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Read & Download Mail Order Groom ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook SPECIAL DELIVERY DOORSTEP GROOM Fleeing scandal stage sensation Savannah Reed swaps sparkles and satin for calico and wool to be Morrow Creek's telegraph operator Through the wires s. Got a little than half way through and just could not continue The narration seems really inauthentic it doesn t even seem like the main character could be an adult her thoughts and reactions are that bizarre This is the scene that did me in They ve just gotten married and the heroine is trying to have a wedding nightBut now that we re married you simply must call me Yes Breath held in anticipation Adam waited Would this be the moment that Savannah trusted him completely Savannah Please call me SavannahIt was Humbled and awed Adam felt his fingers shake as he went on holding her hand To cover his lapse in self control he sueezed her hand assuredly I will Thank youBut you look so solemn She laughed then nudged him in his flat midsection Go on Let me hear you say itDespite her laughter and her urgings Savannah appeared almost as grave as he felt She was trusting him Adam realized She was trusting him absolutely with her well being and her heart alike That made his situation all the precarious and all the irresistibleBuoyed by her trust he smiled Very wellSavannahShe gave a girlish sueal of approval Well doneAnd I said That s it I m done This section reflects why I can t continue this book the excruciating pacing the trying so hard to be witty and not really making it the uncomfortable and unpersuasive combination of sincere and arch tones the pseudo olde fashioned attitudes really he s hesitating to use her first name after parading around her house bare chested please the immaturity of the heroine and the sappiness of the hero This is irritating particularly in light of the fact that his female partner has mysteriously disappeared while the dastardly villains are about He worried for about half a page but other than pondering the differences between his platonic relationship with her and his love for the heroine hasn t given her fate a second thought I m pretty sure I know where that s going so I m going to give the rest of this a missEdit So I skipped ahead to see if I was right about how that bit of the story was going to turn out And I was So I m adding predictability to the list of things I didn t like about this book

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Read & Download Mail Order Groom ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook He finds her new leading man but when he arrives shot and left for dead on her doorstep Savannah suspects she's jumped out of the limelight and into the fireDetective Adam Corwin awa. Historical Western Romance is my favorite genre and I was utterly charmed by Lisa Plumley s Mail Order Groom The characters are very well written and interesting The story line is paced just right allowing us to discover the little extras about each character while the action builds to a climax The romance is funny poignant and sweetly sensual Savannah Reed has fled to Morrow Creek Arizona to escape family scandal and public ridicule Desperate for respectability and a different last name she strikes up a relationship with a mail order groom whom she thinks is the answer to her prayers Instead he is a hardened criminal who preys on women seeking husbands Detective Adam Corwin has an intense interest in seeing the villain brought to justice He has intercepted and manipulated the correspondence between the unsuspecting Savannah and her villainous beau who has used Adam s name in his communications with Savannah When a violent confrontation leaves Adam greatly injured near Savannah s home she takes him in to care for him and discovers her letters and photo She is overjoyed that her mail order groom has arrived Adam had become smitten with Savannah by reading her letters over and over and freuently gazing at her photo Meeting her in person leaves him dazzled and she is eually affected by her attraction to Adam Savannah hides her past from Adam and he hides his real identity in order to pursue his target Adam and Savannah are two hearts in hiding each having suffered from a lack of love and care in their lives Their affection and attraction for each other is immediate and unexpected leaving them to cautiously make their way to a true and lasting love Lisa Plumley has written a wonderful western romance with great heart and humor I look forward to reading the other entries in her Morrow Creek series

Summary í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lisa Plumley

Read & Download Mail Order Groom ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Kens to Savannah's bewitching smile but she's mistaken him for her mail order groom Now Adam must tell Savannah that her future husband is a wanted outlaw and the danger's barely beg. Borrowed this book from the library because the name caught my attention It was fairly well written and I enjoyed the characters Savannah does come across as overly trusting overly goody two shoes who is trying too hard but Adam is marvellous I think it is a nice enjoyable read when you don t really want to think too hard after a hard day s work or just want to chill on a train ride

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