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  • Knowing God
  • J.I. Packer
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  • 21 November 2018
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Summary Knowing God

J.I. Packer á 5 characters Read & Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free á J.I. Packer Knowing God Read & Download ´ 5 Rofound theological knowledge Knowing God brings together two important facets of the Christian faith 1 Knowing about God and 2 Knowing God through the context of a close relationship with the person of Jesus Christ Written in an engaging and practical tone this thought provoking work seeks to transform and enrich the Christian understanding of God Explaining both who God is. Early on in the book I thought that I might give it 3 stars because it didn t seem that groundbreaking as far as what I was learning from it I realized that that was a testament to the good teaching that I have received throughout the years But as I heard some really good parts jumped out and I came to value the book much I should read my paperback edition sometime which includes the preface from 1993 Packer turned 93 soon before I finishedPreface 1973feels like a clowns wanting to play Hamletmeant to be practical than theoreticalPart I Know the LordCh 1 The Study of GodThe proper study of man may be man but the proper study of God s elect is GodWestminster Shorter Catechism on GodCh 2 The People Who Know Their GodCh 3 Knowing and Being KnownMarie Antoinette fever absurdism nothing tastesknowing is something that others allow us to do we can t do it if they don t provide accessCh 4 The Only True GodJIP takes 2CV Second Commandment Violations seriouslyCh 5 God Incarnate53 Nothing in fiction is so fantastic as is this truth of the Incarnation58 Charles Wesley s Let earth and Heaven combine Our God contracted to a span Incomprehensibly made man58 59 2 Cor 89 interprets the Incarnation better than John 11459 Phil 27 and kenosis laying aside restraining divine glorydignity not metaphysical ualities59 60 Bishop Gore 1889 and kenosis63 Christmas spirit becoming poor so others may be made rich see 2 Cor 89Ch 6 He Shall TestifyTrinity stuffPart II Behold Your GodCh 7 God UnchangingImmutabilityCh 8 The Majesty of GodGreatnessCh 9 God Only Wisebest means to achieve the best ends JobCh 10 God s Wisdom and OursWisdom is a communicable attribute We receive it through God s word so we d be foolish not to read itEcclesiastesCh 11 Thy Word is TruthCh 12 The Love of Godgood inclusion of discipline and sternnessCh 13 The Grace of GodGod s Riches At Christ s Expensereference to Carnegie s How to Win FriendsCh 14 God the Judgepeople prefer God as a fatherjudgment overshadows everything in the OT and the NT only intensifies with Christ as the judgeancient kings were judges because a judge has the highest authority143 the final judgment isn t just a bogey to scare men into conformity to conventional behavior but a revelation of God s moral characterCh 15 The Wrath of God151 52 wrath doesn t make God a monster 1 God s wrath is always just 2 those who receive wrath have chosen itreference to Edwards s sermonCh 16 Goodness and SeveritySanta Clausseverity comes when goodness is spurnedCh 17 The Jealous Godzeal to protect a relationshipGod s jealousy presupposes His covenant faithfulnessit s the motive for both wrath and mercyPart III If God Be for UsCh 18 The Heart of the Gospelpagan propitiation AgamemnonDodd eliminated wrath changes propitiation to expiationCh 19 Sons of GodGod as Fatheradoptionrewardsgospel adoption thru propitiationSee here for a great uoteCh 20 Thou Our GuideScripture inward sensationvocational choicesThe Holy Spirit will never guide you outside the bounds of Scripture See herePs 23 He leads me in paths of righteousnessGod s guidance leads us into both light and darkness way of the crossCh 21 These Inward Trialsgood navigation between antinomianism and sinless perfectionismgrace defeating singrowth in sanctificationactive not passiveconcludes with a Newton uotation ironicallyCh 22 The Adeuacy of GodRomans Luther Calvin TyndaleRomans 8lawloaded gun analogy Arminianism Christ s work loaded the gun but we have to pull the triggerassurance

Read & Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free á J.I. PackerKnowing God

J.I. Packer á 5 characters Read & Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free á J.I. Packer Knowing God Read & Download ´ 5 For over 40 years J I Packer's classic has been an important tool to help Christians around the world discover the wonder the glory and the joy of knowing God In 2006 Christianity Today voted this title one of the top 50 books that have shaped evangelicals This edition is updated with Americanized language and spelling and a new preface by the author Stemming from Packer's p. If like me you were raised going to a Christian church reading the Bible and participating in Bible studies you might think you know all there is to know about God But the goal of the Christian shouldn t be merely to know about God We must realize first how little we know God and secondly why it s important to do so In Knowing God Packer stresses the importance of really understanding who God is and attempts to excite and motivate the Christian to strive towards knowing Him better Theology is often downplayed and seems to receive little attention in many churches these days But every professing Christian should have as a lifelong pursuit the subject of theology which is simply the study of God And as a student of God s Word Packer says the Christian must ask himself What do I intend to do with my knowledge about God once I have got it Packer points out that one may know a lot about God and godliness and still hardly know HimPossessing a true knowledge of God will have an effect on and be evident in a person s life Packer names four things that will be the result of knowing God Great energy for God Great thoughts of God Great boldness for God and Great contentment in GodIn order to really know God He has to speak to us and teach us about Himself We must come to know God as He revealed Himself to the prophets and apostles as given to us in the Scriptures The Westminster Catechism tells us The scriptures principally teach what man is to believe concerning God and what duty God reuires of manWith this in mind Packer discusses why it is important to know who God is what He is like and God s relationship with and actions towards man Packer discusses and explains the important doctrinal concepts of propitiation regeneration justification and adoption doctrines of Christianity that set it apart from all other religions and belief systems A favorite uote of mine from the book is this oneTo be right with God the judge is a great thing but to be loved and cared for by God the father is a greaterWe do not fully feel the wonder of the passage from death to life which takes place in the new birth till we see it as a transition not simply out of condemnation into acceptance but out of bondage and destitution into the safety certainty and enjoyment of the family of GodPacker ends his book with a chapter on the adeuacy of God He expands on the ideas that God is adeuate as our sovereign protector benefactor champion and keeper To the person who has come to trust Christ as his Savior and who has come into a personal relationship with God He is all these things and and we need no other beside HimFor a thorough discussion of this book visit my blog ImAllBookedcom

J.I. Packer á 5 characters

J.I. Packer á 5 characters Read & Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free á J.I. Packer Knowing God Read & Download ´ 5 And how we can relate to him Packer divides his book into three sections The first directs our attention to how and why we know God the second to the attributes of God and the third to the benefits enjoyed by a those who know him intimately This guide leads readers into a greater understanding of God while providing advice to gaining a closer relationship with him as a resu. Aside from simply reading Scripture this is the uintessential book on understanding the importance of knowing God particularly in the way He has revealed Himself to us in the person and work of Jesus Christ Packer correctly identifies that as the ultimate priority for every person This book gives the reader a detailed overview of who God is as seen in His Word and how we ought to live in response as we seek to know Him