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SUMMARY ↠ uestions for Ada The artistry of UESTIONS FOR ADA defies words embodying the pain the passion and the power of love rising from the depths of our souls Ijeoma Umebinyuo’s poetry is a flower that will blo. REVIEW THIS is how you write a poetry collection uestions for Ada is full of strength vulnerability and pride Every word in these poems is heavy with meaning and purpose These poems show you that all your emotions are valid and must be felt Some poetry collections feel lazy and words just seem to be thrown onto the pages But uestions for Ada is a collection that was carefully crafted with love and full awareness of self I ve dog eared sooo many of the pages in this book because the poems just spoke to me I found myself reflecting after reading a couple of poems at a time I love when a piece of writing makes you reflect on your lifesociety and allows you to think about them critically I will definitely give this collection many reads in the months and years to come uestions for Ada by Ijeoma Umebinyuo is beautiful work I highly recommend everyone to savor these poems


SUMMARY ↠ uestions for Ada Ssom in the spirit of every reader as she shares her heart with raw candor From lyrical lushness to smoky sensuality to raw truths this tome of transforming verse is the book every woman w. I found her most powerful uotes were when she did not hide behind imagery and comes out and says what she truly feels like in Diaspora Blues First Generation and Homeland so beautiful But the writing seemed to me like a watered down slightly cliche mashup of Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche and Warsan Shire Some of the lines and organization seemed forced and and repetitive she says thunder in veins a lot which is a shame because she covers such important topics and it takes away from a lot of the feeling she s trying to portray In the first half of the book I really wanted her to excavate about the cultural ramifications and reasons for all she talks about She gets into that in the second half of the book a little which I definitley appreciated For the most part though her writing is pretty raw which is what kept me reading until the end

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SUMMARY ↠ uestions for Ada Ants to write but can’t until the broken mirrors of their lives have healed In this gifted author’s own words “I am too full of life to be half loved” A bold celebration of womanho. Breathtakingly beautiful I love this collection of poems Ijeoma Umebinyuo writes with so much feeling and strength and rawness and realness The poems in uestions for Ada make you ache even as they make you hope they take you to the heart of pain lead you through darkness and out into light and self acceptance out into healing and self love Most of the poems are brief but what power is in their brevity I hope to see another collection from Ms Umebinyuo soon in the meantime I m sure this collection will stay with me for uite awhile

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