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  • Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategy for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism
  • Ion Mihai Pacepa
  • Romanian
  • 12 April 2017
  • 9789735048396
Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategy for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism

Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategy for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism Read & download á 100 Tăţii aducând prejudicii ireparabile regimului de la Bucureşti în cartea de față generalul ia în colimator o țintă uriașă știința dezinformării născută și perfecționată în fosta Uniune Sovietică și astăzi uimitor de influentă Împreună cu istoricul Ronald Rychlak Pacepa expune angrenajele unora dintre cele mai puternice campanii de dezinformare lansate de la Kremlin Cititorul va descoperi răspunsuri la multe întrebări esențiale ale epocii moderne de ce în ultimii 50 de ani lumea occidentală s. Some good information on there but most of it should be taken with a grain of salt Lots less personal anecdotes and plenty of repetitive discourse make this a long read Overall Pacepa gives a very simplistic version of our world black and white US food Russia evil etc Unfortunately our world is mostly made of gray so things aren t that simple

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Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategy for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism Read & download á 100 A întors împotriva credinței sale fondatoare creștinismul De ce islamul radical jihadul și terorismul au izbucnit cu atâta forță după o lungă perioadă de relativă acalmie De ce s au înmulțit manifestările de sorginte marxistă în Statele Unite și în zona NATO Ce s a întâmplat de fapt în Rusia după căderea Zidului BerlinuluiO carte pe care „istoria a așteptat o“ după cum spune profesorul Paul Kengor o mină de aur din care putem extrage toate informațiile ce se cer cunoscute despre Războiul Rece. My experience with this was a bit up and down there was a lot of good information and interesting story tidbits about the author Pacepa s experience and what he knew about the Soviet bloc s activities but the writing isn t real engaging Many sections get very detailed in a this is what he said and this is what she said way that is hard to get through And towards the end Pacepa has complaints about events in recent US history that aren t supported as well as they need to be in order to be real believable His accusations that Barack Obama is very socialist for example based on the number of locations mainly schools in the US that have been named for him since he was elected president Partly the problem is that we ve seen this kind of accusation from a number of untrustworthy sources so when it s made the argument has to be really good to differentiate it from what we ve seen before Then again the author has seen a number of actual hard line socialist dictators so he would recognize similarities much better than most who live in the West Again though I m not going to be convinced by the number of times Obama says I or me in his speeches particularly when I don t have comparable counts from other presidents or western leadersA lot of the material is good though Pacepa s relating of events from his experience make for good information and the best reading like the time he had to break the news to his boss Ceaucescu that they couldn t build a nuclear program because they just didn t have the engineering talent in Romania or when he decided to defect and did Even his reports of meeting with prominent USSR KGB leaders are absorbingPacepa s main message is that even than gathering information about what is going on in the world Communist countries intelligence efforts were and are directed at disseminating false information to promote lies those countries wanted others to believe One of the largest examples in the book the framing of Pope Pius XII as Hitler s Pope is reviewed in too much detail for me The author is good at showing how once the original generation that remembers the truth gives way to a new one those lies often take root and eventually form a large part of public opinion One example that the assassination of JFK was a conspiracy by US sources I had guessed Oswald had done it based on Soviet provided training and direction simply based on his having moved there after becoming disaffected with the US but then moving back here again However Pacepa provides a lot information including how the USSR got cold feet but was then unable to stop Oswald and how Oswald may well have provided the USSR with the information it needed to bring down a U2 plane during the Eisenhower administration I had no idea those might be linkedIn any case most tyrants spend a lot of time polishing their image to the masses but Pacepa shows how Communist tyrants and the USSR in particular raised it to an art form

