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Megan Derr ´ 4 review Fairytales Slashed Volume 1 Fairy Tales Slashed #1 Read ´ 104 S See a stable boy save his best friend and a prince save his mother while a humble gardener faces down a terrible beast and a poor young man befriends a troll Watch what unfolds when a sad young man is bound to a toad and a prince confronts an evil witch and a uiet mage seeks to break a terrible curs. Simply loved this book I bookmarked so many stories so I can go back and reread them again and again I can t recommend this book highly enough

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Fairytales Slashed Volume 1 Fairy Tales Slashed #1

Megan Derr ´ 4 review Fairytales Slashed Volume 1 Fairy Tales Slashed #1 Read ´ 104 Fairytales never grow old because there is never an end of new ways to tell them new ways to see them In this first volume of many to come see what happens when a humble blacksmith fights a duel a prince conspires with bandits and a lonely thief seeks shelter in a lone tower See a goblin try to save h. Overall a solid 4 star read when you want to re live all those Fairy tales from the past but with a slight twist lol No sex on page Main Gauche A sweet story Would of liked a little closure with the step father and son Also I found it hard to believe Dagger had no idea who Tan was But still a sweet fairy tale 3 stars The Rose and the Fox A delightful twist on Sleeping Beauty 35 stars The Tower Rapunzel this time A interesting version better than the original lol 35 stars Brightleaf Not a fairy tale I recognise so I m assuming this ones original I loved Thorley He both amused me and had my heart aching for him Wonderful to see a match that is than skin deep Best one so far but I would dearly love this one to be expanded I want a glimpse of the life these two led 4stars Perfect A nice enjoyable little story but not really anything to mark it out 25 The Ogre of the Black Mountain A nice simple little fairy tale Loved the shy prince that gets his man lol 3 stars The Librarian s Tale This one ties into The Rose and the Fox Sadly it feels like there is a lot missing A nice start but bringing in Reynard and Briar just left me feeling confused 25 stars Rumour A darker tale this time Very interesting and original for a fairy tale 35 stars Damsel in Distress Another related story this time we meet Von Thorely s human brother A delightful old fashion tale with a rescued Damsel a bloody fight and of course a romance Don t let the title fool you this is a MM story 4 stars The Soldier A sweet tale Typical of the fairytale theme Could be extended into a full novel in my opinion 35 stars Caroline s Bridegroom This is not a MM story but its as sweet as the rest of the tales 3stars More Precious Than Gold A nice twist on the Rumpelstiltskin tale but not much story to go with it 25 stars The Rose Bush A well told version of Beauty and the beast only this time the Beauty wasn t the standard beauty lol Very nicely done view spoiler I especially liked that this version didn t need to use the old near death at the end hide spoiler

Megan Derr ´ 4 review

Megan Derr ´ 4 review Fairytales Slashed Volume 1 Fairy Tales Slashed #1 Read ´ 104 Is brother and a tutor watch over his perfect princess while a shy prince braves a mountain in the name of love See what happens when a runaway prince must be tracked down when dark rumors surface a gloomy castle and when a young man saves a little girl and a lonely soldier hunts down a band of robber. 45 A good read if you like fairytales with a twistSweet and non explicit

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