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Love Kinection characters ☆ 100 Rry and Riesling Her plans are diverted when she drops and breaks her new iPhone and gives in to a momentary hormone surge agreeing to let office hottie and tech god Tom Walker suirm his way into her condo t. My favorite part about this book is probably the argument between Abby and Tom over who s the bigger nerd When JJ was writing this story she put a FB call out to all her nerdy friends to give her a bunch of references While cool I feared it might turn into reference soup and go a little overboard Oh how could I have had so little faith She s managed to pack all kinds of nerd candy in there with a flavor for every geek without it feeling like trying too hard It was a lot of fun and oh so satisfying as a Joss Whedon geek myselfThe romance side is sweet but incredibly sexy too Their chemistry is so strong and the connection they develop so authentic I found myself feeling like I was in the story with them Tom s got a lot of walls to break down in Abby before he s really got a shot and he s just patient and tender enough to do it Abby despite being hurt so badly by a cheating man and spiteful sister catches on to the notion that she shouldn t fear Tom fast enough to be able to work out her issues before her inner bitch drives him away Better yet she gets a chance to prove how far she s come bonding them for sureCompelling characters witty banter and sizzling sexual tension make Love Kinection a smash hit for anyone s hopeless romantic inner geek I had high expectations and this book lived up to them all Go pick this one up for a sassy summer read

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Love Kinection characters ☆ 100 O fix it Tom shows up with his Xbox spicy Chinese food and a habit of stealing kisses every time she lets her guard down Can a weekend of laughter video games and movies change Abby’s opinion of stupid Cup. A cute little Geek romp Fans of Buffy Princess Bride and Doctor Who will enjoy this romance that explores the dating habits of two geeks in love

Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ý Jennifer James

Love Kinection characters ☆ 100 Love romance hearts flowers cupid RubbishAbby Fine still hasn’t gotten over the pain of a year old betrayal and plans to spend this Valentine’s Day drowning her sorrows with a ménage of men named Ben Je. 35 starsIt s Valentine s Day And Abby Fine has bad memories of last Valentine s Day when she was left standing at the altar when her fiance ran off with her sister Tom Walker works in the IT department He may be uiet and known as a bit of a geek but he s still got muscles in all the right places and all the girls in the office ogling himThis is a funny short read which I enjoyed uite a bit despite the fact that they fall into bed on their first date pet hate Both Abby and Tom are into geekery with the many references to Buffy Dr Who Firefly 42 and The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy Star Wars The Walking Dead etc Even the title is based on geekery The kinect is a motion sensing device for the X box Although I don t consider myself a geek I recognised most of the television programmes movies and other references Perhaps I am a geek after all and just don t want to admit it Written in the first person from Abby s pov this is a fun really enjoyable read with a bit of steamSteam 3

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