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Suzie Ivy ´ 9 characters free download Ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Suzie Ivy review Bad Luck Cadet Sitting in a high school counselor’s office at the age of fourteen was the beginning of Suzie’s dream until the counselor told her becoming a police officer was no job for a girl and she needed a new goal This was in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1974 Dreams fade and real life begins Three grown children and thirty years later Suzie remembere. I loved this book The week by week account of the police academy had me crying laughing and grimacing the whole way through I connected with Suzie and felt every push up This book had a main theme of breaking barriers and pushing yourself to your limit and then some I loved how Suzie wasn t the fittest or strongest cadet at the academy but sheer determination grit and heart got her through It was her drive ambition and heart that gained her the friendship of other cadets and also earned the respect of the sergeants She battled through as her fellow cadets and friends stood by her and supported her She transformed not only physically but mentally too into a crime fighting machine when all the odds were against her Overall a story of great courage where you are completely absorbed in every situation and routing for the underdogs as they strive for a career in one of the most honorable professions in the modern world This is a story of friendship courage and utter determination that is written in an almost autobiographical style and shows that you are never too old to chase your dreams and if you want it enough you can achieve anything Truly inspirational and a great laugh too

free download Ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Suzie IvyBad Luck Cadet

Suzie Ivy ´ 9 characters free download Ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Suzie Ivy review Bad Luck Cadet D those devastating words after reading a post on a drug store bulletin board Small Town Police Department is hiring Must have a crime free background Must work well with others Must be able to physically undergo the rigors of the police academy Must be able to complete what you start Must be 21 years old Academy begins August 13 Fifty pounds ove. Just finished Adored this book as much as the blog Will write a full review tomorrowI first stumbled across Suzie Ivy via her blog Bad Luck Detective and last week I was happy to see that she had released her first book Bad Luck Cadet which I believe is a collection of her early blog posts I immediately bought and then very soon after read Suzie s bookI really liked it I knew I would but still I am glad that that was the case because if you hang out with me at all regularly or if you ve read any of my writing you will already understand how unusual it is for me to like and follow a writer who is in this particular incarnation a memoirist Suzie Ivy is the Bad Luck Detective She chose to become a police officer at the age 45 it was a tough male dominated road read her book I don t even know her and I think she is an amazing person I really do love her stories Actually some times I can t believe they are real life So what exactly do I like about Suzie Ivy and in particular the Bad Luck Cadet Beyond appreciating her as a person for the difficult lifestyle choice she made when becoming a police officer I love how she has taken her police work and simply shared it with us all She is insightful and humorous I have actually laughed and then teared up in the same chapter Her writing is personal but not overly dramatic She details her real life in a completely accessible and even charming manner She lets the poignant moments be so you almost stumble upon them rather than dressing everything up in flowery look here language The Bad Luck Cadet is a new fresh character in the cops robbers world and I look forward to reading many of her adventures Suzie s next book is due out January 13 2012The Bad Luck Cadet is currently99c on review via my blog

Suzie Ivy ´ 9 characters

Suzie Ivy ´ 9 characters free download Ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Suzie Ivy review Bad Luck Cadet Rweight and disillusioned with middle age the post sparked a small flame That small flame became a raging inferno as Suzie lost the weight and set her mind on a long forgotten dream Follow Suzie’s journey as she discovers what she’s really made of defies the odds and proves that dreams really do come true if you have the guts to go after them. What a fun read As a forty something in the process of reinventing my life it was an inspiration to read about Suzie Ivy s leap into law enforcement at a time in a woman s life when things should be set and stable Kids grown career stability confidence and a peace in your life At least that s what I thought After reading a recruitment ad for the police academy Suzie decides she won t take empty nest syndrome lying down It doesn t matter that she has just recovered from hip surgery or is forty pounds overweight and in her forties She is determined and her enthusiasm is refreshing Enlisting the help of a friend Suzie begins to train for the enrollment deadline With a family mostly less than supportive and the local police sergeant obviously unconvinced Suzie is a good candidate she aces through the initial tests reuired for recommendation to the academy Eighteen weeks away from her family and a training instructor that would give Viggo Mortenson in GI Jane a run for his money Suzie uses humor and heart to tell her story We are introduced to fellow trainees and become immersed in everyone s journey to graduation or wash out As Suzie struggles to keep up with her team she discovers a closeness and camaraderie unlike any other Bad Luck Cadet is heartwarming and humorous and highly recommended by this forty something reviewer

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