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  • Paperback
  • 246
  • Five Get Into Trouble
  • Enid Blyton
  • English
  • 07 July 2019
  • 9780340796221
Five Get Into Trouble

READ & DOWNLOAD Five Get Into Trouble READ Û YESHLER.RU Ì Enid Blyton Enid Blyton Ì 1 FREE READ Down to a sinister old house in the middle of nowhere and he's safe and wellBut just when they thought thei. 5 stars loved this book stories never get old


READ & DOWNLOAD Five Get Into Trouble READ Û YESHLER.RU Ì Enid Blyton Enid Blyton Ì 1 FREE READ R troubles were over the gang find themselves held captive and in terrible danger Who will come for them no. Favourite Famous Five

READ & DOWNLOAD Five Get Into Trouble

READ & DOWNLOAD Five Get Into Trouble READ Û YESHLER.RU Ì Enid Blyton Enid Blyton Ì 1 FREE READ Dick's been kidnapped mistaken for someone else and the Famous Five are frantic Desperately they track him. In this tale the Five are banished to the wilds because forgetful Uncle uentin has to go to a conference over the holidays and for some reason Aunt Fanny has to go with him And to top it all the cook is illNote in uentin s excuse he cites that when the children are not at Kirrin they are with Fanny s sister implying that Julian Dick and Anne s mother is Fanny s sister which would make some sense However book 1 makes it very clear that their father is uentin s brother And whilst it is possible that uentin s brother married Fanny s sister nobody ever mentions this and it is overwhelmingly likely that it is another example of Enid Blyton forgetting the details of her most famous storyNow clearly the Five are too young to survive in George s house without a cook so the obvious solution is to send them on a cycling tour with Timmy running free alongside where not only will they have to dodge cars etc and find fields to camp in and swim in random unknown lakes and deal with tramps but still have to cook for themselvesSwallowing this non logic we follow the kids into wilds The books generally demand a 5th child and in this one they randomly encounter a boy Richard who delivers a neatly packaged adventureRichard is the son of a millionaire who has many enemies Richard is randomly spotted by his father s former bodyguard who decides to kidnap him The men with the bodyguard Rooky manage to capture Dick by mistake and the bodyguard conveniently vanishes before this error can be spottedThe others manage to track Dick to an isolated house with a wall around it and automatic gates that are worked by some mysterious non electric as far as I can tell mechanism in the houseThe story relies on the conceit that it is impossible to escape the grounds when the gates are shut This is rather hard to buy into but let s roll with itThe kids try to rescue Dick and are captured in turn but the still absent Rookie isn t there to identify Richard as the boy he really wantsAnyway there is some to and fro ing They almost escape but the gates are closed and that s an end to itTimmy serves as a buffer between the criminals and the children An attempt one of about a dozen in the series is made to poison him The children discover that a man is hiding in a secret room in the house This provides the treasure element so common in the series The baddies kidnapping children is not sufficient Treasure must be recovered and in this case it s a bag of sparklers in the possession of the escaped convictOur spare child gets to atone for earlier foolishness and to demonstrate some stiff upper lipped character growth by escaping to alert the policeNote The boy s escape depends on the conceit that neither Julian or Dick can fit into the boot of a Bentley but Richard can A Bentley is a LARGE vehicle The idea that a boy can t fit into the boot is hard to swallowAnd finally Julian is able to do a Poirot style walk through incriminating the baddies and exposing the hidden man with the diamondsA big bag on nonsense but good enough fun for children I m listening to the whole series with my disabled daughter and it seems to be entertaining her pretty wellSo this one has kidnapping 5th child secret roompassage attempted poisoning of Timmy But lacks any circus folk gypsies and there s not a single cave in the whole storyJoin my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes