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Read & download ↠ Clay Yeager'S Redemption 102 E enough to frighten her If she were smart she'd think twice about letting him work on her ranch but the sexy stranger was hard to ignoreClay Yeager knew there was to Casey Scott than met the eye and this beautiful rancher was. My first read date of 2001 is approximate I acuired the original Silhouette MMPB used but not too much after its release I have Justine Davis s newest part of her SFR series near the top of my TBR from NetGalley but I just decided to go ahead and read this short novel when I got the e copy on sale I m kind of a sucker for two wounded souls help each other start to move forward romances And there s even a clever canineTrigger warnings suicidal thoughts on his part rape in her backstory not explicitly described and death of a child in his backstory not much of a spoilerOther than the annoying complete lack of spaces to indicate mid chapter scene breaks which also often involve switching to the other lead s PoV a handful of missing punctuation marks and a few other OCR errors crowing for growing an italicization error and most oddly uncaught pnde for pride the writing is generally good Some parts are predictable and I could have done without the baby epidemic in the ending the inevitable sweet reunion and all look when I can see something coming a mile away I don t bother hiding it within SPOILER tags but I still enjoyed the story If it hadn t been for the scene breaks issue I would have rounded up to 4 stars

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Read & download ↠ Clay Yeager'S Redemption 102 Stirring up emotions he'd thought were long dead Would the ex cop be able to forget his past and protect this woman he couldn't live without Where danger lies around every corner and the biggest danger of all is falling in lo. An enjoyable read and I loved the series

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Read & download ↠ Clay Yeager'S Redemption 102 TRINITY STREET WESTWHAT SHE WANTED Casey Scott was used to stray animals wandering onto her property But stray men A series of menacing midnight calls had alarmed her senses so the dark rugged looks of the mysterious loner wer. Reading this story again at the end of TSW series has improved the story further It was already good but now I could understand better Clay Yeager past and his lost connections with his friend Besided in this book there s a wonderful dog Mud so funny and sweet and caring I couldn t resist him at all He was so sweet I had tears in my eyesA very great story a wonderful ending for this great series

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  • Clay Yeager'S Redemption
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  • 14 January 2017
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