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Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategy for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism Read & download á 100 Ronald Reagan primind un exemplar al primei cărţi publicate de generalul Ion Mihai Pacepa Orizonturi roşii pe care preşedintele american a numit o „biblia sa în abordarea dictatorilor“Ion Mihai Pacepa cel mai înalt oficial din blocul sovietic care a cerut vreodată azil politic într o ţară NATO trăind și astăzi sub acoperire în Statele Unite revine cu o nouă carte După ce acum un sfert de secol în bestsellerul internațional Orizonturi roșii a demascat natura criminală a partidului comunist şi a Securi. 1st from pacepa for me just out 25 jun 13 tuesday 824 pm estkindle versionnot hardcoverthere is a dedication to mary lou who helped me look at my past through american eyes lt gen ion mihai pacepa to my daughter lindsey and all the lindseys in my life professor ronald rychlaka uotethe santayana uote all are familiar with those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it from the life of reason vol 1 1905another in russia duck aside from its normal meaning is a term for disinformation when the ducks are flying means that the press is publishing disinformation pavel sudoplatov deputy chief of soviet foreign intelligence special tasks memoirs 1994brings new meaning to holden s uestion where do the ducks go when the pond is frozenan author s noteabout the translationthere is a table of contentsis divided into four parts each part divided into chapters 8 15 chaptersthere is an introduction by r james woolseya foreward by paul kengor phdpart 1 is called glorifying the guilty framing the innocentthat begins down through the ages everyone who has sat on the kremlin throne autocratic tsar communist leader or democratically elected president had been preoccupied with transforming his country into a monument to himself and with controlling all expressions of religion that might in any way impinge on his political ambitionsokee dokee then as the good doctor said onward and upwardupdate finished 656 am 29 jun 13 saturdaythis is a fascinating read history is a fascinating subject i ve enjoyed other spy stories historical stories like The Man Who Never WasThe House on Garibaldi Streeta handful of others disinformationa kind of yeast that is possibly the main ingredient and has been the soviet ssoviet bloc s recipe for undermining freedom attacking religion and promoting terrorism disinformation is a way of life for those who have used it in reality disinformation is as different from misinformation as night is from day misinformation is an official government tool and recognizable as such the science of disinformation and it was specifically and proudly termed a science was born in russia it was deeply rooted in the russian soil and in that country s historypotemkin villages pacepa defines disinformation as a russian construct provides examples to define the term the april 2003 stories about the looting of the national museum in bagdadblame for the americansdisinformation eventually it was reliably reported that museum employees had hidden the supposedly looted treasures in a safe place long before the ira war started he illustrates another from recent american history the burning of churches that i recall disinformation fascinating stuffpart way into this read i came here to look at reviews of books that also have a kind of review in this pacepa s book the soviet union s disinformation war against pope pius xii is covered herein and here at goodreads there are favorable reviews of cornwell s Hitler s Pope a book that pacepa says relies mainly on secondary sources such as carlo falconi s the silence of pius xii which was based on documents counterfeited by the communist government of croatia disinformationand since then there have been other books printed one in particular that pacepa shows selectively edited a uote to disinform the reading public suzan zuccotti s under his very windowsselectively edited real uotations in order to transform positive information about pius xii into negative pacepa s partner in writing this this professor rychlak has a title that counters i believe cornwell s book about pius xii gutta cavat lapidem non vi sed saepe cadendo a drop makes a hole in stone not by force but by constant drippingor tell a lie often enough and eventually the world believesfascinating stuff hereabout oswald the kennedy assination possibly some new ideas that the reader has not yet read consideredtoowithin the last eight years or so we ve heard time and again how the world hates americaand we re given to understand this is entirely the fault of george bush pacepa clearly illustrates that hatred for america and generating of that hatred has been the mo of the soviet union and the new russia under putinand like the drip drip drip it has become all the rage here in americaand i can t help but think of dostoyevsky s the idiotand to a degree his brothers k where dosty writes about the animal like hatred that was generated in russia during his day hatred for all things russian we know what happened after dosty the same animal like hatred for all things american is and has been generated due in large part to the disinformation war waged by the soviet union and her allies and now taken up on a daily basis and sung by those in that pennant race to utopiaand this animal like hatred for the pasta large part of disinformation t would seemis also seen in the changing of the guard as has happened in russiathe soviet union a new man comes on the sceneand animal like hatred is thus generated for the man who held the reigns in the past pacepa shows us that this has happened time and again in russia consider itpacepa illustrates numerous disinformation campaigns the protocols of the elders of zionan old russian forgeryche s diaries another russian forgery how often do you see someone wearing a che tee shirt anyway fascinating read so when the information he provides about pope pius xii clearly indicates the man was opposed to nazism that he was not anti semitic as the soviets would have the world believe pacepa informs the reader that the cover of cornwell s book used a photo mislabeled as to the year used a photo of pius in the garments of the church though not yet pope the intent it is obvious was to smear the churchand when that cover photo was changed the year corrected etc etc fascinating as i said because one can read reviews of the result of sovietsoviet bloc disinformation campaigns here at goodreadstoothere is a good amount of coverage of assassinationsand by book s end pacepa tells the reader of the disinformation campaign under way in his native romaniato rehabilitate change the history of ceausescuto make him out to be a good guy after alland to make pacepa out to be what he was notdisinformationand if current politics in america are any indication disinformation is fast becoming a way of life here be afraid be very afraid or stand and do something about it good read there is much to this booki ve written in brief about only a few of the things that struck me toothe kindle book portion ends at 65% complete there follows pages and pagesabout 20% of notesi skimmed through those for the most they are footnotes but than a few contain paragraphs of additional info there follows a bibliography and an index