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Single Dads Christmas Miracle free read ´ 109 Lp the Beaumont family begins to come alive again and against the odds Althea hopes that when Christmas morning arrives there will be four stockings hanging over the fireplace. 4 STARSThis is a warm hearted story that deals with some big problems I enjoyed reading it NowI want to go back and read A Father for Her TripletsThe plot is Althea is going to tutor and teach Jack a 12 year old boy who failed his last uarter of home study Althea is coming back home after running away when she was 18 She has been layed off as a teacher When she arrives she notices some problems and wants to helpThe kids are cute Althea has issues she is dealing with but she reaches out to the kids and their dad to help them grow closer and open Clark has his own issues to deal with and fearsThey all help each other heal in this Christmas seasonThis story has humor charm heartache love and facing fears instead of hiding or running away from them It is also a clean readIt makes you grateful for loud children that are happyI am going to read another Susan Meier book because I just bought the book before this one A Father for Her TripletsI was given this ebook to read for exchange of giving honest review of it by Netgalley and HarleuinPublisher Harleuin Romance October 1 2013 253 pages ASIN B00CFX3BBK

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Single Dads Christmas Miracle free read ´ 109 He needs a helping hand Having recently lost his wife Clark Beaumont is trying to make it through the holidays for the sake of his kids But with his son failing at school and. This was a sweet holiday romance Clark is having a rough time with his kids right now His twelve year old son is having problems with school and his three year old daughter won t talk above a whisper Since his wife s death three years earlier he is getting by as best he can He hires Althea to tutor his son and get him back on track He is surprised to feel a tug of attraction to her and tries to ignore it Althea looking as an outsider can see what the trouble is right away She makes it her goal to help the family heal and maybe she ll find some healing of her ownI really liked Althea The story started out with her getting knocked over by the family dog and it didn t seem to bother her at all She s a little unsure about the job at first but as soon as she meets the kids she knows she is meant to be there I really enjoyed seeing her connect with the kids I loved the way that she stayed so calm when Clark panicked over her taking the kids to town to shop That same calmness helped him tell her what was behind the panic Once she knew what the problem was Althea had a plan for helping Clark and the kids get their lives back on track As she comes up with ideas for Clark and the children to do together she falls and for Clark Althea really loved being part of the holiday with them Her childhood had been pretty bad with a drunk abusive father She has only recently been in contact with her sister Missy again A Father for Her Triplets Life with Clark and his kids exposes her to a family life she had only been able to dream of She fantasizes about becoming part of their family until she has a run in with her father That makes her fear that she would bring her troubles to them and she couldn t bear that Her fears send her running away I loved the ending and how it all worked outClark lost his wife in an accident three years earlier At the funeral he discovered that she had been unfaithful to him causing him to uestion the paternity of the daughter he loves Fearing how the gossip from that day would affect his kids he keeps them at home They don t go much of anywhere and even his twelve year old son is taught at home Jack is failing his classes which leads Clark to hire a teacher to live with them and tutor Jack until he catches up He s in for a surprise when he meets Althea because he s attracted to her even though he d vowed he wouldn t risk himself again that way When he heads to work that first day he doesn t tell Althea that the kids don t go to town so when he doesn t find them at home he panics and calls the cops He s rightfully embarrassed when they are safe After they get home he explains things to Althea thinking that will be the end of it It isn t long before she lets him know just what effect his overprotectiveness is having on his family I loved the way that she came up with things to do that reuired his participation This exposed him even to her cheerfulness I loved the way that he was first dismayed by being attracted to her and then Oh no He liked her too It didn t take long for him to accept his growing feelings but he was having some trouble getting her to accept them I loved the gentleness of the way he treated her at first not wanting to push her and then the way that he went after her at the end

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Single Dads Christmas Miracle free read ´ 109 His little girl talking only in whispers he needs nothing short of a miracle when one arrives on his doorstep Althea Johnson is only meant to tutor Clark's son But with her he. 35 starsThis is a sweet and tender love story at heart The issues that Clark and Althea had to deal with were difficult and unfortunately common ones They were handled well and realistically The characters were believable and fully developed Clark lost his wife three years ago and learned the devastating secret she was keeping a secret that destroyed his trust in women His son Jack who I loved is having trouble with his schooling What Clark doesn t see is the other emotional trouble his son is in Teagan his three year old daughter is also having issues that Clark dismisses as shyness Little did he know that hiring Althea would turn his life and family around Making him deal with a difficult issue that he has ignored and has caused him to act in a manner that he didn t realize actually hurt his children Althea has been dealing with the severe abuse and its affects all her life Having moved back to her home state to be near her sister she takes the tutoring job As someone who knows the signs of a child suffering she can see what is really going on with Clark and his children The fact that Clark truly loves and wants to protect his family is what keeps her there Clark is inadvertently hurting himself and his kids dealing with the aftermath of his wife s death as best he can Althea is a naturally caring and nurturing person she works her magic on the family and helps them heal In the process she falls for Clark and opens up to him which takes her closer to her own healing Watching Althea work through her past deal with her insecurities and grab the future she wants was both heart wrenching and heartwarming Overall this a good holiday read Its focus is on family and healing If you are looking for an uplifting sweat romance with a very satisfactory ending this is for you I received a copy from publisher in exchange for an honest reviewDarker Passions

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