Paperback
  • 400
  • The Bride of the Unicorn
  • Kasey Michaels
  • English
  • 07 April 2017
  • 9780671731816

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Read & Download ¾ The Bride of the Unicorn ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Heiress he helped destroy and restore her to her rightful station But when Caroline is found and restored her life becomes fair. Though I had pretty much figured out the twist behind her identity it still had some points that were enough to keep me guessing I loved the side characters of Miss Twittingdon and Ferdie but some of the others were rather flatCaroline had been through so much from the orphanage to the mad house to trying to live as Caroline Witham while dealing with awakened feelings for Morgan

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Read & Download ¾ The Bride of the Unicorn ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB A new tale of passion set in 19th century England The cousin of the Maruis of Clayton begs him from his deathbed to find a lost. RevengeTrickeryConspiracyA Lost heiressForbidden LoveSibling rivalrySecret MarriageThese are some of the exciting tropes explored in this fantastic tale This novel had me in its grips from the very first page It begins on a poignant and tragic note when the 3 yr old heroine Caroline is stolen from her parents crime scene and placed in a home for foundlings orphanage Caroline was the only child of the Earl of Witham and his wife Gwendolyn but her father s younger brother wanted the title and wealth for himself so he murdered her parents He was about to kill the little girl when an intruder intervened and saved her This man was the hero s uncle and he only saved Caroline so that he d be able to use her existence as a leverage for blackmail The heroine spent 15 yrs in that awful orphanage where she was starved bullied and overworked She was saved from having to resort to prostitution by an old crone called Peaches O Hanlan This old thief got a job for the heroine in an asylum The author portrayed the unhygienic horrors of that asylum and the debaucheries of its inmates in significant detail The heroine goes by the name Caroline Monday and her job at the asylum is to clean chamberpots and do all the scrubbing and general maid duty She makes friends with 2 inmates a dwarf called Ferdie and a middle aged lady called Miss Twittingdon The H is Morgan the Maruess of Blakely and he receives news about Caroline s existence from his dying uncle The evil uncle was the one who had saved the young heroine by placing her in the orphanage Morgan decides to use the heroine in a revenge scheme against her uncle and her cousin Richard view spoiler At this point Morgan isn t sure that Caro is the real heiress or that her uncle had murdered her parents His main concern is seeking vengeance against her cousin Richard Morgan blames Richard for the death of his younger brother Jeremy Richard also stole this is disproved later on in the novel Morgan s spy persona as the Unicorn and has been the one to receive all the fame medals and glory that rightfully belonged to the H hide spoiler

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Read & Download ¾ The Bride of the Unicorn ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Game for those with selfish designs And she can't help but wonder does Clayton love her or is she merely a tool for his own agen. I read and liked this one when Karen Robards wrote it as Loving Julia twenty years ago Oh fine they re not precisely the same but it s a damn near thing Michaels has a decided knack for eccentric characters the majority of whom are a hoot but after the initial UST the joy sort of simmers out of the central romance Well written fun and nicely structured if a little predictable