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  • 16 February 2018
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The Shadow ueen Summary ´ 8 Play the men to marry She will do anything to get what she wants The Crown of EnglandA tale of ambition treachery and desire The Shadow ueen tells of a woman’s ascent through the court to command royal power alongside her young son King Richard. From a young age and resulting from her first scandalous marriage Joan of Kent s reputation is shocking and full of rumour Her royal blood makes her a desirable bride but her personality means she will not be tamed In The Shadow ueen we follow Joan s life and three marriages through to her becoming King Mother to 10 year old Richard IIO Brien has yet again delivered a powerful evocative novel capturing the spirit and essence of a historical figure in this case the determined Joan of Kent As always O Brien has really brought the period to life especially the historical figures Reading this is like being in their lives with them we are transported to their lives and follow them through their life choices Even though being historical fiction means we know the outcome the plot still left me anticipating what was to come I was completely enthralled in this novel and loving every pageJoan of Kent s story is a brilliant one to tell as she has such a powerful personality We see her passionate love her fierce ambition her battle to overcome the scandal that threatens to engulf her greatest achievements and her fears as her powerful status ensures she is a threat We read about Joan the mother to King Richard II a woman all powerful but we also read about Joan the person a mother sister friend and wife and I really think that O Brien has captured all of her personality remarkably wellMy only negative is perhaps this is a little too long I lost interest towards the end some events are definitely dragged out longer than necessary Overall though this is a fantastic well written historical novel powerfully evoking historical people

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The Shadow ueen Summary ´ 8 Om her first clandestine marriage Joan of Kent’s reputation is one of beauty rumour and scandalHer royal blood makes her a desirable bride Her ambition and passion make her a threatJoan knows what she must do to protect her reputationthe games to. I honestly didn t expect much from The Shadow ueen I thought it d be the literary euivalent of junk food or a Philippa Gregory book for me Something that s uick to read but keeps jarring me on the poor characterisations wild historical inaccuracies and bad writing Every summary of an Anne O Brien novel I read seemed to clash against what I knew of the historical individual given over to a salacious interpretation of the facts So it was with some trepidation that I picked up The Shadow ueen after my love for Joan of Kent won out over my reticence to try an O Brien novel I expected to hate it I didn t I think my biggest annoyance with this book was actually the fairly nitpicky historical inaccuracies Things like Joan of Kent repeatedly being called a princess for example At this period of history prince was not a title that referred to the son of a king but was related to a ruler of a principality eg Prince of Wales and I think the title princess would have been similarly uncommon at this time especially for Joan who was a granddaughter of the long dead Edward I Another example would be Ned the Black Prince Edward III s eldest son and heir and Joan engaged in a courtly game of archery when at this time archery was seen as an activity for the lower classes Additionally a scene where Joan is called whore of Kent to her face and her rejoinder is to correct them to fair Whore of Kent struck me as entirely inaccurate and supremely unlikely I highly doubt that anyone would dare insult Joan to her face much less that she would happily accept the label of whore so long as they acknowledged she was pretty And as a correction to the historical notes at the end it s stated that Joan s sons from her first marriage were involved in the 1400 Epiphany Uprising that attempted to restore Richard II to the throne This is not true her eldest Thomas Holland was already dead at this point and it was his son also named Thomas who was involved and ultimately executed But as I said these are fairly nitpicky The one thing that I will note that I wasn t entirely happy with beyond this is the beginning I will offer the disclaimer that I m probably rare in that I don t find the relationship between Joan of Kent and her first husband Thomas Holland romantic he was 24 she was 12 so any kind of romantic portrayal of this relationship isn t going to excite me Joan s age isn t mentioned until uite a way ins nor are birthdates given in the genealogical tables Additionally her way of speaking and thinking felt very adult like which I suspect was an attempt to disguise over how young she actually was More importantly O Brien s handling of the historical figures and their context was well done It felt respectful with no figure vilified for the sake of cheap conflict or drama I found most of the characters uite complex and interesting I especially enjoyed how complex Joan was that at times I was expected to dislike her actions and motivations rather than persistently believing that she was an innocent heroine I felt delighted by some of O Brien s choices particularly how she depicted the relationship between Ned and Joan as one born of ambition but growing into a deep and true love and I was genuinely sad when Ned was dying and not just because I m fond of the historical Black Prince The writing is fairly strong and mature I enjoyed that though it is written from Joan s POV in first person that we were able to see through her at times see her unreliability even though Joan hates Alice Perrers we understand the difficulties of her position and where I was cautious before I m now excited to get my hands on O Brien s novel about Alice In fact I m excited to get my hands on O Brien s other novels full stop 4 stars

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The Shadow ueen Summary ´ 8 Ueen of the North Anne O’Brien’s enthralling new novel is available to pre order now The Sunday Times Bestseller ‘O’Brien is now approaching Philippa Gregory status’ – Reader’s Digest ‘A dangerous word perhaps for a woman Power’Fr. I am absolutely obsessed with the Plantagenets but the story of Joan of Kent is one that I was totally unfamiliar with Though she would eventually become mother to Richard II the story of this novel begins with her first marriage to a knight far below her station I found this novel incredibly fascinating I have always enjoyed seeing the events of the Plantagenets through the women in their lives and this was no exceptionJoan of Kent is surrounded by awesome historical figures such as Edward III and the Black Prince and her story is an intriguing one This was a great historical fiction dealing with an absolutely fascinating period in English historyMy thanks to Net Galley and Harper Collins for the opportunity to read this ARC