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Free download Small Town Seven Summary ð Small Town Seven ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Kelli Callahan ¼ 0 Download Was the key to unlocking them all Axe the bad boy with a heart of gold Sheriff Jesse James the peacekeeper who left my mouth watering when I first laid eyes on him Steve his amazing brother a small town mechanic with a smile that could melt my heart Major an Army veteran who left everything in the desert including a piece of his humanity Blue the local bartender who could uench a whole lot than just my thirst Luther a preacher who put his faith in God but lost hi. 1st order of complaints Samantha This girl pissed me off so hard and not in a good way She cant do anything for herself She just shows up and BAM 7 mens at her fucking disposal Her character development here could have been so much better rather than just being the girl that gets to fuck the shit out of everyone She felt disposable no personality no wants no thoughts even when the book panned back to her Shes a 2nd bitchery The Mens Axe Who the fuck is named Axe Dude is fresh out of prison for weed okay I could have went my whole life without someone named Axe from prison Then we have Jesse James whos a cop His brother Steve whos a machanic Major whos an Army vet I actually didnt hate this guy because we do get some detail on him rather than this vague ass bullshit Blue with the biggest cock of them all Who the fuck names there kid after a color ugh and lastly Luther who is a preacher in the closet who likes light Spanking because someone had to be kinky Which why the fuck wasn t it Axe body spray prison guy Id think he would be the cliche let me spank that ass kind of dude NONE OF THESE PEOPLE WERE REMOTELY INTERESTING This book has turned me into one of those people who have to complain in caps 3rd Complaint that lead me to uestioning why I even finished this book in the first place is view spoiler this girl is a virgin who fucks 7 dudes her first go and apparently has enough spunk left to fuck them again the next day 7 fucking dicks in her virgin hole Are you kidding me This whole scene is written out like she loves dicks anyway and then proceeds to take them in every orifice that she can No blood no real pain just BAM fuck me in everything They even scene out double penetration which takes major prep time especially with the guy who has the biggest dick but he fit like a glove in her ass I fucking can t My brain exploded Some of us like a little realism when reading erotica I mean fuck space sex with Aliens that I have read have played out a hell of a lot better than this fuckery I really want to like this author because I feel like they could have something good here this story really could have been something interesting but sadly it isn t Moral of my complaint listen to your English teachers kids and make sure to work on Character development and world building first hide spoiler

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Small Town Seven

Free download Small Town Seven Summary ð Small Town Seven ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Kelli Callahan ¼ 0 Download S faith when his world fell apart Mayor Joe Danvers a young politician trying to hold everything together Kelli's Note This is a steamy standalone novella with a HEA and no cheating I'm a girl that likes wild and crazy romances so that is exactly what you get from me My heroes might be a little over the top with a touch of caveman and you'll get some angst along the way but I promise that the good parts will give you a plenty of reasons to read this all by yourse. Small Town Seven Reverse Harem Romance Haremworld Book 1 By Kelli CallahanSuper S X Treat Will She Stay With The Small Town Seven Make It EIGHTSeven SmallTown Hunks make an offer this V G N will be HARD Pressed to DenyShe s Cuming to Town to settle an EstateBut what she finds in the Desolate Town is the offer of a lifetimeSeven Delicious Men each a different Slice of the PieThey re willing to Work together to DO Everything Support Care Share Pleasure HERCan she let her inhibitions GOWill she Claim a Slice of Heaven with the Small Town Seven for herselfI was granted an ARC of Kelli Callahan s Small Town Seven Reverse Harem Romance Haremworld Book 1 via Booksprout I recommend this book to others based upon its own merits All opinions expressed within this review are uniuely my own freely givenUntil next time Happy Reading

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Free download Small Town Seven Summary ð Small Town Seven ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Kelli Callahan ¼ 0 Download I was only going to the small town of Granite Falls to handle some family business I was a timid virgin with a damaged heart when I arrived What started as a date with a man who helped me when I had a flat tire uickly spiraled into something I never expected Seven men who craved me Seven men who wanted to take care of me protect me and provide me with everything I ever dreamed of What I didn't know at the time was that Granite Falls was filled with secrets and I. This is my first read from this author I thought this would be a smut only kind of book I love those books every once in awhile This wasn t really one of those books But it also didn t have much else There isn t much character development I do think that opinion is definitely biased because my version of dirty smut books is VERY different from someone who is just starting off I don t have a problem with characters getting down and dirty two pages into the book So this book is good but I ve had a lot in other books I also didn t like how the idea was proposed It didn t feel authentic and honestly I thought it was awkward There are some spelling errors here and there too I didn t connect or really like any of the characters but I also don t think it necessary or relevant But this book was hot and a uick fun read Overall 255I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review