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A Dangerous Man characters ☆ 104 Ens to revealunless Richard marries the man’s daughter Outraged yet desperate to protect those he holds dear Richard weds the lovely Leah and vows to banish his unwanted bride the moment they leave the altar But Richard’s anger uickly dissolves into desireand passionate love Now the greater danger he faces comes not from his enemies but from his yearning to yield the secrets of his heart into Leah’s safekeeping?. Loved this bookThis is a romantic novel with a thriller mystery twist to it Makes for a much richer reading experience I enjoyed the love battles between the main characters I particularly loved that the heroine was very uick to admit her feelings and allow them to show It s a refreshing change from the usual hard to get nature of most romance novels And the presence of the jealous scheming girlfriend added a touch of spice to the whole tale The ending by the cliff was uite tension filled and I found it riveting I disagree with one of the reviewers who thought it didn t have any romance I disagree cos romance is intricately and heavily woven into the fabric of the tale uite believable and realistic plot And the love scenes are not too heavy though I still uestion how it is possible that some of the modern love acts would have been known during that period in history However that is common to many romance novels and not just this one at least it wasn t too overpowering A really well written story

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A Dangerous Man characters ☆ 104 “You will marry me Miss Jamisonin two days”Leah Jamison is too practical to expect a romantic proposal from a man she only just met but even she is shocked by the bold command issued by the darkly handsome Richard Wexton Duke of St Austin Why the nobleman wishes to wed her and how her father brought about the match Leah cannot imagine yet the moment Richard takes her into his arms undeniable passion flares between. Okay a good read with lots of drama going on some I liked some not as much but never a dull moment Yes the ending could have been wrapped up uicker than was doneBIG spoilersview spoiler The secret is that his dead older brother s daughter is actually the H s In the time honoured way of scheming ow the H s sweetheart grabbed the older brother the heir making up a sobbing story of being pushed into it by her parents The H tries to keep away by going to the war zones of the era but he comes back and So the How had sex before she got married where the idiot doesn t realise her non v state And the secondfruitfulbetraying act happens much into the marriage and the brother catches them at it and is most forgiving This all is a bit hazy but I think the H was sleepydrunkaddled when the ow climbs into his bed So yes don t blame him eyeroll I really don t like Hs cuckolding others certainly not his brothers Cut to the present The brother is dead and the owhis SIL much like the h s father dangles the threat of the daughter over the H s head that she ll leave and take away his beloved niecedaughter The ow is extraordinarily devious and sly and later even turns psycho So much for the ow But I actually enjoyed the hH dynamics and chemistry I liked how their relationship develops from strained to trusting to loving The H had a bagful of issues but they get resolved satisfactorily He starts from a hateful sneering man to a believer And no the ex had no attraction for him but he has another ow a mistress in the background who also creates a lot of trouble The h too had a beau she thought she loved and wished to marry before the hH got forced into this moc and he also plays a role in the buildup of mus The h feels highly betrayed by the muevents but then she gets a spot of amnesia so yes the drama continues hide spoiler

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A Dangerous Man characters ☆ 104 Them But Leah senses a darkness in Richard and lingering wounds from a past betrayal that haunt him still She vows she will heal his heart and win his love and no one will stop herAs the spare heir no one paid much attention to Richard and his affairs but when life makes him a duke he becomes the most sought after bachelor in London That is until a scheming miller discovers Richard’s darkest secrets which he threat. Richard Wexton the Duke of St Austin is furious Blackmailed by a wealthy merchant into a marriage with his daughter he has every intention to ignore his wife Leah is shocked to have to marry an unknown man and suggests to the Duke to go through with the marriage only to divorce the next day But as always love and fate has something else in mindThis book has everything you could wish for in a romance book a forced marriage intrigue a malicious dowager duchess a former scheming mistress a big secret even attempted murder Leah is determined to make her marriage work and it s wonderful to read how the attraction respect and love grows between the couple Being a merchant s daughter Leah is ignored by the ton her new life isn t easy for her to endure but Leah doesn t give up her dream of a loving marriage Richard has his own dark secret which casts a dark cloud over the future of his marriage and could destroy his newfound happiness entirely I really liked this book the plot was interesting the heroine engaging and although the melodramatic effect was sometimes a bit overused in my opinion it s worth reading and I will surely look out for books written by this authorWebsite of the author