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The Candle and the Flame Summary ¾ 109 Nafiza Azad Ò 9 Read Read & Download The Candle and the Flame Ntrigues of the maharajah and his sister the affairs of Zulfikar and the djinn and the dangers of a magical battlefieldNafiza Azad weaves an immersive tale of magic and the importance of names; fiercely independent women; and perhaps most importantly the work for harmony within a city of a thousand cultures and cadences. 16 Sep 19 How can something so mind numbingly underwhelming receive such overwhelming praiseIf you want receipts check my reading progress down belowThe entire background surrounding this book would have made it so easy for me to fall in love with it Islamic inspired mythology A Muslim female protagonist as its central lead An own voices publication no less It all promised something uniue refreshing in the saturated world of YA Fantasy and I was rooting for it so much source This might be an unfair assessment but I feel like the love and excitement for a diverse OwnVoices narrative might have contributed to the 4 point something average star rating this book currently has made us lenient towards this novel s shortcomings I certainly was forgiving At least in the beginning If I was not blinded by the multicultural non Euro centric atmosphere The Candle and the Flame dangled in front of me if this had been any other book I would have dropped it out of sheer boredom after the first 30%But I recognise that this is the author s first published novel and I think she does have potential to refine her craft so I will start this review with the things I did like about The Candle and the Flame The portrayal of female characters relationships with each other This was a definite positive and a much needed break from all the girl on girl hate that you so often see in YA In The Candle and the Flame female characters who had their sights on the same man were not made by the author to sabotage each other speak or behave ill of one another and all the other catty behaviour that would stereotypically be the norm in YA RomantasyI uite liked Fatima s relationship with the Alif sisters and with her own adoptive sister I appreciated that they were able to move past their estrangement and reconcile going through ups and downs like any real sibling and familial dynamic would The usage of South Asian and Middle Eastern religions These were not the only cultures existing in Noor but they were the predominant ones I feel like this alone deserves some acknowledgement because I do appreciate diversity popping up in mainstream fantasy novels especially represented not as a sidenote or backdrop but as a major part of the narrativeSadly beyond those two I have no praise to give From here on out my review will get harsh and some plot points will be discussed though I will try to refrain from spoiling the important details WORLDBUILDING This was a real miss for me The setting takes place in Noor a city located along the Silk Road That alone was potential for a great many things The intrigues of trade its effects on politics intellectual and cultural exchange how it changes technology and local landscapes Never mind reading about any of that beyond the first chapter where Fatima buys flowers from a merchant we neither see nor learn anything about the setting that was in any way related to their strategic position as a Silk Road City The plot and everything that took place had suat all to do with the Silk Road NothingNoor could have existed anywhere in the world the only reason the author decided to establish it as being a part of the Silk Road was to 1 Make it sound cool and hence a selling point for the Elevator Pitch and 2 Have an excuse as to why the place is a melting pot of cultures and religionsIn terms of the cultures and religions itself I know I said I love diversity in books but the way things were handled here was just wanting Obviously you don t need to have a reason to have diverse cultures in your story for the sheer fact that diversity exists and should thus be reflected however it just got to the extent where it all seemed gimmickyFly away mentions of the Kinh and Hanh and Uyghur and Kmemu I assume Khememu as in Ancient Egyptians on top of the main protagonist speaking Arabic Hindi and Urdu but none of the peoples above nor their cultures has any actual bearing on the plot or progression itselfThey were simply spices to fill up the author s world which is honestly why I don t understand the praise for the worldbuilding in The Candle and the Flame What is there to praise when the author did nothing other than mention that these cultures and peoples exist That is not creative not transcendental not anything other than lifting existing things and putting it smack dab into the background of your supposed fantasyfictional world If anything that is only lazyWhat wasted opportunity The world could have been expanded upon to reflect how the existence of djinn affects this version of earth I mean clearly the setting takes place in a version of earth as all our religions peoples cultures seem to exist there except an earth that is populated with these fiery beings How does that affect religion How does that affect technology politics governanceHow is it that cultures can remain misogynistic the characters themselves are the ones who stated explicitly that their traditions are misogynistic not me when the ifrit arguably the most powerful of djinn kind are a matriarchal societyBut other than copypasting names of ethnic groups and languages the author did nothing else to expand and build upon her worldThe last thing I ll say about worldbuilding It s not the author s job to teach you about IslamHinduismBuddhismetc and in this novel she is clearly writing for readers of the characters own cultural identity People who are already familiar with much of the terms references used in the storyThat s not to say others won t or can t enjoy it but they will have a harder time following