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FREE READ Asura By Anand Neelakantan Anand Neelakantan ✓ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD æ Asura By Anand Neelakantan E defeated to speak “For thousands of years I have been vilified and my death is celebrated year after year in every corner of India Why Was it because I challenged the Gods for the sake of my daughter Was it because I freed a race from the yoke of caste based Deva rule You have heard the victor’s tale the Ramayana Now hear the Ravanayana for I am Ravana the Asura and my story is the tale of the vanuished” “I am a non entity – invisible powerless and negligible No epics will ever be written about me I have suffered both Ravana and Rama – the hero and the villain or the villain and the hero When the stories of great men are told my voice maybe too feeble to be heard Yet spare. Very disappointing book The premise was very interesting writing Ravana s version of events But the writing was simply terrible To start with the editor on this book did a pretty shoddy job There were multiple errors of spelling and grammar Also this is supposedly a historical mythological piece so it should reflect the period I found many of the phrases and analogies were uite anachronistic For an example terms like an efficient time manager and useless jargon and mumbo jumbo are very 21st century phrases and it jarred me to hear them in a book set in the ancient times especially since the narrators were characters and not the author himself It greatly detracted from the authenticity of the bookThe literary style itself was very slow and repetitive I lost count early on in the book of the number of the times the same arguments about the caste system were hashed and rehashedCharacter development was also an issue I expected to end this book either hating or loving Ravana as represented on the pages All I felt was indifference and supreme relief at having finished the ordeal of reading this book Even events like the death of children that typically tug at the heartsrings were written in a manner that excited no emotion in meI also found the voice of Ravana bordering on schizophrenic Within the space of a paragraph he would contradict himself An example I wanted to hug Prahastha s still body and tell him that than anyone else I had respected and loved him I also wanted to tell him that he had always got on my nerves with his unwarranted advise and talk about Asura dharma Suddenly I hated him from deep within Pg 396 From love to hate in three sentences To me this book represents the fact that a good idea is not enough and how bad writing can demolish even the best of ideas I would not recommend this book to any reader with some discretion erroneously spelled in the book

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FREE READ Asura By Anand Neelakantan Anand Neelakantan ✓ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD æ Asura By Anand Neelakantan Me a moment and hear my story for I am Bhadra the Asura and my life is the tale of the loser” The ancient Asura empire lay shattered into many warring petty kingdoms reeling under the heel of the Devas In desperation the Asuras look up to a young saviour – Ravana Believing that a better world awaits them under Ravana common men like Bhadra decide to follow the young leader With a will of iron and a fiery ambition to succeed Ravana leads his people from victory to victory and carves out a vast empire from the Devas But even when Ravana succeeds spectacularly the poor Asuras find that nothing much has changed from them It is then that Ravana by one action changes the history of the wor. The book didn t seem as author s debut Truly astounding flow with powerful languageAuthor seems to be a very capable writerBut it was very disappointing to see such a capable person twisting the original Ramayana and have compromised too much on the facts This may be about Ravana s perspective but it doesn t demand the twisting of Ramayana facts For instance Rama s life as per Ramayana is 11000 years But the author has portrayed the incidents sprawling across a period of 70 yearsNow if the uestion is around if human life can be that long then research should be done on what evolution could have done rather than changing the timeline to some believable number the author pleases The war scene is highly compromised to put Rama in bad light and Ravana in goodMany other facts are comfortably ignored to put Ravana in good lightThis reaches a wider audience than the original Valmiki s scripture There is a good chance of people believing the author s pure imagination as fact just because it is believable than the original scripture or this is reachable than the original scriptureMany myths can be twisted as we likebut Ramayana is not a myth It is a scripted epic which has too many myths surrounding Even considering the epic to be just a fiction and not a real happening still we don t have the right to twist the tale as we pleaseIf the author had a fair eye to understand the script of Valmiki as it is and then made the story with Ravana s perspective it would have been the truly Asura storyWith that kind of expectation I picked the book but was disappointedI don t think talking from Ravana s perspective is wrong but twisting the facts as we would like to hear so there are some anti brahmin anti ramayana arguments is not acceptableSuch a capable author could have moral responsibility of researching before taking his story to the worldBut this inspires me to understand 24000 slokas of Ramayana in detail before judging about the bookNevertheless the language and story telling is truly enjoyable

