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  • 11 September 2018
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Voice Of Conscience Summary å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Voice of Conscience Like most of the other boys in his village Ramzi Ozcomert Junior is a happy boy until the death of his parents and sister Witnessing the bloody aftermath of the murders changes the direction of his life forever Even though he h. Book Title Voice of ConscienceAuthor Behcet KayaPublisher AuthorhouseISBN 9781449014537Reviewed by Michele Tater for Review The Book The human voice can never reach the distance that is covered by the still small voice of conscience Mohandas GandhiWith the on going discussions of where to build a Mosaic in New York City near ground zero or not a book comes along to give a reader some insight into the lives of a Muslim family in Atamkoy TurkeyAlthough the first part of the book takes place in the year 1962 the descriptions of the rites and ceremonies may still take place in some remote parts of that country With the abundant of Turkish words included in the text they are recognized as being italicized and are given the English translates right after so a Turkish dictionary is not needed Voice of Conscience is a story of a family preparing for the marriage of there only daughter Erin whose mother died in childbirth Ramzi Ozcomert her father has remarried a woman named Nermin Ozcomert and they have a son named Ramzi Ozcomert Jr Even before the wedding week can begin a rift is make with Ramzi Ozcomert and Elder Korucu for not giving in to the reuest of the Elder that Erin should marry his grandson instead of her boyfriend Turkel Tragedy strikes with a very heavy and violence plow on the family of Ramzi Ozcomert Jr which changes his live forever His taken on a journey of both through different lands as wells as different ideas and what his destiny may have to be Within the Turkish culture it is instilled that vengeance is away of life and a death should be avenged at any cost This becomes Ramzi s mantra has he grown into a man of great means wife two daughters and a vast company He soon finds that this way of thinking takes a toll on the mind as well as his heart He must make the decision to uphold his traditional ways or let go of the rage that will consume him Voice of Conscience gives a glimpse into the world of the Turkish Muslim as he becomes an American with uestions than answers regarding his religion philosophy and challenges of his life As this book is written in a easy understandable way I would recommend this book to adult readers and even to young adult readers

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Voice Of Conscience Summary å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF And determination exist within him Inherited from his parents it defends him from head to toe against the fatal invasion of loneliness need and degradation With this inheritance also come the sins of the father which he shoulders without protesti. A little bit Kite Runner a little bit Bourne Identity but something all its own

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Voice Of Conscience Summary å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF As been taught at an early age to take care of himself to control his emotions always be on guard and never to turn his back to his enemies he doesn't fully understand the meaning of survival until he is completely on his own Yet an unseen bravery. In his first novel Voice of Conscious Behcet Kaya brings readers on an adventure of life culture and ultimate tragedy Following protagonist Ramzi Jr Ozcomert from childhood to adulthood on three different continents an extreme story of murder love and revenge is creatively and beautifully depictedKaya lends his familiarity of Turkey along with his own personal experiences to captivate readers from the very beginning His words are descriptive allowing you to escape fully into the story Singing to the tune of Shakespeare Behcet Kaya is a rare breed of modern day authors who is able to weave an emotional and strong work of literatureVoice of Conscious can be summed up into one word powerful This is a book that will captivate forcing you to read until the very end and then going back to read it again Behcet Kaya has truly created something special and it is not a book to be passed up