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  • To Be Loved To Be Human #2
  • Pearl Love
  • English
  • 16 August 2018
  • 9781632163059

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Download Ç To Be Loved To Be Human #2 109 Free read ¸ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Pearl Love characters To Be Loved To Be Human #2 Him in Woodard’s brutal training simulations Desperate to protect David both from the general and himself Tim struggles to find the strength to leave the man he loves while completing the mission With Dr Anderson’s help Tim and David try to stay a step ahead of the general knowing they must reach the cure before mistrust tears them apart Woodard catches up with them or the clock runs out on Tim's life. 45 STARSIf I had to categorize this story I wouldn t call it a romance even though the underlying theme is love Much of the book is spent with the main characters on the run and I d probably call it an action story if I had to choose a label There s definitely a lot violence and death when compared to the first bookMore than that Tim and David go back to their awkward standoffish behavior and what I imagined would be a heartfelt reunion instead turned out to be a little uncomfortable to watch Not that their behavior wasn t justified Again this author does an excellent job of knowing her characters and having them behave in ways that make perfect sense Even if I don t like it When Tim has the opportunity to kill Woodard and he doesn t do it I was rolling my eyes and cursing Because seriously Everyone knows that if you have the killer down and wounded you finish the bastard off cause he ll come back for you At first I was annoyed thinking what a complete idiot But no The most important thing to Tim is proving that he s than the killer he was bred to be and the author knew that And she got it right The characters were all very true to who they were right down to Tim starting to make mistakes as he became human Having said that though when David is threatened Tim does not hold back his super soldier ness and I actually really loved that part That violent bloody showdown at the end when David finally channeled his inner Steven Seagal and helped his man eliminate the threat to their Happily Ever After Because honestly bad guys you don t mess with a super soldier s boyfriend and expect that there won t be conseuencesMy full review of To Be Loved can be found at Love Byteshttplovebytesreviewscom2015030

characters To Be Loved To Be Human #2To Be Loved To Be Human #2

Download Ç To Be Loved To Be Human #2 109 Free read ¸ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Pearl Love characters To Be Loved To Be Human #2 Dr Paul Anderson the scientist who created Tim offers them a chance at freedom But a deadly weakness implanted in Tim’s DNA threatens his life Without regular doses of a special medication Tim faces debilitation and even death In search of a permanent solution Dr Anderson enlists David’s help to infiltrate a base where a cure is kept But David is unable to fully trust Tim haunted by seeing Tim killing. OMFG I can figure out how to say my big problem with the book without using spoilersStill solid characters to love like the first book but the strange drifting moralities about killing people that went back and forth OH DEAR GOD JUST SHOOT ALREADY Someone would have shot that person by book one I m not sure why the moral speech kept happening over such a jackass when other people kept killing away or where being killed

Free read ¸ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Pearl Love

Download Ç To Be Loved To Be Human #2 109 Free read ¸ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Pearl Love characters To Be Loved To Be Human #2 Seuel to To Be Human Tim designation TM 05637 thought he'd escaped his fate as a genetically engineered supersoldier when David Conley offered him a precious chance at a normal life But General Woodard Tim’s handler captures them crushing Tim’s short lived dream Thrilled at the return of his pet killing machine Woodard plans to break Tim’s resistance by forcing him to virtually kill David Fortunately. LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS This was just the perfect follow up to the first book I m so glad it wasn t too long of a wait and it was just non stop I literally can t put my Kindle down and stop reading from start to finish I just loved Tim and David and their relationship in this from their tentative reconnecting to really true love and the progression for Tim to be human I loved the action the drama just everything going on It s not just a romance there is so much going on great world building and characterization Just perfect