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Pedro Páramo review Ê 109 A classic of Mexican modern literature about a haunted villageAs one enters Juan Rulfo's legendary novel one follows a dusty road to a town of death Time shifts from one consciousness to another in a hypnotic flow of dreams de. She your mother told me you were coming She said you d arrive today My mothermy mother is dead Oh then that s why her voice sounded so weak This book really a novella 120 pages is a Mexican classic an early example of magical realism It s original startling uniue According to Wikipedia Gabriel Garc a M ruez has said that he felt blocked as a novelist after writing his first four books and that it was only his life changing discovery of Pedro P ramo in 1961 that opened his way to the composition of his masterpiece One Hundred Years of Solitude Jorge Luis Borges considered Pedro P ramo to be one of the greatest texts written in any language A man s mother dies and he promised her on her death bed that he would go back to her village to meet his father Don Pedro whom he has never met Near the village he meets a man who tells him Pedro was his father too and that He s hate He s just pure hate The god forsaken village is dead or dying and it s filled with ghosts Maybe a few are real people but most are ghosts The village is full of echoes Perhaps they got trapped in the hollow of the walls or under the stones When you walk in the street you can hear other footsteps and rustling noises and laughter Old laughter as if it were tired of laughing by now And voices worn out with use You can hear all this I think someday these sounds will die away It s hard to keep track of who is who and who is alive Maybe they are all dead Perhaps this is purgatory because there is a lot of talk of the priest confessions and waiting for sins to be forgiven Can t you see my sins Can t you see those purple stains like impetigo And that s only on the outside Inside I m a sea of mud The noises that the ghosts hear are constant and Stephen Kingish screams animals men banging on doors with gunsA very short book well worth a read and uite a trip Catorce a Mexican ghost town from dailymailcouk Photo of the author 1917 1986 from notimericacom

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Pedro Páramo review Ê 109 Ole generation of Latin American writers including Carlos Fuentes Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel García Máruez To read Pedro Páramo today is as overwhelming an experience as when it was first published in Mexico back in 195. I watched the trickles glinting in the lightning flashes and every breath I breathed I sighed And every thought I thought was of you SusanaLike a message in the bottle some stories float through decades and centuries on the endless ocean of an untold past and bear a timeless appeal by echoing few words of eternal desires Wish you were here Pedro Paramo is one such story Surrounded by an iridescence of magical realism the wonders of this gorgeous little book can t truly be captured in the few sentences of English language probably because Juan Rulfo penned his only novel in the language of a different world and obliged us a glimpse of that world through his words The moon had risen briefly and then slipped out of sight It was one of those sad moons that no one looks at or pays attention to It had hung there a while misshapen not shedding any light and then gone to hide behind the hillsIt recounts the tale of a fateful Mexican village where the line of past and present death and life hate and love is merged into creating a hazy phantasmagoria that doesn t demand to be understood but rather immersed in its flow of haunting yet mesmerizing narration A full circle of loss and search by exploring the dynamics of human memories on hearing the faint sounds of phantom voices is impeccably drawn by Juan Rulfo through his understated and lucid prose Highly recommended as a perfect reading companion for a short and memorable meeting

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Pedro Páramo review Ê 109 Sires and memories a world of ghosts dominated by the figure of Pedro Páramo lover overlord murdererRulfo's extraordinary mix of sensory images violent passions and unfathomable mysteries has been a profound influence on a wh. Juan Rulfo was one of those who stood at the beginning of magic realism Pedro P ramo is a descent into the hell of human memory a plunge into an abyss of the dire past the hero travels to find his father but he finds himself astray in the land of the deadBehind him as he left he heard the murmuringI am lying in the same bed where my mother died so long ago on the same mattress beneath the same black wool coverlet she wrapped us in to sleep I slept beside her her little girl in the special place she made for me in her armsI think I can still feel the calm rhythm of her breathing the palpitations and sighs that soothed my sleep I think I feel the pain of her death But that isn t trueHere I lie flat on my back hoping to forget my loneliness by remembering those timesBecause I am not here just for a while And I am not in my mother s bed but in a black box like the ones for burying the dead Because I am deadThe novel is the Gehenna of despair and the Tartarus of sorrow and there is nowhere to hide so one must pass through the labyrinth of insufferable agonyDestiny makes us travel though the strange valleys

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