because the author does not provide any or very minimum contextual clues in her text You will either have to google or flip back and forth between the glossary at the end An exercise that absolutely whether you want to admit it or not breaks your reading experience and makes it harder to immerse yourself in the world and story itselfI live in the literally Hindu majority island of the literally number one country in the world with the highest Muslim population making me very much familiar with both Hindu and Muslim mythology cultures and contentions and I understood at most 75% of all the terms thrown into the bookThe problem with providing no context in the body of the prose itself especially when you re setting real life cultures in a fantasy novel is that it s incredibly easy for layman readers to muddle up between culture A and culture B and culture C interpreting it all as one giant singular monolith of Culture Z WRITING The prose is one of those that tries to be deep and poetic but sadly falls short Suffice to say I didn t find it appealing The narrative was dry almost mechanical evoking no emotion unless you re a reader who can find emotion in reading pretty words that actually mean nothing I unfortunately do not have that giftIf you want pretty prose that works a slow burning drama filled with a hint of romance and imbued with diverse middle eastern and Jewish mythology The Golemn and the Jinni also a debut novel did it thousandfolds better A slow burning drama needs the force of characters to make it work needs a sense of wonder an emotional attachment None of these were apparent in The Candle and the FlameThis book also contained perhaps the worst chapter and scene openings I have ever read All chapters opened up in the exact same manner exact same tone and approach That dry pseudo poetic attempting to be deep and meaningful paragraph that is only forcefully made to tie in to the rest of the scene There is nothing gripping nothing that evokes excitementSpeaking of forced the dialogue is also often forced written in such a way as to add dramatic effect rather than any actual meaning Here s one example Yes you are supposed to take her word for it otherwise why the fuck would you ask her in the first placeBut the biggest problem by far that I had with the writing is how utterly PAINFULLY unsubtle and clumsy it was The messages were driven into our skulls with the force and noise of a road drillHow many times do I have to read that women are not objects Here are but a few No do not make me read this againOnce or twice would ve been fine but this is constantly bashed over our heads it s become nothing but preachy What is actually an important message becomes a gimmick a parody of itself Especially when it s coupled with the fact that characters often snap and react this way to things that are only marginally or aren t even offensive at all for example when the princess rajkumari Bhavya as Sunaina s future employer states that she needs to buy her a new set of clothesBut of course when it comes to the objectification of women daughters particularly as part of a religious tradition Not a single complaint in the text subtle or otherwise Hint Asking for a father s permission for marriage is also an objectification of womenThis is not the only message that we re hammered over the head with But I need to get to my final point PLOT To summarise this book tells the tale of Fatima a twice survivor of indiscriminate shayateen singular shaitan attacks first as a child of four years when her entire travelling caravan was slaughtered and again at the age of ten when the city of Noor was attacked leaving only three survivorsThe story truly begins when Fatima is eighteen years of age living with her adoptive sister Sunaina and working as a messenger by day Her life changes completely however when she delivers a book to one of her closest friend and mentor Firdaus The book corrupts him and he crumples into ash but not before bestowing his Fire into FatimaIt turns out that Firdaus was not a mere bookstore proprietor he had also been the Name Giver for the ifrit clan Djinn can only materialise into the physical human world after they are Named and now with Firdaus dead the mantle has been passed on to FatimaBut beyond Fatima s own personal struggles there is also the looming threat of civil war increasing shayeetan and ghul attacks and of course the uestion of who orchestrated the Name Giver s deathWhile all that sounds absolutely fine on paper what actually transpired was far less exciting There are virtually no action scenes the conflict is resolved within a single paragraph and I should also add that everyone involved everyone is an utter moronThe pacing was completely off If you think we d be investigating Firdaus s death you d think wrong If you think the story even picks up from there you d also be wrong In fact every significant turn of events is treated with casual disregardMoments after Fatima discovers Firdaus is dead she asks for dessert Moments after finding Laali literally on her death bed Fatima goes on a tour of the city It just completely undermines any tension any gravitas we might otherwise have put on these scenesI won t even go into how infinitely predictable the entire storyline including both major and minor villains wereLet s talk about the rebels Guess how this plotline was resolved How their ultimate plot towards the end of the novel was resolved Sunaina overheard these dumbass fools talking about it down the hallway just outside her door This by the way takes place in the palace itselfI shit you not They re talking about murdering the king in the king s home loud enough for people behind closed doors to hearJudging by the sheer idiocy of these rebels it s a wonder why the maharajah hasn t done anything about them a long time ago You know nip the budding rebellion in the bud before it could ever growAnswer Contrived plot device that s whyThere is no active engagement or effort on any of our