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On Thin Ice Ice #6 Read & Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Cated to destroying terrorism MacGowan has been held hostage for almost three years and he's chosen the night she arrives as the night he plans to escape When he does she follows him heading down the steep mountainous terrain with another hostage the teenage son of a Hollywood millionaire Rebels soldiers traitors. This is the best fcking book everAnne Stuart you are the greatest

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On Thin Ice Ice #6 Read & Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook And near drowning follows them on their journey As they travel from the mountain fortress to a transatlantic freighter an old cafe in Spain ending in a shootout at a farmhouse in France MacGowan reluctantly falls in love and Beth learns that the cynical dangerous soldier of fortune might be worth saving after al. Why on earth does this author have the ability to leave me with a silly grin on my face while I replay countless scenes from the book in my head which inadvertently prohibits me from moving on to my next book I guess with this uestion all roads lead to Rome which is obviously this author s uniue awesome and unparalleled talentOn Thin Ice was an unexpected gift as I thought that Fire And Ice was the final chapter in the ICE series Now instead of being grateful and satisfied I find myself hoping that she will surprise me once with anotherand then anotherand then another I can not get enough of this seriesIn this book we get the treat of catching up with old friends while meeting several new ones Peter and Ginny from Cold As Ice play an important role in this book and we also get to catch up with Killian and Isobel from Ice Storm It is not necessary to read all the books in order to enjoy this book but take my adviceif you haven t read this series in it s entirety PLEASE DO Reading the books in order will also immerse you in the ICE world in which the most dangerous and unforgettable heroes liveThis is Finn s book A member of the notorious Committee he has been held captive for three years in South America A horrific cult the Guiding Light has brutally murdered and raped many other prisoners yet left Finn alive Beth an American heiress to a large fortune has also been kidnapped by the Guiding Light Her life is now in the hands of none other than the ruthless Finn Lucky girlAs with all the books couples the chemistry between Finn and Beth is scorchingly hot This book leads the reader with them through the jungle as they execute a daring and dangerous escape Finn is brutal and capable of great violence and killing but he protects and watches over Beth from the moment they meet I was absolutely engulfed in this story and resented every distraction that kept me from it Unlike other Anne Stuart books this book has a nice epilogue that satisfies on nearly every level In fact if this happens to be the last book I will say it ended perfectly however I would sacrifice that all for one book A simply awesome book and an unforgettable series I cannot recommend it any highly

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On Thin Ice Ice #6 Read & Download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Elizabeth Pennington has come to the war torn South American country of Callivera to volunteer at a tiny mission Kidnapped by the local rebels who are interested in ransom than politics she ends up at their camp in the Andes where she meets Finn MacGowan member of the infamous Committee a covert organization dedi. 5 stars Romantic SuspenseAwesome read Finally another ICE book and it delivered With exotic locales nonstop action edge of your seat danger knuckle gripping suspense uber nasty villains an unforgettably sexy ruthless Irish hero a heroine who manages a minimal amount of whining for such extreme and violent situations hot sexual tension and steamy romance On Thin Ice is definitely a must read for fans of Anne Stuart s ICE series and dark romantic suspense My only uibble is that there are uite a few editing errors but those minor mistakes didn t lessen my enjoyment at all 5 stars

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