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free read A Week in Savannah (Savannah, #1) review A Week in Savannah (Savannah, #1) Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ers With him her dreams were hanging by a thread but now it was her turn to decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing Because with Ezra nothing is what it see. First of all let me say that I enjoyed the story but the script on my Kindle was so spaced out it needs attention to detail on layoutStoryThe story itself was believable lovely little story of a heart broken girl who doesn t trust anyone with her heart not again until Ezra steps inThis is book 1 in the series

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A Week in Savannah (Savannah, #1)

free read A Week in Savannah (Savannah, #1) review A Week in Savannah (Savannah, #1) Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Savannah Lynn was a country girl with a wicked past who moved to the big city to pursue her dreams and forget her demons She was happy with everything in her life. Great read that I read in one sitting Savannah knows what heartache is Then she meets Ezra and straight away there is attraction between these two Of course things don t go easy and this is when Savannah meets Sebastian Two hot guys in one book who will Savannah chooseMy heart went out to Savannah How much can a girl take Looking forward to reading in this series

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free read A Week in Savannah (Savannah, #1) review A Week in Savannah (Savannah, #1) Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB But walking in on her boyfriend of four years with her best friend was enough to bring about a change she didn't know she needed Until the night she met Ezra Chamb. Savannah s upbringing is what reminded me of the movie Matilda with the parents that never cared and were never around When Savannah was sixteen she got emancipated and went to live with her best friend Bree s family and they took her in and treated her as if they were her parents Now three years later Bree and Savannah are in New York studying to become top journalists and Savannah is dating Emerson her boyfriend of four years and now fiance This is until she discovers him cheating on her birthday of all days and kicks him to the curb Savannah along with Bree and their friend Justice who happens to be studying Law goes out to party and Savannah aka Van meets Ezra For these two it is a case of instant attraction and soon they find themselves head over heels with one another and caught up in a whirlwind romance though the happiness can t last forever as Savannah discovers she is pregnant and Ezra happens to be her teacher I laughed at this and thought this could be a PLL reference The next six months are bliss for the pair until tragedy strikes which causes Savannah to back right off Ezra and soon she starts to spiral down and get lost in her past She starts to distance herself away from Ezra despite the fact she still loves him and vice versa and the best way is to find a rebound guy Sebastian Taylor Savannah starts dating Sebastian but when she is faced with the decision on who to choose as she does enjoy both who will she chose Ezra the one she has been through so much with or Sebastian the carefree guy who has no connections to her past Find out in A Week in Savannah an edgy New Adult Contemporary Romance

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