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review The Trials The Red #2 Free read Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Linda Nagata Linda Nagata í 0 Free download NO WAY OUT BUT FORWARDLieutenant James Shelley and his suad of US Army soldiers were on a uest for justice when they carried out the unauthorized mission known as First Light They returned home to America to face a court martial determined to expose the corruption in the chain of command. The Trials is the seuel to Nagata s The Red one of my favorite books of last year It offers much of the same as it s predecessor a cynical and darkly humorous vision of a near future of normalized mass surveillance and privatized war mongering Nagata s action set pieces are precise and thrilling and the way she integrates her future tech with the inner life of her hero James Shelley is unlike anything I ve seen in the genre There are a few curious developments that Nagata doesn t explore adeuately So much of what makes these books compelling is Shelley s uncertainty over how many of his decisions and the decisions made by others that impact him are manipulations fostered by The Red Logically the reader s mind becomes trained to uestion the sincerity of every plot development and character choice even when Shelley doesn t The disparity can be a little frustrating I hope some of my uestions are addressed in the third book

review The Trials The Red #2The Trials The Red #2

review The Trials The Red #2 Free read Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Linda Nagata Linda Nagata í 0 Free download That compelled their actions But in a country still reeling from the nuclear terrorism of Coma Day the courtroom is only one battlefield A new cycle of violence ignites when rumors of the elusive rogue AI known as the Red go public and Shelley is once again pulled into the frayChallenge. The Trials book two in Linda Nagata s The Red trilogy picks up right on the heels of First Light with Lieutenant James Shelley and his Linked Combat Suad LCS facing trial for their actions in the prior novel s climax Thanks to his group s rogue crusade in the wake of Coma Day a large scale act of domestic nuclear terrorism and the reality TV series documenting his experiences Shelley and his Apocalypse Suad have a huge swelling of public support to see them through their military court martialNagata spends a good amount of time in the courtroom interjecting the legalese with a few high stakes action seuences and a heady dose of paranoia before getting her soldiers back on the streets As in the prior novel this near future military sci fi thriller has plenty of adrenaline pumping action as assassins and mercenary hit suads seek reprisals against Shelley while the combat unit goes in search of loose nukes leftover from the Coma Day attacks Where First Light had a few globe trotting adventures The Trials largely keeps things stateside and we get some good set pieces in Nagata s urban action seuences and a particularly fun part that takes the LCS onto a cargo freighter out on rough seasAll of this works well thanks to the characters The title itself The Trials reaches beyond the courtroom drama and into the personal space of Nagata s soldiers Since we see things through Shelley s first person account we get to spend an awful lot of time inside his damaged headspace and it s wonderfully portrayed He s got than a few things to mentally sort out in the wake of First Light and here he s grappling with the fallout of his actions how it impacts his relationship with his father his place in the LCS and the world as a whole His whole life is now a trial in its own rightThe technology on display is cutting edge and perfectly believable while the political trappings of Nagata s work proves scarily prescient in light of current day trends The Linked Combat Suad is comprised of cybernetically enhanced soldiers bound together by cerebral interfaces and outfitted with ard exoskeletons Shelley sports a few additional next gen upgrades thanks to the medical procedures he underwent in First Red including a pair of robotic legs that would make DARPA envious And then there s the mysterious overarching element of The Red an artificial intelligence weaving its way through the world and subtly manipulating events and people including James ShelleyAs a military SF thriller it s difficult not to imbue the story with a few political elements and the series thus far has revolved around the actions of some incredibly nasty industrial defense contractors that instigate wars at home and abroad for fun and profit It s a bit difficult at least for this reviewer not to see shades of Haliburton and Blackwater in the narrative particularly as the rich and shady villains carry on in such egregious ways that Eisenhower would be turning over in his grave at how little heed Nagata s world has paid to his warnings of the military industrial complex The Red series thus far is certainly a product of its time in a post 911 world where issues like drone surveillance NSA overreaches domestic spying and the militarization of police forces have become so commonplace that they re almost as innocuous as textingOn the narration side of things Kevin T Collins returns to give voice to this first person perspective in the life and times of Lt James Shelley With a runtime of sixteen hours Collins is able to keep the pace moving along nicely and rendering Nagata s words with a smooth precision I enjoyed his work in the prior novel and it s good to see this continuity in narration In my review of First Light I dinged Collins a bit for his handling of shouted dialogue and I have a similar complaint here Chalk it up to personal preference but I would have liked a little oomph in the performance in those moments where Shelley and company are screaming commands and demanding attention Collins opts to go for a slightly raised and airy inflection that makes for a spoken shout which really isn t a big deal in the grand scheme of things Overall the narration is fairly consistent and makes for easy listening with the production values earning solid marks throughoutWhile The Trials is not uite and even then only barely as rewarding and surprising as First Light was it is still wonderfully executed and proves that the author s Nebula nominated debut was no fluke A high stakes thriller propulsive action seuences awesome military tech and a world inhabited by richly developed characters and nasty political scheming The Trials has it all Nagata takes all of these elements and unflinchingly takes them on their natural progression to craft an immensely satisfying and action filled storyThis review was originally published at

Free read Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Linda Nagata

review The Trials The Red #2 Free read Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Linda Nagata Linda Nagata í 0 Free download D by his enemies driven by ideals Shelley feels compelled to act but are the harrowing choices he makes really his own or are they made for him by the Red With millions of lives at stake in a game of nuclear cat and mouse does it even matter Hazard Notice contains military grade profanit. Novels like The Trials by Linda Nagata give me or at least restore some of my faith in the publishing industrySure there s the story of how the book came to be in the first place Linda Nagata who wrote several critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful science fiction novels in the 1990s self published The Red First Light in 2013 after a long break Lo and behold the indie published title garnered critical acclaim not to mention nominations for both the Nebula and the John W Campbell Memorial AwardsSoon after the novel and its seuels were acuired by new SFF imprint Saga Press A slightly revised edition of The Red was published in June closely followed byThe Trials with series closer Going Dark due in early NovemberWhile I enjoy a good Cinderella publishing story as much as the next tired jaded reviewer I really love these books most of all for what they are some of the most action packed and intelligent military science fiction to be released in yearsSpoiler warning The Trials is the direct seuel to The Red and it s pretty much impossible to discuss the new book without including plot details from the first one So if you haven t read The Red yet stop here and go check out my review of the novel insteadRead the entire review on my site Far Beyond Reality

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