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The Meat Market Jonathan Harkon Adventures #1 Summary â 100 Y Rose to rely upon Jonathan will need every ounce of the strength and skill that his heavily enhanced genetically engineered body can manage if he means to survive and expose the terrible truth behind Sanctity's Meat Market Set in the not too distant future The Meat Market is the first short novel in author James Chalk's Jonathan Harkon Adventure serie. I really enjoyed this book Once I started reading I had a lot of trouble putting it down I loved the way the sci fi was mixed with the erotic There were certainly a few twists in there I didn t see coming It has great scenes with great descriptions I also got pretty attached to the main character The ending has me very interested in what comes next for him and the girls

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The Meat Market Jonathan Harkon Adventures #1 Summary â 100 For mature readers only This pulp cyberpunk technothriller has profanity violence sexual situations and an atheist protagonist There are some disturbing scenes that may upset the sensitive reader For Jonathan Harkon living life in exile is never easy Forced into hiding his true identity and leaving the only home and family he's ever known Jonathan finds. Great action packed sci fi story that was uite an easy read in spite of the hard erotic scenes in it James Chalk has masterfully managed to create really realistic picture of what future might be His humor and skillful use of words spiced up the story just from the right places moving the story smoothly forward The protagonist Jonathan Harkon was created perfectly and some scenes in the story reminded me of Dune in a good way which is one of my all time favorites the fight scenes were awesome and even with some disturbing sexual contents in the story I found myself lost in it The story is not for the prude ones though But if you love sci fi erotic and action this is just the right book for you

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The Meat Market Jonathan Harkon Adventures #1 Summary â 100 Himself halfway across the solar system smuggling condoms for the religiously oppressed citizens of an outer system colony named Sanctity It isn't long before his cover as a bouncer for a local bikini bar is uestioned and he is uickly embroiled in Sanctity's hardcore underground sex slave trade With few friends by his side and only his ship the HMS Mar. Advances in technology along with the depths of human depravity and prevalence of corruption makes it likely for human society to be moved into a similar scenario within the next couple of decades Combined with an exceptionally well written story and believable characters those factors make The Meat Market feel just around the cornerThe point of view is intimate and brings the reader right into Jonathon s heart and mind and makes the story important to the reader There s a good mix of action and down time that flows naturally and the dialog and character interactions are well done The imagery is rich and still trusts the reader s imagination to fill in the detailsOverall this is an excellent read and I ll definitely buy others in the series Highly recommended

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