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Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft Llewellyn's Practical Magick Summary É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Le guide complet de la sorcellerie selon Buckland a influencé et guidé un nombre incalculable d’étudiants d’initiés de couvent et d’adeptes solitaires partout dans le monde Agrémenté de photographies et d’illustrations cet ouvrage exhaustif sur la Wicca moderne propose une formation progressive en sorcelleri. Had this book for many years re read it many times I even thought about doing some of the things he says are rituals But I could never see how being naked blindfolded and my hands bound with a man touching me with a sharp knife all over my body had anything to do with how I felt about the universe and the earth Even though it s supposed to I feel like all other man made religions Buckland just made up his own rules and rituals Some I feel are highly misogynistic I find his claims on Tradition suspect and arrogant He did not invent the universe the earth or how people learned to live with both Neither did Gardner or Gardner s family If I could I d give this 0 stars simply because I don t want people just learning about Witchcraft to think this is the be all and end all of their journeys just because it s a classicIn the ensuing years as I learned just what I do believe in I have read many books on Paganism earth magic Wicca Witchcraft etc I have concluded I am my own religion and books and other people can be guides and signposts As well as cautionary tales Please don t feel you HAVE TO believe any of these authorsespecially Buckland or anyone who claims to be a Traditionalist or anyone else to know where you fit into the universe Also Wicca and Witchcraft ARE NOT the same thing and are not interchangeable

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Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft Llewellyn's Practical Magick Summary É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free E avec des faits historiues des rituels des croyances des traditions et des instructions pour la pratiue des charmes et des sortilèges la divination l’herboristerie la canalisation le travail sur les rêves les sabbats les esbats les couvents et la pratiue solitaire Ce livre parmi les plus recommandés sur le sujet com. I ll start by saying that I am not Wiccan I ve no real interest in Wicca any because it s become as lopsided as Christianity but at the opposite endBut Uncle Buckey s Big Blue Book is designed for someone who wants a serious orderly introductory study into the esoteric arts of the occult aka Wicca and a basic understanding of many of the celto centric reconstructionist pagan beliefs in practice today It is THE textbook with which to start I have an earlier addition and I understand some of the criticisms I ve brought up in another review have been addressed in the newer reprintsBuckland took a very methodical approach to teaching the magickal arts He presents a chapter describes what you need to know and then has you write down answers to what you learned your thoughts and impressions of what has just been taught and the overall effectiveness of what you ve done In other words he has you start your BOS properlyWhile there is some of the you must do this and the you have to do that within the book it s not uite as bad as the contradictions in other almost direct plagerizations of this work such as those taught by a certain corvus corax metalic grey canis lupis that contradict the teachings here as well as contradict what you ve learned in a chapter previousBuckland s book while not perfect and certainly preachy at points is still the best starting point along with the books by Cunningham Once you have read and utilized this book you will understand the difference between CALLING yourself a pagan or what I call fluffy bunny and actually understanding what it means to BE one

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Buckland's Complete Book Of Witchcraft Llewellyn's Practical Magick Summary É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Prend des uestions d’examen à la fin de chaue leçon afin de vous permettre d’assurer le suivi continu de votre formation spirituelle et magiue Ce cours exhaustif d’autoformation en Wicca moderne est un classiue précieux un guide essentiel et fiable ui a sa place dans la bibliothèue de tout adepte de la sorceller. Feb 18 34 s done with the bookI m mostly done with this book A lot of it I skimmed over as his suggestions are not pertinent to how I practice which is alone and clothed nor did I listen to his suggestions on how to ruin my stove by making my own athame While I understand the magic and connection by making something yourself believe me my passion is crafting and making things from scratch metal working is not something I would suggest to a novice or anyone unfamiliar with crafting or outside of a workshop area Wouldn t a beautiful incense burner been accessible for people reading his books as all you need are a drill and a piece of wood and whatever you want to adorn it with Perhaps an additional book titled The Complete Book of Making Your Own Magickal Witchcraft Stuff I didn t check did he write one and I didn t take notice when he sourced yet another piece of his work for information I digressHistory section is laughable and worth skipping Another annoyance was in his herb section He mentions that a common medicine was extracted from foxglove which was an herb used by village wise women in days of yore Okay He also forgot to mention that foxglove can be highly poisonous and shouldn t really be used or ingested He didn t put it in his poisonous herb section eitherI m pretty irritated with his chapter on Magick chapter 11 I feel like if I don t do it his way then it s so obviously wrong I don t feel that his way is right for me There is a little too much structure to his style and I m a very come as you are person There are sections that I find helpful meditation being a big one as I have trouble with it But when it comes down to it this isn t the beginner witchcraft book for meI have to stop getting Wicca influenced books I think