characters part in order to resolve or discover anything This is how literally everything is solvedLet s talk about the shayateenHow is that threat averted What you should know about the shayateen and this is not a spoiler as it s told much early on is that they have been cursed and can t return to their djinn form hence are stuck on earthSo these dumbasses decides to invite Fatima Oh sorry Fatima GHAZALA to their lair bribing her by promising they would not attack Noor if she Unnames them all hence reverting them to their djinn form and they would then be able to return homeThis I should note despite them being fully aware that Fatima GHAZALA is not only capable of Unnaming djinn kin but also once they are Unnamed she is able to destroy their Names and by extension their very existenceSo guess what Fatima GHAZALA doesI don t need to give you the spoiler answer because OF COURSE THAT S WHAT SHE DOES because anyone with half a brain would absolutely know where this would go It seems however that the shayateen have exactly zero brain cells Or the author simply could not think of a clever or at least believable conflict resolutionMy final word is thisThis book is romantasy Don t go into it expecting action adventure or even funIt pretends to be deeper than it is but all the beats instalove villains multiple making sexual threats against the protagonist main character being able to master everything without even trying they are all the same as you would expect in any YA Romantasy

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The Candle and the Flame Summary ¾ 109 Nafiza Azad Ò 9 Read Read & Download The Candle and the Flame Fatima lives in the city of Noor a thriving stop along the Silk Road There the music of myriad languages fills the air and people of all faiths weave their lives together However the city bears scars of its recent past when the chaotic tribe of Shayateen djinn slaughtered its entire population except for Fatima and two. Hey y all it s your girl back again with another conflicting book review You know the usualAgain this is another book that I am unsure about On the one hand I was super into it On the other hand it feels like nothing much happenedThis book moves at a very slow pace let s just put that out there If you like action packed fast paced novels this ain t the one for you In fact this book isn t so much plot focused as it is character focused and honestly those are my favorite types of booksThere are periods of time where it might feel like the plot isn t really moving and it s because the book takes that time to concentrate on fleshing out these characters and making them people that we can cheer for especially the womenIn the author s Goodreads review of her own book she says that this book is than anything about women being fantastic and she is perfectly right All the women there felt distinct with their own voices and own struggles All of them were uniue and interesting and I wanted to read about them Even the minor female characters like Aruna and the Alif Sisters were amazing and I loved every second of it Also can we take a second to appreciate Bhavya s complexityThat said my love for these characters wasn t enough to make this a five star readFor this being the author s debut novel I think it has fantastic writing My problem is that while it was beautiful and fluid it was also uite distantThere is one big event that splits the book in two making a before and after An event that fundamentally changes the main character s life After the event the writing changes adapting to Fatima s new state of mind The issue is that also this makes it harder to relate to Fatima and her emotions At times it s like Fatima feels nothing at all like she s empty in her feelings and expressions and I just couldn t love her as I wantedAnother issue is that as I mentioned the plot sort of takes a back seat at some point At times I uestioned what the main plot even was I wouldn t have minded it so much if everything didn t all rush together at the end as if in a mad dash to solve all the problems without us seeing much conseuence for everything that happenedLastly this isn t so much an issue as it is an observation and a warning If you are expecting some sort of epic romance this ain t the book for you The romance takes the very back seat on this ride silently brewing in the background while everything else unfolds I didn t mind this at all in fact I appreciated it but in case you thought you were getting into something along the lines of The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh this is not itOverall I really enjoyed reading this book I read most of it on the trip to New York to Maryland on my way back from BookCon I was hooked into these character s lives and thoughts and strugglesThis is the kind of book that several of you might not enjoy as much due to its slow and character driven nature But if you re into well written fantasies about female friendship and strength with some sprinkle of slow burning romance on the top then I highly recommendAlso can we just appreciate the beautiful cover for a minute Can we also appreciate that this is a standalone novel with its own self contained story We don t get very many of those any I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my ownFollow Me Here Too My Blog Twitter Bloglovin Instagram Tumblr Pinterest

review µ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ò Nafiza Azad

The Candle and the Flame Summary ¾ 109 Nafiza Azad Ò 9 Read Read & Download The Candle and the Flame Other humans Now ruled by a new maharajah Noor is protected from the Shayateen by the Ifrit djinn of order and reason and by their commander ZulfikarBut when one of the most potent of the Ifrit dies Fatima is changed in ways she cannot fathom ways that scare even those who love her Oud in hand Fatima is drawn into the i. IT S ARRIVEDI want this cover as an art print on my wallMy goddessIt s gorgeous

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