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FREE READ Asura By Anand Neelakantan Anand Neelakantan ✓ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD æ Asura By Anand Neelakantan The epic tale of victory and defeat The story of the Ramayana had been told innumerable times The enthralling story of Rama the incarnation of God who slew Ravana the evil demon of darkness is known to every Indian And in the pages of history as always it is the version told by the victors that lives on The voice of the vanuished remains lost in silence But what if Ravana and his people had a different story to tell The story of the Ravanayana has never been told Asura is the epic tale of the vanuished Asura people a story that has been cherished by the oppressed castes of India for 3000 years Until now no Asura has dared to tell the tale But perhaps the time has come for the dead and th. How to Define Dangerous BooksSometimes the only force that can take you through tabductso the end of a book this bad is the sweet thought of revenge of how you are so going to maul the author in your review once the book is done and dustedThis is a book that is so painfully badly written 500 pages of tripe that ordinarily it should not merit much thought but the fact that it tells a story that so many would want to hear and might believe too easily makes it dangerous nevertheless and worth discreditingAlso the idea of giving voice to the victims of inverting the historical bias of history is written by the victors is uite interesting This was the reason I could not resist picking up the book The Tale Of The Vanuished The story of the Ravanayana has never been told Asura is the epic tale of the vanuished Asura people a story that has been cherished by the oppressed castes of India for 3000 years Until now no Asura has dared to tell the tale But perhaps the time has come for the dead and the defeated to speak Written through a distorted prism of historical victimization this book is simplistic beyond imagination is replete with misprisions and makes no attempt either to capture the poetry of the original epic or show any sort of fidelity to its philosophy Instead it mangles every aspect of itThe author is clearly a Dravidian fanatic and tries every angle to work his fever pitch hatred into the epic and its historical atrocities In effect the author wants to fan the North South Divide the Aryan Vs Dravidian political flame and the caste divide and is extremely vitriolic in his language throughout The hatred is obvious in every pageThe two main threads running through this atrocious and fanatical novel are 1 Hate the North Indians they brought all evils into society2 Our only weakness is our lack of unity let us band together Brothers we are the original rulers of India before these intruders came into our landsThe basic thesis is thisIndia was originally ruled by the Asura kings and Tamil was their language and it was high culture and complete euality and what not a la Mahabali s paradise celebrated through the Onam festival of Kerala the book assumes that fable to be the default condition of India In a classic nostalgic narrative this Mahabali s India is evoked throughout as the Golden Age of India According to the author then the Aryan Invaders a bunch of uncouth barbarians came and overthrew the Asura kings all due to their own lack of unity and established an uncultured primitive society throughout India Yes the barbarians not only won every war but they conuered the whole of the sub continent and this is in spite of the fact that the Asuras were so advanced in technology that they even had flying chariots the Pushpaka Vimana and stuff Go figureThen the main narrative takes over Ravana an ambitious youth rebuilds some semblance of the original glory of the Asura s and eventually starts capturing back the mainland from his base off it in Sri Lanka During one of his conuests he fathers a girl child who was abandoned and then adopted by the king of Mithila yep Sita is Ravana s daughter in this narrative can t have the good guy indulging in random abductions can weThen Ravan watches with great sadness as Sita marries Rama later in life and decides one day that her life with Rama will never be really cool and abducts her in her own best interests mind you because the Aryan society mistreats women and Ravana doesn t want that for his daughter So in keeping with the high moral principles of the Asuras he kidnaps her and keeps her captive against her will way to treat them eual ehRama