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  • Rise To Me Psychic Surveys #2
  • Shani Struthers
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  • 16 November 2019
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Shani Struthers Î 4 Summary

Rise To Me Psychic Surveys #2 characters ✓ 4 Alks her terrifying but also strangely familiar Hiding in the shadows it is fast becoming bolder and the only way to fight it is for the past to be revealed – no matter what the danger When you can see the light you can see the darkness too And sometimes the darkness can see you What’s been waiting will wait n. The opening prologue of this stunningly unusual second book in the series instantly grabs you by the throat We meet Ruby a young psychic child one already well used to communicating with spirits finding herself confronted with one who is not human or ever wasFast forward 18 years and Ruby now runs a successful domestic spiritual clearance business called Psychic Surveys using psychic detection to solve old crimesIn the course of her job she encounters an angry ghost and tries to help it move on but this turns out to be no ordinary haunting Usually good at her job she finds herself confronted by something very unexpected Something she may not be able to do anything about as something from her past comes back to haunt herOn a lighter note all psychics have a spirit guide and Ruby s is far from ordinary Hilariously different and fiercely protective Ruby s guide is a dog called JedThis book has everything Well written with very believable charactersA nightmare ending brilliantly suspenseful and grippingI enjoyed reading it immensely

review Rise To Me Psychic Surveys #2Rise To Me Psychic Surveys #2

Rise To Me Psychic Surveys #2 characters ✓ 4 Is earning a living from her gift running a high street consultancy – Psychic Surveys – specialising in domestic spiritual clearance Boasting a strong track record business is booming Dealing with spirits has become routine but there is to the paranormal than even Ruby can imagine Someone – something – st. Brilliant story unputdownable for me

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Rise To Me Psychic Surveys #2 characters ✓ 4 “This isn’t a ghost we’re dealing with If only it were that simple” Eighteen years ago when psychic Ruby Davis was a child her mother – also a psychic – suffered a nervous breakdown Ruby was never told why “It won’t help you to know” the only answer ever given Fast forward to the present and Ruby. I m not totally sure where this novel lost me To be perfectly honest I m not sure the problem lies with the author I feel like this installment in the popular Psychic Surveys series was unfocused and meandering A large part of the book was preoccupied with the relationships between Ruby her family and the other members of her team For what it s worth that s an interesting dimension of the meta narrative that s worthy to explore What bugged me is that it seemed like the cases they work on this book were simple and uninspired They seemed like arbitrarily picked filling that needed to be there in order to justify that this was a psychic surveys book This was mostly clearly brought about by regular references and explorations of Alastair Crowley The author goes into a lot of deep analysis of Crowley s work and how it relates to a case This would normally be fun and illuminating It would add real depth to the case However since this particular case was so two dimensional it just came off as distracting It s a little like trying to solve the mystery of stubbing my toe when I got out of bed this morning by writing 50 pages of dialogue regarding Isaac Newton s work on mass density and force My booboo just doesn t reuire that level of analysis and philosophical provenance What I liked about the first installment was the balance of fun paranormal investigation on the one hand and the different characters created and the relationships they form In this novel I felt like I was only getting half of what was on the plate the first time round Accordingly it took me longer than usual to get through this book I felt like I got a chapter of paranormal mystery and then three chapters of the characters musing about themselves and one another Ultimately the characters weren t worthy of so much exploration into their relationships feelings and deepest motivations To be fair this book is a romp about psychics and ghosts It s not Dickens and Hardy It shouldn t try to be I will probably read on at least for one book The first was enjoyable If the third book can throw in a good paranormal mystery like the book before then I am good to go