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Summary Thief's Magic ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Summary ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Trudi Canavan Free read Thief's Magic Pierwszy tom niecierpliwie wyczekiwanej kolejnej trylogii najpopularniejszej autorki fantasy ostatniego dziesięcioleciaW świecie w którym magia napędza rewolucję przemysłową student archeologii Tyen odkopuje księgę zwaną Vella która posiada zdolność odczuwania Vella ­– niegdyś młoda czarodziejka zajmująca się introligatorstwem – zost. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum was very excited when I first heard about Trudi Canavan s Thief s Magic and doubly so when I discovered it was going to be an introduction to a brand new universe we ve never seen before I m not completely unfamiliar with the author s work having read The Magician s Guild book one of her Black Magician trilogy but knowing that she has two series and a couple novellas based in that world of Kyralia which I haven t even yet come close to finishing I was glad to have a fresh start in Millennium s Rule Magic and magic users seem to feature strongly in Canavan s books and that s no exception here At the beginning of this novel we meet Tyen a young archaeology student though calling what he and his professor and fellow students do Archaelogy might be a bit of stretchthey re like tomb robbers who discovers a sentient book while excavating an ancient tomb The book can read the minds of anyone who makes physical contact communicating through text appearing on the pages Calling herself Vella the book claims to have once been a sorcerer woman until she was transformed into her current form by one of the greatest sorcerers of history She has been gathering and storing information through the ages ever since Sensing bad things to come if Vella were to ever fall into the wrong hands Tyen decides to keep her to himself for now but as we all know a secret this big is always bound to come out sooner or later Meanwhile in another world a dyer s daughter named Rielle harbors a secret of her own From a young age she has had the ability to sense magic and hence the potential to use it However Rielle s society could not be any different from Tyen s where magic is used freely and some might say TOO freely to power their fantastical machines Instead the priests of Rielle s world teach that to use magic is the euivalent to stealing from the Angels themselves Anyone caught committing this crime is published severely then cast out from the city to live out the rest of their lives in a prison Rielle is therefore all too happy to just keep her head down hoping to also to do what her family wants of her and find a prospective husband But then she meets and falls in love with a local artist named Izare which is patently NOT what her parents had in mind Oh hello Forbidden Love What do these two plot lines have to do with each other Very little actually Reading Thief s Magic felt essentially like reading two books in one The novel s structure can be a little jarring if you re not expecting it We first start with Part I which follows Tyen s story and several chapters after that Part II begins with Rielle s The novel continues like this alternating back and forth between their narratives Actually getting the hang of this perspective jumping isn t all that difficult but Canavan likes to tease and she seems to have this knack for choosing the most suspenseful moments to make the switch between characters Often I would find myself pulled away into Rielle s story just as I was getting completely drawn into Tyen s or vice versa This format was both simultaneously addicting and frustrating though I have to admit I kind of liked it When it comes down to it I m just completely hooked by these two characters and their respective worlds Both Tyen and Rielle are written very well even though occasionally their naivet would grate on my nerves However their decisions misguided as they are sometimes always led to interesting things happening I m fascinated by the differences in their cultures and how each of them view magic I love that their own personal conflicts take them on completely disparate adventures so that the individual challenges they face differ profoundly as well I m especially intrigued by Rielle and her struggles in a society where unauthorized use of magic is treated as the greatest sin where women like her have very little choice and practically no future when they are discovered to possess magical abilities I don t know if Tyen and Rielle s paths will ever cross though something tells me that they will but that particularly story is not for this book to tell At this point I feel I ve been given enough information to formulate a tenuous theory on how the two characters worlds are linked but for the most part we don t get too many answers on that front I really enjoyed following both story lines but if you re the kind of reader who prefers self contained story arcs or at least some closure at the end of a novel you won t really find it here It s a factor to think about though I already know I will be picking up the next book in spite of it Thief s Magic may have all the hallmarks of a Book One but Canavan has crafted a very fine beginning technically TWO very fine beginnings and I want to find out what happens to both Tyen and Rielle

Summary ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Trudi CanavanThief's Magic

Summary Thief's Magic ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Summary ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Trudi Canavan Free read Thief's Magic Ała zmieniona w pożyteczne narzędzie przez jednego z najpotężniejszych czarnoksiężników wszechczasów Od tamtej chwili zbiera informacje między innymi kluczowe wskazówki na temat katastrofy czekającej świat TyenaTymczasem w krainie rządzonej przez kapłanów Rielle córkę farbiarza nauczono że posługiwanie się magią oznacza okradanie ani. 5 Words This book is so awesomeWhat can I say I freaking loved this bookIt s safe to say that I loved Trudi Canavan s first series The Black Magician Trilogy and I ve read it over and over seriously my first copies are falling apart I think I ve gone through 3 of each book and recommended it to all of my friends who loved it too and fell in love with her world and her writing But then I kind of fell out of love with her as I read her newer worksBut oh my god I am back in love Truly madly deeply This is definitely one of those high fantasy books that you can read again and again I LOVED the world the characters the atmosphere the way it made me think the subtle way feminist issues were raised I loved everythingI found this very different from her previous books but also very similar in a way to BMT It had that same magic that hooked me right from the startThe two narratives running through this book were simply stunning Every time it came to where the narrative switched worlds I would cry out in indignation because the cliff hangers oh dear god the cliff hangers This was an edge of your seat stay awake five hours past your bed time forget to eat or drink truly epic fantasy This writing is breathtaking and the pacing of the story works so well There is love lust hate deceit loyalty surprises rejections tragedy hope adventure drama and magicI couldn t get enough of this book and now I can t wait until the next one I need to know what happens to Tyen and Rielle and howifwhenwhere their worlds collide I will DEFINITELY re read this it was so freaking awesomeThank you so much to Little Brown UK for my e galley I fangirled like mad when I was accepted and now I can t even put some order to my thoughts because this book was so freaking good I received a copy of this for free via NetGalley for review purposes

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Summary Thief's Magic ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Summary ó eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Trudi Canavan Free read Thief's Magic Ołów Wie jednak że ma do tego talent i że w mieście przebywa pewien zdeprawowany człowiek który chętnie nauczy ją jak się nią posługiwać – jeżeli tylko odważy się zaryzykować gniew aniołówNie wszystko jednak jest zgodne z przekonaniami w jakich wychowano Tyena i Rielle Ani natura magii ani prawa ich krajówA nawet ludzie którym ufaj?. My first Trudi Canavan I bought this out of curiosity several years ago started and dropped it several times then was just about to remove it from my kindle and gave it one last chance I loved it I found both T yen and Rielle s story eually engrossing too Richly imagined worlds strong characters and good plotting I call that a win

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