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  • Stephen Laws
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  • 10 October 2019
  • 9781903889725

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Free download Spectre author Stephen Laws 105 Ft and one treasured photograph But suddenly inexplicably the images of his friends start to fade and as they vanish so his friends are found dead. Wasn t expecting a whole lot when I picked up this Tor paperback with its oh so 80s cover photo I d never read Stephen Laws before but knew about some of his other well received horror novels I ended up being vastly entertained In every way SPECTRE is a success and I was delighted that a book I bought on a whim solely because of its cover art turned out to be such a pleasure to read Not uite a coming of age story SPECTRE introduces the reader to a group of inseparable friends from Byker a blue collar town in Newcastle in the northeast of England Laws doesn t reinvent the wheel here and many scenes and characters are comfortably familiar But his prose presents fresh insights his depiction of English life and streets and architecture authentic and gritty

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Free download Spectre author Stephen Laws 105 The inseparable Byker Chapter six boys one girl growing up together in the back streets of Newcastle Now memories are all that Richard Eden has le. Incredibly eerie book with a great show down at the end On every page you enjoy a creepy atmosphere and you wonder what is behind this form of terror A great story not the usual way absolutely gripping and captivating Highly recommended

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Free download Spectre author Stephen Laws 105 And mutilated Something is stalking the Chapter picking them off one by one something connected with their past and with the girl they used to kn. This is about a group of six boys who grew up in the same part of Newcastle together then when they went to college they meet a girl who joins their group Towards the end of their time at college they had a party and they took a group photo to commemorate their friendship But after college they all went their separate ways and have not been in touch since The story picks up ten years later and we re following Richard who is now a teacher in his early thirties One night he is reminiscing about the good old days and he digs out the old photo but realises that one of the group has disappeared from it Soon after he hears about the death of that friend Something is tracking them down one by one so he teams up with his old friends to try to thwart it This was a