launches an attack and as usual but not before Lakshman disfigures and rapes Ravana s sister provoking the now pacifist Asura king the lack of unity is the undoing of the Asuras Ravana s own brother plots to dethrone himEventually Rama triumphs and then institutes the caste system Sati system and every known evil all dictated by the Brahmans India degenerates into all sorts of chaos and loses her position as a moral force and a political force in the world The dark ages descend and Rama was the initiator Ravana was the last hope for the Tamils the golden age was lost foreverNow the funny thing is that the whole novel is written at a time when the whole Aryan Invasion theory has been thrown out of the window or less It was part of the divide rule policy and this author wants to bring back those heydays of old It is politically motivated twisting of facts There is hardly any justification for the inventions that the author has indulged himself inFacts1 Ravana s father was Visravas Ravana was an aryan himself in all likelihood He is known to have followed the Vedic rituals that are so derided in this book and technically that was the criteria for Aryanhood just as Vibhishan in this book does2 Ravana was a North Indian himself too before traveling down south and capturing the kingdom that belonged to Kubera who is himself supposed to be Ravana s brother an earlier wave then So if anything he must have been one branch of the Aryan Invasion that spread across India as per that theory3 Dark skin is not a characteristic of Non Aryan nor is white skin a characteristic of Aryan Rama was himself dark skinned So was Krishna later and Arjuna for good measure So was Vishnu himself the supposed god of the white skinned Aryan race btw Shivites Vs Vishnavites is another virulent theme of this book Vishnu worshipers are shown as the uncouth Aryan stock while Shiva worshippers are the Dravidian stock according to the author4 Sita is Ravana s daughter purely because she is dark skinned By that logic Rama too could have been an Asura prince What if any racial conflict is the Ramayana supposed to portray then5 Plenty of Rakshasas were fair skinned and hence cannot be a simplistic racial characterization6 Dravidians are not always dark skinned stereotypes are for idiots surely7 Recent genetic studies have shown the racial stocks to be hopelessly intermingled throughout India and gives no evidence of any distinct racial divide between North and the South8 Except for the language not much divides the so called Aryan and Dravidian culturally genetically religiously or historically Even the linguistic divide shows the potential for being bridged as a common ancestor for proto Tamil and Sanskrit is investigated9 One thing the book boasts of being Ravanayana The name Ramayana is formed from Rama and ayana translating to Rama s Journey not Rama s Story Shows the level of knowledge that was brought into this rewriting of Ravana s and his people s storyA Note to the ReadersDear Readers the author is clearly misguided and the book is clearly a fanatic s attempt to rekindle old hatreds Please do not take it literally Take it as an inventive if extremely badly written exercise in reversing the so called historical bias of victors and leave it at that It merits no historical discussion and is definitely of no political relevanceThis book is a blatant attempt to fan anti brahminism North Indian hatred and basically blame every ill of society on this historical injustice It does have a call for caste solidarity but even that is not a noble call considering that it is caste and not class that is being called to uniteFor me the scary thing about this is that such sentiments are already high in many cities So many North Indian friends of mine complain about the increasing xenophobia towards them in South India even in metropolitan cities like Bangalore Speaking in Hindi in Chennai is a sure fire way of being discriminated against Similarly the North Indian cities too are treating the South Indians in a derogatory manner and treating them as encroachersThe stereotypes that are popular about Tam Brahms Mallu accent the gali speaking Delhiite chinkis Yuck South Indian idli dosa the uncouth Bihari etc are all manifestations of this Not to mention the crudeness of delusional movies like Chennai Express Ayyo Rama what s aappeningThis mutual alienation is very dangerous and could easily be the cause for major riots in our densely packed cities This sort of fanatical historical narratives only add fuel to this fire and should not be encouraged Instead of banning books that offend religious and racial sentiments we should be careful of such works which provoke those sentiments and tries to convert them into blind hatred Those are the dangerous onesLinks Come south young man but here be dragons The Great North South debate rages Labels and stereotypes Do the roots of racism lie in the stereotypes we create Breaking India Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines would be a nice corrective as a modern opposing conspiracy theory but perhaps closer to the mark